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Chapter 3

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The Incubator Chamber

“Look, the big shot has finally come out. I wonder what divine Beast you’ve chosen. Come, show it to us.” a teenager said mockingly.

Everyone was not in a good mood now, so naturally they wouldn’t be nice to Su Bai.

“A divine Beast? I think it’s definitely a Weederpillar!”

“Hahaha, how can you still have the face to stay in the academy after forming a pact with a Weederpillar?”

“Enough nonsense. Let’s hurry up and form the pact.”

The others were already getting impatient.

Seeing that, the director led everyone to the Incubator Chamber and began to hatch the Beasts one by one.

Most Beast eggs in the warehouse had their growth rate sealed after hatch to prevent them from suddenly hatching and missing the opportunity to form a pact.

After forming the pact in the Incubator Chamber, the seal could be lifted.

Also, the Beasts could be given a nickname after forming the pact.

At that moment, everyone was excited. The students could not wait to meet their precious Beast.

“I’ll go first!” said the hot-tempered teenager from before. One step ahead, he placed the pitch-black Beast egg on the incubator. Then, he cut his index finger with a knife.

He then dripped blood on the Beast egg and closed his eyes.

After a while, the Beast egg had a crisp sound of breaking the shell.

A green tortoise with wrinkles all over its body was hatched.

“How can this be?!” The hot-tempered youngster’s eyes widened as he shouted in disbelief, “Sir, I clearly chose an Aerohawk. Why is it a Crystaltoise?”

The surrounding students saw that and held back their laughter. They were sympathetic to him.

“Strange.” the director shook his head and patted that student’s shoulder, consoling him, “Appraisers rarely make mistakes. This was similar to the probability of you choking to death while drinking water.

“Don’t be discouraged, even though it’s not an Aerohawk.

“The potential value of the Crystaltoise is equal to the Aerohawk you chose. It might even be more valuable to the team after it grows up.

Hearing that, the hot-tempered youngster wanted to cry but had no tears.

He had imagined his Beast to be able to soar in the sky and be free.

But now … It had turned into a green tortoise.

The other students also began to hatch the Beast eggs they had chosen. The hatching process had no issue, and none repeated the same tragedy as the hot-tempered youngster.

Finally, it was Su Bai’s turn. He put the Beast egg in the incubator.

When the others saw that, they immediately stared at him.

“I’d like to see what Su Bai can hatch after he took his sweet time choosing the egg.

“It almost feels like opening a mystery box.”

“Sigh. If I had known, I would have also gone for a mystery box.”

“Hehe, wait and see. It’s definitely a Weederpillar or a Dustprairie!”

“Be quiet!”

The director glared at the crowd and shouted sternly.

Immediately, everyone shut up and watched Su Bai make the pact in silence.

Seconds later, Su Bai cut his index finger and dripped some blood on the egg.

Su Bai then closed his eyes and tried to touch it with consciousness.

As expected, Su Bai soon felt an unfamiliar consciousness.

“Form a pact with me!”

Su Bai said in a short sentence, and the pact was formed.

A mark appeared on the back of Su Bai’s right hand.

That was the Sigil formed from the pact after the Bearen responded to Su Bai’s call.


The egg cracked, and a gray-black claw emerged.

When all the eggshells were fallen off, a black Bearen was revealed in front of Su Bai.

Its infant form was only the size of a palm.

Bearen opened its eyes and looked at Su Bai, waving its furry claws excitedly.

These Beasts had matured when it was still in egg form, so they could move after hatching.

Su Bai picked up Bearen and took a look at its status.

Name: Bearen

Lineage: Bear

Level: Lower-2 Iron

Potential: Upper Platinum

Talent: Thunderstorm (Outstanding)

Skills: Lightning Strike (B-level), Bare Physique (C-level), Heavy Strike (C-level)


The skills Bearen had after hatching were beyond Su Bai’s imagination.

There were nine skill levels: F, E, D, C, B, A, S, SS, and SSS.

Every Beast would come with its own basic skills when it hatched.

Probably Bearen had a high potential growth value, and it was at Lower-2 Iron, with one B-level skill and two C-level skills after it was hatched.

Bearen was heavy in Su Bai’s hands, and it was looking around, feeling very curious about this world.

When the surrounding youngsters saw that, they immediately started laughing.

“What’s that? It’s so black. I would have thought it was a hound if I didn’t know better.”

“Uh … Anyone knows what species that is?”

“Based on its dirty face, it’s obvious that it’s a Grayhound. Hahahaha.”

“Indeed, I’ve seen Grayhound before. Their pup looks like that.”

“Geez, it’s killing me. Su Bai took so long to choose that.”

“I can’t take it anymore. My stomach hurts from laughing too much.”

“Pfft … Hahaha, I can’t take it anymore. You sure have good taste.”

The Incubator Chamber was filled with laughter.

Even the director couldn’t bear to look at it. He thought, ‘After two hours of waiting for the results, Su Bai actually hatched a Beast that looks like a hound.’

No one could hold it in after they saw that.

Many Beasts looked ugly when they were young, especially when they were just hatched.

Although Bearen was not ugly, it was like a black ball, so it was difficult to distinguish the species.


Suddenly, Bearen felt the contemptuous gazes of the crowd, and it immediately roared.

The smiles on the faces of the youngsters and the director froze.

That didn’t sound like a hound at all.

“Calm down, boy,” said Su Bai. He immediately stroked Bearen.

Even so, Bearen still opened its mouth and roared, but it was not as loud as before.

Rawr Rawr

A baby-like roar sounded.

That Bearen’s combative nature made Su Bai feel complicated.

Although Bearen’s roar was not loud, everyone was okay except the Beasts around them were trembling.

An infant Curiokey peed in fear and left a pool of yellow liquid on the ground.

An Ashenpent even slithered into a corner.

Clearly, those Beasts were all frightened by Bearen.

“Ashenpent, come out quickly! You’ve got me. There’s no need to be afraid!”

“Dude, did you just peed?!”

“Sir, look at my Beast! Its fur is standing on end!”

“Su Bai, what have you done!”

Everyone was confused and at a loss for a while. The students kept comforting the Beast in their arms.

“Come and help me move the table. My Ashenpent is hiding inside and won’t come out!” The youngster, whose Beast had escaped, was on the verge of tears. There was no way he could get to his Ashenpent.

Everyone worked together and only caught the Ashenpent after a long chase.

After a while, things finally calmed down.

When everyone returned to their senses, they realized that the farce was caused by Bearen.

“Su Bai, what have you done?!” The hot-tempered youngster asked.

“My Ashenpent almost got away because of you. If it does, are you going to take up the responsibility?”

“Isn’t that a hound?”

“Idiot! That roar is obviously not something a hound can make.”

Everyone looked at Bearen in Su Bai’s arms and wanted an explanation.

At that time, Bearen felt hostility again.

Su Bai coughed dryly, “Ahem! Do you all want it to roar again? “

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