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Chapter 313: 313 The Dauntless Bearen

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313 The Dauntless Bearen
After hearing Su Bai’s words, Bearen whimpered and charged at the Mutated Rhodoape while waving its Thunder Stick.

However, Golden Dragon was not convinced. After continuous efforts, it was no longer a child that was so weak that it could die at any time. Its size was not inferior to Bearen, and it was even bigger.

Golden Dragon felt unfair because Bearen always dealt with stronger opponents while it could only clean up the remaining minions.

At that moment, Bearen swung its Thunder Stick and directly smashed it on the chest of the Mutated Rhodoape, sending it flying back to the rock wall.

Since its attack succeeded, Bearen would not let it off easily. It was very familiar with wielding the Thunder Stick. Bearen hit with its stick repeatedly, causing the Mutated Rhodoape unable to react at all.

By the time the Mutated Rhodoape recovered, Bearen had already Gigamaxed that its head was about to touch the ceiling.

The Mutated Rhodoape was weakened. Moreover, Bearen had the support of the Thunder Stick, so it could display its might.

That way, the Mutated Rhodoape had no advantage at all and was even at a disadvantage. It could not even reach Bearen’s body and was knocked senseless by the stick.

Golden Dragon was stunned when it saw that.

‘So, a Beast-core weapon was that powerful!’ Su Bai thought. He was also surprised. He did not interfere with Bearen after it got the Thunder Stick.

Su Bai never expected Bearen actually became enlightened on its own and was able to Thunder Stick proficiently.

From the looks of it, Su Bai could wait until he was free to find some staff techniques for Bearen to learn. It would definitely be able to unleash the advantages of the Thunder Stick to the extreme!

Bearen was doing well, and Golden Dragon was not to be outdone. It immediately rushed towards the group of Rhodoapes.

“Hellfire Calamity!”

The flames ignited the group of Rhodoapes. It was very effective!

Golden Dragon’s attack caused the Rhodoapes to have no way of escaping. After struggling on the ground for a moment, they all died on the spot.


“They’re finally here!”
Lu Le and the others heaved a sigh of relief.

On the other side, although the Mutated Rhodoape appeared to be unscathed on the surface, under the effect of the Thunder Stick, the terrifying thunder element had all been injected into its body, stirring up its internal organs.

It was self-evident that a Beast-core weapon of the best quality could improve a Beast’s strength.

Lu Le and the others were amazed.

“What a fierce attack!”

“Wow…Was that still the Mutated Rhodoape from before?!”

“A Gold-level Beast beating up a Platinum-level Beast, what else could that Bearen not be able to do?!”

After a series of fierce attacks, the giant Mutated Rhodoape finally fell down. Bearen put away the Thunder Stick and returned to Su Bai with its head held high.

It was as if Bearen was waiting for praise.

Su Bai had been attending the Alchemy Festival these days, but Bearen had not been idle.

If Bearen had nothing to do, it would stay in the Second Heaven and look for Beasts to practice its proficiency with the Thunder Stick.

Su Bai chuckled and said, “Not bad. The Thunder Stick suits you.”

Hearing that, Bearen’s furry head raised even higher. It was quite proud.

When Golden Dragon saw that, it was feeling even more uncontented in its heart.

As a top-notch Beast, it was impossible for it not to have a competitive spirit.

Golden Dragon immediately rubbed its body against Su Bai with a pitiful expression. It wanted Su Bai to get it a Beast-core weapon that suited it.

Su Bai was between laughter and tears. He said, “I haven’t found a Beast-core weapon suitable for you yet. Besides, your claws are much more powerful than Bearen’s Thunder Stick!”

Hearing that, Golden Dragon also raised its head proudly. It was as if it was confirming Su Bai’s words.

Su Bai recalled the two noisy Beasts back to the Second Heaven and checked everyone’s injuries.

A total of three Beastmasters were heavily injured, but fortunately, their lives were not in danger.

In terms of Beasts, six had died. Two of the Beasts were the Beastmasters’ main Beasts, so they were very depressed.

Su Bai comforted them for a while and promised to compensate them.

Such things were very common among Beastmasters. Therefore, everyone was only depressed for a while.

Then, Su Bai started to crazily mine the Crimson Core veins from the outside to the inside.

During the break, Lu Le and the others also joined in the fun.

Unexpectedly, Su Bai only needed less than ten minutes to mine a thousand tons of Crimson Cores and put them all into his Beast Space!

The space required was at least several hundred square meters.

If the Crimson Core that Su Bai had mined previously was added to the mix. That would require at least a few thousand square meters of Beast Space!

A Beastmaster could not help but ask, “Captain, how big is your Beast Space exactly?”

“Well… it was only slightly bigger than an ordinary Beastmaster. Don’t worry, it will take me about half an hour to finish.” Su Bai smiled.

“No, worries. There’s no hurry …”

Everyone was stunned. They were unable to accept that it was only slightly bigger. Among them, the biggest Beast Space was only 300 square meters, but Su Bai’s Beast Space was dozens or even hundreds of times bigger!

In fact, that was indeed the case. Su Bai’s Beast Space had been simplified and upgraded. His Fourth Heaven was now more than 3,000 square meters. It was enough for Su Bai to look down on the rest of the Gold-level Beastmasters.

But Su Bai was not satisfied. After all, this 3,000 square meters was still too small compared to the First, Second, and Third Heavens.

It took Su Bai a little longer than he expected. The cave and the Crimson Core veins inside and outside the karst cave were all emptied.

The Fourth Heaven was still filled to the brim. The extras were placed in the Third Heaven.

At that moment, the Dawn Bugs looked at the piles of Crimson Cores with a worried expression.

Not only were the Dwan Bugs kept in captivity for Su Bai, but they were also working as a warehouse manager.

However, Dawn Queen was very excited. Even since its affinity level had increased, Dawn Queen had been hoping to get Su Bai’s attention all the time.

However, Su Bai rarely went to see Dawn Queen because he was busy with the Alchemy Festival, which made it like a resentful wife. It wanted to snuggle into his arms whenever she saw him.

When Su Bai had just entered the Third Heaven, he was shocked.

Although Dawn Queen had a good figure, Su Bai was a normal person and had no interest in that.

Therefore, he stroked Dawn Queen’s head and comforted it. He immediately retracted his consciousness.

“It’s almost time. It’s time to go back.”

Su Bai looked around and prepared to return to camp after making sure he did not miss anything.

However, just as the team was about to leave the cave and return to the surface, a large bus appeared in their line of sight.

“Captain, they don’t come with good intentions.”

Lu Le smiled bitterly.

It was obvious that Paris had brought reinforcements.

Although Anves would not target them, trouble was inevitable.

“Leave it to me.” Su Bai smiled.

Soon, the bus stopped near the entrance of the cave. The dwarves got off and went straight to Su Bai and the others.

Among them was the resentful Paris.

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