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Chapter 298: 298 Undamaged Reverse Training!

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298 Undamaged Reverse Training!
Halfway through his sentence, the centenarian actually felt embarrassed and coughed dryly before he was willing to say it.

“If you don’t mind, I can teach you.”

“Thank you for your kindness, Mr. Anves.”

“I already said that I don’t want to be overly ceremonious. I can’t stand this the most! Just be direct with me.” said Anves as he glared at Su Bai.

The Anves’s visit was quite clear. He planned to take Su Bai as his disciple!

It was not uncommon for dwarves to take humans as disciples, but the current era was different. The vast majority of dwarven Alchemists rejected humans, let alone taking in disciples.

However, Anves did not have old-fashioned thoughts.

Seeing Su Bai was talented in alchemy, he immediately brought him to the Alchemy Festival.

It was during their way to the Dwarf Kingdom that Anves learned that Su Bai was a novice Alchemist, he immediately had the idea of taking Su Bai in as a disciple.

Now was the time for Su Bai to put it into practice.

Su Bai chuckled and said, “Mr. Anves, I’ve already roughly read through this book. I won’t trouble you to take me as your master.”

“Nonsense! It’s only been a short while, how could you possibly understand everything?!” Anves said as he blew at his beard.

“I know a thing or two.”

“Alright then, let me test you. What do you think of this Beast-cores weapon?”

Anves took out a short sword from the Beast Space and handed it to Su Bai.

After a careful inspection, Su Bai answered, “The blade is sharp and has a high level of alchemy. It has reached the level of form, but it is still a distance away from refining level.”

“What about this one?”

“This is not bad. It’s at the alchemical level of refine, excellent. It can use energy almost without any damage!”

After a series of tests, Anves was dumbfounded. He didn’t expect Su Bai to grasp the concepts of alchemy in such a short time.

It was not difficult to understand the concepts, but it was difficult to distinguish them.

Ordinary human Alchemists would only be able to distinguish the good from the bad even if these Beast-cores weapons were placed in front of them.

If they really wanted to tell the specifics, they would have no idea where to start.

“Mr. Anves, I want to personally refine equipment for my Beasts, but I lack some materials…”


“Sure, sure. You can choose any materials in my workshop. As long as the level is low and the quantity is low, it will be fine!”

Su Bai immediately took out the materials. There were not many of them.

Anves wanted to observe, but he did not expect Su Bai to not use the alchemy furnace at all.

A short moment later, a stick appeared in Su Bai’s hand.

Anves rushed forward to check and said in surprise, “Not bad, not bad, this stick has reached the Platinum-grade. Su Bai, you’re f*cking awesome!”

The hundred-year-old man was like a child who had seen a new toy. He smiled happily.

It was different from the components used to make the Beast-core Cannon. The components only needed to consider the alchemy strength. The level was secondary.

However, Beast-core weapons were completely different. One had to consider the overall energy connection.

Su Bai did not know about this before.

But looking at the 1.3-meter-long stick in his hand, Su Bai was not satisfied. He put it back into the Spiral Realm and started forging again.

It took Su Bai nearly ten minutes and another stick appeared. It was now two meters long, but its quality had not changed at all.

“Undamaged reverse training!”

Anves’s body trembled in disbelief, ‘Su Bai had already understood such alchemy technique. The so-called knowing a thing or two was not a big boast. He had truly grasped the knowledge from the Basic Design Concepts of Beast-Core Weapons in a Nutshell.’

Such a performance shocked Anves far more than seeing the repaired Beast-core Cannon.

‘Genius! He’s definitely a genius!’ Anves thought.

“Not bad.”

Su Bai was still playing with the stick in his hand. He was very satisfied with the result of his refinement.

But this was far from enough. Then, Su Bai asked Anves for a ton of Thunderstruck Iron.

After that, Su Bai started refining at the Fourth Heaven.

The Thunderstruck Iron was a special type of metal. It was a product of ordinary metal that had been struck by lightning for many years.

This one ton was worth at least several thousand Gold-grade Beast-cores.

If it was a normal person, they would not refine it for Su Bai, but Anves did not mind at all.

Anves wanted to see with his passionate eyes what was the upper limit of Su Bai’s talent in alchemy.

Because of his energy, Su Bai’s refining process was a bit difficult.

It took more than an hour to refine the Thunderstruck Iron and transform it into a shapeshifting state. Then, it transformed and became the same weapon until the final finishing touches were completed.

A pure Iron stick was refined just like that. Su Bai took it out from the Spiral Realm and raised the stick with difficulty.

“So heavy!”

With Su Bai’s current strength, he almost could not lift it.

This was the transformation of the undamaged reverse training technique!

One ton of Thunderstruck Iron became a product that weighed nearly ten tons! It was ten times the result of reverse training.

Anves was so shocked that he was speechless.

“The quality has reached Gold-grade, and its vessel… no, this is actually close to spirit level! What a monster!” Anves gasped and exclaimed.

Su Bai smiled at Anves’s praise.

What he did not know was that Anves’s shock was unprecedented.

Even the Legendary Alchemist recorded in the files had spent nearly thirty years to reach Su Bai’s level in the undamaged reverse training technique. But Su Bai only spent half a day.

Su Bai was no longer a genius. He was simply a monster!

Su Bai did not think much. He put the Thunder Stick into the Spiral Realm and handed it to Bearen.


Bearen carefully examined it, and after sensing the energy of the Thunder Stick, it immediately began to play with it.


With just a light wave, a huge rock was instantly smashed into pieces.

“Not bad.”

Su Bai observed and chuckled, “Not bad. Try using the Lightning Armor.”


Bearen obeyed. Immediately, lightning wrapped around its entire body, including the Thunder Stick. It was much more useful than the Thundergod Bracers!

As Anves had said, its alchemical level was infinitely close to spirit. The Thunder Stick could gather Bearen’s lightning energy without any damage and then release it. The damage dealt to the target was explosive!

There was another more important point. With the spirit characteristic, the quality of the Thunder Stick could be further improved as the Beast leveled up.

This was the terrifying part of a weapon that could grow.

Bearen was like it had found a treasure. It held the Thunder Stick and started to look for the stones to hit.

The commotion Bearen caused made all the Beasts in the forest tremble.

Bearen was already like a hooligan, looking for Beasts to fight everywhere. Now, it was even more terrifying than before!

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