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Chapter 295: 295 Heading to the Dwarf Kingdom!

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295 Heading to the Dwarf Kingdom!
The minister did not say anything else from the beginning to the end. He also understood that he had been a little impulsive just now.

There was a chance for Great Peace City to re-establish an alliance with the dwarves.

It was a matter of harm and no benefit.

If the minister ruined everything because of his recklessness, even he would not be able to forgive himself.

When Lu Xingping found out about that, he had the same feeling in mind.

Great Peace City returned to its former peace.

On the day the Beast tide dispersed, the rebels had all chosen to surrender.


Everything was like the blue sky after a storm.
Su Bai had also handed over the entire team of reinforcements to Great Peace City to Lu Le.

However, Lu Le was not a person who liked to behave. He ran to Su Bai’s door and pressed the doorbell.

“Captain, I’m willing to go to the Dwarf Kingdom with you!”

“Captain, I’m willing too!”

“Me too!”

There were a total of nine Beastmasters. Including Lu Le, there were five Gold-level Beastmasters.

Su Bai was between laughter and tears. He agreed to Lu Le and the others’ request.

Although Su Bai had Anves’s guarantee when they went to the Dwarf Kingdom, one more person was also one more backup.

It was a good thing to have five Gold-level Beastmasters working together.

Bing Qingqing was excited about this trip. It would be her first time seeing a foreign country.

It took Su Bai half a day to finish everything on his hands.

Apart from Lu Le, Bing Qingqing, and a few other Beastmasters, the remaining Beastmasters returned to Great Wilderness City.

As long as Su Bai was within the Great Peace City’s region, this token represented Great Peace City.

“Lu Le, you’re in charge of scouting the road ahead.”

“Yes, sir!”

Lu Le summoned a Beast and led the two Beastmasters ahead.

Su Bai and the others sat on a giant elephant and started to move towards the border of Great Peace.

Along the way, Anves was a little depressed.

Perhaps the matter regarding the modified Black Tarantula was still lingering in his mind.

Once this news spread, the relationship between the humans and the dwarves would definitely continue to deteriorate. This was something Anves did not want to see.

“Mr. Anves, I have a request.”

“Please speak!”

Su Bai scratched his head and smiled. He said, “I don’t have much knowledge about alchemy. I wonder if you have any books or skills that can teach me?”


Su Bai’s question directly confused Anves.

A young man who could modify and repair Beast-core Cannon actually did not know alchemy.

This was no less than a top-notch blacksmith who could not tell the difference between wrought iron and pig iron.

“Su Bai, don’t tease me.”

“I’m not teasing you.”

“Then y-you really don’t know anything?”


Anves was silent for a moment before saying, “When we get back, you can have a look at my library!”

The group traveled for three whole days before they completely crossed the border of Great Peace and left the human territory!

On the grassland, an eagle was hovering in the air.

Just as the group was preparing to set up camp and rest, they suddenly landed and shouted at Su Bai, “Captain, there’s a group of Beasts coming towards us 500 meters away. Their levels are between Lower to Upper-Silver. There are 36 of them!”

“Okay, prepare to defend.”

Under Su Bai’s signal, the three Gold-level Beastmasters summoned their Beasts.

However, Anves stood up at that moment and laughed. “After being idle for so many days, my bones have begun to rust. Why don’t you let me deal with these Beasts?”

“That works too.” Su Bai chuckled.

Su Bai had heard of Anves’s battle achievements on the day when Great Peace City resisted the Beast tide.

Anves had killed over a thousand spider-type Beasts.

Fortunately, Su Bai could witness it today.

Under everyone’s watchful eyes, Anves threw out the parts and assembled them.

“That’s… a Liger!”

A Beastmaster recognized the assembled form and immediately smiled bitterly, “Does this thing have combat power?”

It was not that he doubted the alchemy level of the dwarves, but Liger itself was not very strong. The adult level was around Silver-level. Very few of them could reach Gold-level.

This time, they would have to face the invasion of 36 Silver-level Beasts. Even a Gold-level Liger could not withstand it, let alone an imposter!

“Mr. Anves, just one?”

“Yup, just one!”

Facing everyone’s doubts, Anves was rather confident.

With a slap, he injected the little energy in his body into the Alchemical Liger.

With kinetic energy, the Alchemy Liger moved lively, with subtle breathing and other small movements.

Not long after, the group of Beasts approached the camp.

“Liger, give them a taste of your shot!” Anves immediately shouted.

The Alchemical Liger opened its mouth, and a cannon barrel extended out. The condensed energy instantly turned into a laser beam and landed among the Beasts.

The Beasts that were hit suffered the impact and flew more than ten meters away.

Everyone was stunned.

“Wh-What the heck is that?”

Lu Le took a deep breath and said, “This energy looks different from the Beast-core Cannon!”

“It is indeed different from the energy of a Beast-core. This energy is more like your own.” Su Bai explained.

The Beasts that were hit by the laser died on the spot.

Anves laughed loudly and said, “Su Bai, you really have a discerning eye. You can even see through this! This is my masterpiece. I guarantee you won’t find a second one. It can absorb a Beastmaster’s energy and store it normally. At critical moments, It’ll f*cking blast it with a cannon. It’s awesome!”

The energy of a Platinum-level Beastmaster was purer than Beast-cores. And Anves made use of it. When it accumulated to a certain extent, its power would definitely not be inferior to the Beast-core Cannon.

But unfortunately, The Alchemical Liger’s material was not very strong, and for various reasons, its power was at most one-third of the Bearen’s palm.

So in Su Bai’s eyes, it was a waste of Anves’s energy.

However, to be able to do this was already something that made everyone’s eyes light up.

Under the attack of the Alchemical Liger, the thirty-six Beasts quickly suffered heavy losses, and the remaining ones fled in a sorry state.

Cheers and laughter rang out in the camp. Everyone was rather curious about the Alchemical Liger.

After a night, everyone continued on their journey.

The scenery along the way was as usual. Other than the fresh style of individual buildings, there was nothing that could raise one’s interest.

Everyone understood that they were already within the Dwarf Kingdom’s borders.

Therefore, the buildings that they saw were almost all smaller than what they usually saw.

For example, a door should normally be 1.9 meters tall, but the tallest one here was 1.5 meters tall.

After several days of traveling, the group could finally see a town.

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