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Chapter 312: 312 Demonization! The Mutated Rhodoape.

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312 Demonization! The Mutated Rhodoape.
The team entered the cave. Even if they kept quiet, they could not avoid alerting the Rhodoapes.

A dozen or so Rhodoapes crawled up from the ground, baring their sharp fangs. They rubbed their fists in preparation for a big fight.

“Come and get it!”

Lu Le shouted, summoned his Beast, and rushed forward.

The other members followed suit.

As the captain, Su Bai asked Bearen and Golden Dragon to deal with the Rhodoapes on both sides.

Soon, the dozen or so Rhodoapes all fell to the ground.

The entire process was surprisingly smooth.

And the biggest credit went to none other than Su Bai.

There were the most Rhodoapes on both sides. They did not even have the chance to react before they were all taken care of by Bearen and Golden Dragon.

When the others saw that, they were both envious and emotional.

Su Bai was too strong in their eyes!

They were all Gold-level Beastmasters, but the strength they displayed was not even half of Su Bai’s!

After clearing out a dozen or so Rhodoapes, there were still quite a few more ahead.

But Su Bai decided to use the most efficient method, which was to let the team continue to eliminate the Rhodoapes while he was responsible for mining the Crimson Cores.

“No problem, leave it to us!”

“No problem, leave it to us! These guys are indeed powerful, but we’re not to be trifled with either.” Lu Le patted his chest and promised.

Su Bai reminded him, “Don’t be greedy. The Rhodoape is very powerful. I’ll catch up with you after I’m done.”

The biggest characteristic of the Rhodoape was its strong individual combat strength, and at the same time, it had the habit of living in a group.

If the team’s killing efficiency was slightly slower, they would be beaten up by the Rhodoapes.

That was what Su Bai was most concerned about.

After giving a few instructions, Lu Le gathered his strength and began to lead the team forward.

After they left, Su Bai came to the Crimson Core vein and formed a flame on his palm.

Su Bai caught it and stuffed it into the Fourth Heaven of the Spiral Realm.

Huge Crimson Core fell off one after another.

In less than five minutes, the area of the entire cave had expanded by five to six times.

Su Bai’s mining efficiency was terrifying.

If Paris saw that, he would definitely be shocked!

“Phew, quite a lot.”

Su Bai mined the last Crimson Core and smiled.

He was only near the entrance of the cave. From the traces of the mineral vein, there was still a lot of space inside.

There were definitely tens of thousands of tons of Crimson Core!

After mining the Crimson Core, Su Bai immediately caught up with the team.

“You’ve finished mining them?” Lu Le asked in surprise.

“Yes, the mining method is very convenient.”

“Oh my, I thought it would be very difficult when I heard Paris say that. We just need to take out three more Rhodoapes and we are settled.” Lu Le chuckled.

Since Su Bai was here, the three Rhodoapes were not difficult at all. Bearen could kill three of them at once.

After dealing with the Beasts in the second cave, the team members took a short break and entered the next cave.

Su Bai continued to mine the Crimson Cores. He was surprised by his efficiency in mining the Crimson Cores.

According to this momentum, the Crimson Core veins would probably be in his possession before daybreak.

Soon, two hours passed. Thousands of tons of Crimson Cores were piled up on the empty ground in the Spiral Realm’s Fourth Heaven.

Looking at the result of his labor, Su Bai smiled.

Su Bai had heard that the finals of the Alchemy Festival required participants to prepare their own materials. With so many Crimson Cores, he did not have to waste his energy to find other materials.

But suddenly, a voice called out to Su Bai and made him withdraw his consciousness.

Bing Qingqing rushed over, gasping for breath. She said, “Su Bai, something is wrong inside!”

“Slow down. Brief me on the way.”


Bing Qingqing calmed her breathing and said with a heavy face, “We have roughly figured out the size of the cave. In the last section, there is a Mutated Rhodoape inside!”

“What’s its level?”

“Mid-Platinum! Lu Le’s Demon Black Serpent has been severely injured, so the team has been forced into a corner.” Bing Qingqing continued.

If Bing Qingqing did not have the dimensional-type Golden-eyed Lynx, she would not have been able to find Su Bai.

Su Bai quickened his pace when he heard that.

As they ventured deeper into the cave, more and more Crimson Core veins appeared. However, it was not the time to mine them.

Soon, they arrived at a dark blue karst cave. They saw more than 30 Rhodoapes roaring and attacking in one direction.

Amongst them, there was an even larger Rhodoape.

Su Bai did not dare to be careless and did not approach immediately.

Although Lu Le and the others were not in a good situation, they could still defend for a while.

The Mutated Rhodoape was waving its huge fist and smashing it on the energy shield, causing the Beast that had released the skill to spit out a mouthful of black blood on the spot.

Su Bai immediately checked the information about the Mutated Rhodoape.

Name: Rhodoape (Mutated)

Level: Mid-6 Platinum

Potential: Mid-Diamond

Talent: Gold-Eater (Great)

Element: Metal


Nature: Violent
Skills: Heavy Strike (B-Level), Bite (A-Level), Fury (S-Level), Demonization (S-Level)

‘It possesses two S-Level skills and a great talent. It was indeed a troublesome existence.’ Su Bai thought.

At that moment, the Mutated Rhodoape suddenly pulled away from everyone and used brute force to smash a hole in the wall of the Crimson Core vein.

The Mutated Rhodoape was swallowing all the scattered Crimson Core fragments into its stomach.

Instantly, its fur turned fiery red from the roots. Its strength also increased by five times and its eyes even burst with red light.


Su Bai narrowed his eyes and immediately figured out the reason for the mutation of the Rhodoape.

It was a mutation and evolution caused by living in the cave all year round and consuming the Crimson Cores over time.

This allowed the Rhodoape to comprehend the S-Level skill, Demonization.

Su Bai immediately summoned Dream Wing.

“Use the Nightmare Cage and try to keep it still!”

Dream Wing flapped its wings and released the skill, Nightmare Cage.

However, Su Bai did not expect that the Mutated Rhodoape that had been demonized would be in a berserk state, greatly reducing the effects of the Nightmare Cage.

Dream Wing’s Nightmare Cage could only slow down the Mutated Rhodoape’s movements a little.

Su Bai immediately summoned Bearen and Golden Dragon.

Since there was no way to solve the problem swiftly, then he would directly fight it head-on!


When Bearen saw the Mutated Rhodoape, its battle intent was instantly ignited. Lightning covered its entire body, and it held a black long stick in its hand.

Bearen was like a valiant general, making people tremble in fear!

“Bearen, you deal with the Mutated Rhodoape. Golden Dragon, you deal with those ordinary Rhodoapes.” Su Bai instructed.

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