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Chapter 304: 304 Ampoc's Showdown

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304 Ampoc’s Showdown
Ampoc narrowed his eyes and said in a deep voice, “Have you thought it through? This is a choice with no turning back!”

Hearing that, Hubala gulped.

The chance Hubala was talking about was an alchemy technique created by Ampoc before he retired from alchemy.

Being an Alchemist was simple. However, there would always be people who chose to take the unconventional path, just like Han Ping.

The alchemy method created by Ampoc was to use oneself as a furnace, which had subtle similarities with the elves’ skills.

The only difference was the elves’ skills were perfect, and Su Bai did not suffer any backlash.

However, it was different for Ampoc. Once he stepped into it, he would suffer a heart-wrenching pain. This was also one of the reasons why Ampoc gave up on alchemy.

“I-I don’t know.”

Hubala looked troubled.

As the youngest Gold-level Alchemist in Heavencraft City, he still had a bright future. It was a stupid move to make a profit for a moment.

Ampoc was also aware of that principle, so he did not plan to teach Hubala from the beginning.

Suddenly, a commotion came from not far away. The two of them turned their heads and saw that the ranking list for the ranking competition had already been released.

Unsurprisingly, Su Bai ranked first!

Most people were not surprised by the result. After all, the Mark-413 that Su Bai had improved and upgraded was already a new product.

Su Bai was now the center of attention. If he could not get a first place even with this, the other competitors present would probably be unconvinced.

Even if the opponent was a young human, they would not be so petty as to deny Su Bai’s alchemy level.

However, a rumor quickly spread in just a few moments.

“Did you hear? When Su Bai modified the Mark-413, he did not use the alchemy furnace provided!”

“So what?”

“Do you still need to think about it? Lord Anves must have secretly leaked the theme to him!”

“How dare you! Be careful with your words!”

“I’ve only heard about it. Otherwise, how could a human have such high alchemy attainments?”

Moreover, they were right. Su Bai truly did not use the alchemy furnace in the venue.

It immediately pushed Anves and Su Bai to the top of the wave.

The following effect was that a group of competitors began to complain. They thought that Su Bai had modified the Mark-413 by cheating.

Regarding that, the officials were extremely busy.

Anves, who was affected, could not help but frown. His expression was ugly.


Anves slammed the table and smashed it into pieces.

It was enough to prove his anger toward the person who spread the rumors.

“Immediately give the order to arrest the person who spread the rumors! If anyone dares to say anything else, don’t blame me for not being merciful!” Anves shouted loudly.

The furious voice resounded throughout the entire hall, and the faces of the participants below turned ashen.

Anves had always enjoyed a high reputation in Heavencraft City. But that did not mean that it could not be shaken.

Soon, Ampoc took over and personally questioned Su Bai, “Do you have anything to say about cheating?”

“No, I have nothing to say.”

Su Bai’s relaxed expression showed that he was fearless.

After all, there was no evidence. Even if outsiders had objections, there was nothing they could do to Su Bai.

Su Bai was not surprised at all. He was in someone else’s territory. Naturally, the others would have an extremely negative impression of him.

Ampoc stared at Su Bai in surprise and asked, “Aren’t you going to defend yourself?”

Su Bai looked at Ampoc and said, “Why do I have to defend myself? If you were slandered, how would you handle it?”

Ampoc narrowed his eyes and finally smiled.

Su Bai smiled along.

On the other hand, Hubala, who was beside Ampoc, could not understand what was going on.

“Mr. Governor, are you willing to believe me?”

Ampoc sat on the chair and picked up the teacup. He said, “I may or may not believe you. To be honest, I didn’t like you to begin with.”

At this point, Ampoc did not have to worry about anything else and went straight to the point.

“Then what you mean is …”

“I mean it’s very simple. Is the Alchemy Festival the only purpose of your visit to Heavencraft City?”

Su Bai said with rapt attention, “You can say that. But if I can repair the relationship between Heavencraft City and Great Peace City, I will try my best to improve it.”

As early as the day Su Bai left Great Peace City, Lu Xingping was like Fan Jin who had passed the imperial examination.

The biggest reason was the appearance of the dwarves. They presented an opportunity to Great Peace City.

Su Bai had understood it when he was in Great Peace City.

Even with the Beast-core Cannons, the situation in Great Peace City would not improve in the next few years or even decades.

Therefore, the friendship between the dwarves was the choice that could completely change fate!

Without a doubt, Su Bai was the controller of that choice.

But since Su Bai came to Heavencraft City, he knew that the situation here was complicated, and he could not control it.

If Su Bai was not careful, he would fall into the abyss.

The biggest reason for bringing this up again was the change in Ampoc.

Ampoc went straight to the point and Su Bai did not hold back.

Su Bai’s sincerity was on point and the rest would depend on heaven’s will.

“Interesting. What’s your relationship with Great Peace City?” asked Ampoc.

“Is that important?”

“That’s true.”

Ampoc took a sip of tea and said, “Back then, I went to your Great Peace City a few times. Do you know what happened?”

“Do tell, Mr. Governor.”

Ampoc’s eyes gradually turned sharp as he continued, “I’m being protected by countless human civilians. To be honest, it feels pretty good. But I’m very unhappy.”

The topic gradually changed and Su Bai became more alert.

Ampoc glanced at Hubala and said, “The reason is very simple. During those years, our Heavencraft City had provided numerous alchemical products to Great Peace City, but we got nothing!”


“Then what did you want?”
“I don’t know, but I know that if we give everything we have, it will only weaken the alliance!”

“I understand.”

Su Bai nodded. He understood what Ampoc meant.

From all aspects, Great Peace City could not return the same after gaining the convenience brought by Heavencraft City.

This kind of relationship was clearly unhealthy.

But, what Su Bai was most worried about was that Ampoc had made it too clear.

As a result, there was no way to repair the relationship between Great Peace City and Heavencraft City.

At that moment, an ear-piercing whistle suddenly reverberated across the entire Heavencraft City.

“Enemy attack! Enemy attack!”

Several dwarves barged into the venue and ran straight to Ampoc, shouting, “Mr. Governor, bad news! The Winglies are here!”

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