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Chapter 296: 296 Slime Train

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296 Slime Train
Everyone entered the town, but they found that there was no one there. The dilapidated houses and furniture inside were already piled up with dust.

“These are all abandoned houses. Speaking of which, the troops stationed at the border of Great Peace lived here.” Anves said and smiled.

Due to their own physique, the dwarves could not survive in this world by becoming a Beastmaster.

Therefore, the dwarves and humans had a relatively close cooperative relationship decades ago and this town was the best proof.

Unfortunately, the human garrison troops had withdrawn due to the accident. The dwarves who had originally lived in the town no longer had the protection of the human Beastmasters.

The dwarves had no choice but to leave the town. The severed alliance had a huge impact on the relationship between the two races.

After leaving the abandoned town, the group finally arrived at the dwarf’s city, Heavencraft City.

As the name suggests, this city was known for its unique craftsmanship. It was enough to show its advanced alchemy level.


Before entering the city gate, Su Bai and the others saw all kinds of cannons on the city wall. They had different shapes and styles, but most of them were similar to Beast-core Cannon.
After decades, the dwarves were not just for show. Their Beast-core Cannons had already been upgraded more than ten times.

Lu Le gasped, “Oh my if those Black Tarantulas came, wouldn’t they be blasted into pieces?”

Anves chuckled and enjoyed Lu Le’s words.

When they entered Heavencraft City, the dwarven guards in brown uniforms immediately pointed their guns at Su Bai and the others.

“Stop, state your business here!”

A dwarf guard berated, but his gaze fell on Anves in the next second. He was so frightened that he quickly put down his gun and said respectfully, “Welcome back, Lord Anves!”

“At ease. These people are with me. Step aside.” Anves nodded and said.

“But, Lord Anves… This is against the rules,” the dwarf guard said awkwardly.

“Are you going to lecture me about rules?”

“No, sir! I wouldn’t dare!”

“Then stop talking so much nonsense and get lost!”

“Yes, sir!”

Lu Le and the others did not understand the dwarves’ language.

However, Lu Le could also tell that the dwarves here did not seem to welcome them very much by observing their expressions.

After entering Heavencraft City, Su Bai and the others learned a lot about the bustling city.

Blacksmiths could be seen everywhere. Dwarves were working inside, waving their hammers and making banging sounds.

The pedestrians on the road were even more amazing.

Every dwarf had a medal hanging on their chest. Some were in the shape of a hammer, while others were in the shape of an alchemy furnace.

Anves saw through everyone’s doubts and immediately became a tour guide to explain to Su Bai and the others.

The reason why this city was known as Heavencraft City was because of the dwarves who lived here.

There were hundreds of thousands of dwarves living in Heavencraft City, of which over 30% were Alchemists while the remaining 70% were engaged in forging iron.

It could be said that the dwarves here were all Alchemists!

Su Bai smiled and said, “As expected of Heavencraft City. Who is the highest level Alchemist here?”

Su Bai’s question made Anves smile bitterly.

“I’ll answer this question later. Now, I’ll take you to your residence.”

The group crossed the streets. At the same time, they were like animals from the zoo attracting the curious gazes of the dwarves passing by.

“Mom, Mom, who are those people? Why are they so tall?”

“Why would humans enter the city?”

“That’s … Lord Anves!”

“Lord Anves, why did you bring the humans into the city?”

Lu Le and the others could not understand the noise, so they were confused.

But Su Bai knew that Anves was in big trouble.

Previously, Anves could still suppress the dwarven guards; however, he could not convince the dwarves living in Heavencraft City with his voice alone.

Facing everyone’s questioning, Anves shouted, “Ahem. Quiet, please. These people are my friends. Stop making a fuss!”

The rough answer finally calmed the noisy crowd.

However, there were still dwarves who were dissatisfied with the humans.

Anves’s solution was to bring Su Bai and the others to an underground station as soon as possible.

“What is this?”

Excited, Bing Qingqing looked around the underground station, pointed at the wall, and asked, “It’s so smooth, you can even see the reflection, and there’s so much mucus.”

Su Bai raised his eyebrows and guessed, “Mr. Anves, is the subway running by Beasts?”

Hearing that, Anves laughed and said, “Haha, I wanted to give you a surprise. I didn’t expect that you could figure it out, Su Bai!”

“By Beasts?”


Lu Le and Bing Qingqing stared at Su Bai.

They were not surprised that the Beasts could be used as a vehicle, but that the underground station was quite large. There were already hundreds of dwarves waiting.

Only a train could carry so many people in this underground station!

If it was a Beast, it would only be a Beast with a huge body!

As they waited, the broadcast suddenly sounded. “BEEP BEEP! Welcome, residents of Heavencraft City. The next Slime Train will arrive soon. Please be ready and take care of your belongings…..”

“What does that mean?”

Bing Qingqing looked at Su Bai immediately.

After they heard the translation, Lu Le, Bing Qingqing, and the other Beastmasters were stunned.

They did not expect that a Beast like Slime could be used as a vehicle.

Lu Le said in disdain, “I suddenly don’t feel like getting on board. If you enter Slime’s body, your whole body will be sticky. It’s a little disgusting.”

“That’s right, that’s right. Why don’t we walk?”

“Why should we walk? We can just take the bus.”

“Ahem!” Anves coughed dryly. He said loudly, “You brats, you haven’t even seen the Slime Train and you’re already scared out of your wits. You should learn from Su Bai!”

Su Bai laughed hoarsely. He was not averse to new things, and he wanted to see what the so-called Slime Train was.

In this era, transportation tools like trains had been abandoned by humans.

Unexpectedly, the dwarves actually had similar transportation methods.

At this moment, the warning light in front of Su Bai suddenly turned red.

Suddenly, a blue translucent liquid gushed out of the track, making Su Bai and the others stare at it without blinking.

Inside the translucent liquid, a rectangular carriage was stuffed inside. When it reached the location, the liquid on the surface would be cleaned up.

Then, the door of the carriage opened.

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