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Chapter 293: 293 The Final Battle Against the Beast Tide in Great Peace City

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293 The Final Battle Against the Beast Tide in Great Peace City
Outside Great Peace City, spider-type Beasts emerged from the darkness.

Their numbers were so great that the scouting Beastmasters in the sky felt anxious. They did not dare to get within half a meter of them.

If the spider-type Beasts invaded Great Peace City, the city would be at risk of being destroyed!

Among the spider-type Beasts, a swift figure was particularly eye-catching. The Black Tarantula was about the size of a calf, but its agility was not inferior at all. It led an advanced party to attack the front line.

“Are they close enough?”

On the city wall, Lu Xingping frowned.

The scale of this Beast tide could not be underestimated. Among them was the culprit of the Beast tide, the Black Tarantula.

“No rush.”

Su Bai shook his head and said, “No rush. We don’t need the Beast-core Cannon for a small-scale Beast tide. Just use the small cannons. Fire immediately when they’re within range!”


The minister of the military industry began to make arrangements without stopping.

The muzzles of the Beast-core Cannon began to adjust to the optimal distance. The Beastmaster soldiers around were excited and nervous at the same time.

This was the battle that would decide the fate of Great Peace City!

Not long after, the people standing on the city wall saw the figure of the Beast tide.

The spider-type Beasts of all colors were like a dense swarm of locusts, approaching at an extremely fast speed.


When the time came, the minister’s voice sounded.




“Begin loading the Silver-grade Beast-cores!”

The Beastmaster soldier was busy while Su Bai was coming up with a battle plan.

It was unrealistic to rely on the Beast-core Cannon and small cannons to completely resolve the Beast tide, so they had to send a team to clean up the battlefield.

Apart from the hundred elite Beastmasters led by Su Bai, there were also over fifty Gold-level Beastmasters and hundreds of Silver-level soldiers from Great Peace City.

In the face of such a large-scale Beast tide attack, there was even a Diamond-level Beast among them. Such a force was not enough.

But at this moment, Su Bai had more trump cards.

As most of the Beast tide entered the shooting range, the Beast-core Cannon finally released a resounding blast and the target was the Diamond-level Black Tarantula!

In the sea of flames, the Beast-core Cannon did not slack off and bombarded the Beast tide.

With just a few cannons, one could fight against ten thousand enemies alone!

Before the dust settled, Su Bai immediately ordered the combat troops to move out.

Hundreds of Beastmasters left the city, leading their Beasts to clear out the Beasts from the Beast tide.

In front of Great Peace City, dark green spiders were approaching. The poisonous fog they released was corrosive and could instantly corrode a piece of refined iron.

In an instant, a patch of poisonous fog swept over.

Some Beastmasters accidentally got infected and fell to the ground in just a moment, their hideous faces bleeding from all seven apertures.

“Bing Qingqing, you’re in charge of long-range support!”

“Yes, sir!”

Bing Qingqing summoned Firebird and stood behind Su Bai. She used Firebird for long-range attacks.

Lu Le’s performance was not bad either. He led a Mid-Gold level Beast and continuously cleared out the Poison-Fog Spiders in the surroundings.

Soon, in successive battles, a Poison-Fog Spider of a different size appeared. It was at Upper-Gold level and its body was covered in poisonous fog spores.

Su Bai immediately summoned Golden Dragon.

“Golden Dragon, quickly kill the Poison-Fog Spider Leader!”

A golden light broke through the poisonous fog like a meteor. Without any hesitation, Golden Dragon approached the leader of the Poison-Fog Spider and tore it into two with its incomparably powerful physique.


Golden Dragon has killed a Mid-Gold level Poison-Fog Spider and gained 15,800 experience points!


Golden Dragon roared after the instant attack.

Lu Xingping, who had just rushed over, gulped when he saw the scene.

The Mid-Gold level Poison-Fog Spider Leader was torn into two just like that!

Even as a Platinum-level Beastmaster, he could not guarantee that he would have such overwhelming combat strength.

The most troublesome thing about Poison-Fog Spiders was the poisonous fog they released!

But Su Bai’s Beasts were not affected at all!

“Captain Su, let me help you!”

Lu Xingping summoned his Beast, Ice Elemental. Facing the Diamond-level Black Tarantula, he also wanted to contribute to this battle.

With the death of the Poison-Fog Spider leader, the remaining minions disintegrated in a moment.

The Beastmasters present did not dare to relax at all. Because this was only the beginning!

During that period, the Beast-core Cannon and small cannons had not stopped firing, causing heavy damage to the Beast tide.

Suddenly, two Beastmasters’ Beasts died.

The Black Tarantula arrived. Its eight claws were extremely sharp, and it could easily cut through the body of a Silver-level Beast. Seeing its kind was defeated, its actions were extremely crazy.

“It’s here!”

Su Bai sensed the Black Tarantula with his spiritual energy and immediately summoned Bearen.

The violent lightning instantly turned into armor and covered Bearen’s body.

Seeing this, Lu Xingping could not help but curse, “F*ck! Captain Su, you actually have such a fierce bear!”

In Lu Xingping’s eyes, Golden Dragon was another Bearen. Now that he saw the real Bearen, he was even more shocked!

However, after sensing the Black Tarantula’s condition, Lu Xingping became even more anxious. The attack of the Beast-core Cannon did not cause any damage to it.

Lu Xingping shouted, “Captain Su, something’s wrong! Gather everyone and attack the Black Tarantula together!”

“It’s fine. Leave this Black Tarantula to me!”

As soon as he finished speaking, Su Bai rushed into the Beast tide with his Beasts.

The anxious Lu Xingping was almost scared silly. He didn’t expect Su Bai to be so reckless as to get close to a Diamond-level Beast.

In the current situation, Lu Xingping did not have the time to make a judgment. He immediately followed Su Bai with Ice Elemental.

At the same time, Lu Le sensed the appearance of the Black Tarantula and began to gather his Gold-level Beastmasters, preparing for the final battle.

The current situation of the Beast tide could be said to be in good shape!

Under the continuous bombardment of the Beast-core Cannon and the small cannons, more than half of their numbers had been lost.

However, the ultimate culprit had not been dealt with.

Su Bai arrived with Bearen and Golden Dragon and saw a Beast killed by the Black Tarantula. The Beastmaster was extremely sad, but he still summoned the next Beast to fight.

“All of you, retreat!”

Su Bai shouted and summoned Dream Wing.

At this moment, the Black Tarantula felt threatened. It turned around, and the eight eyes on its head regarded Su Bai as its target. Waving its sharp claws, it charged over at an extremely fast speed.

“Captain Su, get out of the way!”

Lu Xingping, who had rushed over, saw this scene and wanted to rush up and take Su Bai away anxiously. However, the next scene shocked him!

The Black Tarantula stopped moving as if time had stopped.

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