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Chapter 318: 318 The First City Since Ancient Times

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318 The First City Since Ancient Times
Su Bai smiled as he noticed he was being glared at. Paris found it hurtful watching Su Bai being so carefree.

The night passed, what happened last night had caused an uproar in the entire team, and Paris was still in the cage.

The atmosphere on the bus Su Bai was on was also a little strange.

Lu Le forced a smile and said, “This matter has blown up. Since Paris is one of them, I think locking him up is the best we can do.”

Being deprived of the right to participate in the Alchemy Festival was enough to make Paris suffer.

“Maybe,” said Su Bai. Then, he looked at the scenery outside the window.

After all, Su Bai was in someone else’s territory, and Anves had done this for him. He was already considered impartial.

As for what happened after that, Su Bai would talk about it later.

At noon, the team finally arrived at the dwarven capital.

They looked around and the sight in front of them surprised them.

Other than the tall walls, the buildings inside were dilapidated, even more so than Black City.

The surroundings were equally barren and there was almost no vegetation on the yellow plateau.

“How can this be the capital of the dwarves?”

A Beastmaster in the team complained, “How can this be the capital of the dwarves? The situation looks direr than the slums in Heavencraft City.”

Lu Le looked out of the window and continued, “The condition here is a little bad. The dwarves here are all wearing linen clothes. It looks strange no matter how you look at it.”

Anves noticed everyone’s curiosity. However, he smiled and did not explain further.

Su Bai saw it and knew that Anves must be hiding something and wanted to give everyone a surprise. Although he was a centenarian, he was actually quite playful.

Soon, the bus stopped at a square where there were dozens of similar buses.

They were all teams of competitors from all over the Dwarf Kingdom.

As Anves was the leader of the team this time, there were many things to deal with. Especially about Paris.

So Anves arranged a female dwarf guide for Su Bai and the others.

The female dwarf was about thirty years old. Her skin was pale and she had long hair. She was a little over 1.2 meters tall and had a faint smile on her face.

It made people feel close to her at a glance.

Su Bai asked, “Could you tell us what happened to this city? It’s a capital city after all, right? Except for the size, this capital can’t be compared to Heavencraft City!”

Luna seemed to have been prepared for that question.

She led everyone on the street and explained, “Sir, you should know the name of this city, right?”

“I saw it when I entered the city. It’s called the First City.” Su Bai replied.

Luna said proudly, “Exactly. The meaning of this name is very simple. It’s the first city since ancient times!”

She dared to boast so loudly that everyone almost could not hold it in.

Everyone thought it was hard to believe that this was the first city since ancient times based on the garbage everywhere and the poor dwarves coming and going around.

Su Bai was curious as to why this city was qualified to be called by this name.

Luna led the crowd onto the Slime Train.

Arriving at the center of First City, the buildings here were obviously more magnificent than those outside.

Still, the scale was very small. It occupied less than one-twentieth of the land in First City.

“Please look over there,” said Luna. She pointed to the central building, “This is the heart of the city. It’s called the Heavenly Stairway!”

Looking at the building that had reached a height of more than 300 meters, it was indeed magnificent.

What was even more unbelievable was that the top of the Heavenly Stairway was still in an unfinished state.

Hundreds of construction workers were working hard

“This building isn’t finished yet?” Su Bai asked.

“Yes, it will take at least a hundred years to build it,” Luna replied.

“That’s a very long time!”

Su Bai frowned and looked at the top of the building.

It was the same for the others.

They were more and more interested in the mysterious First City. The buildings on the ground were so poor, but they still built marvelous buildings.

There was an old saying amongst the humans that the dwarves did not know. Wonders ruin the country.

Everyone’s eyes were filled with surprise.

Luna stopped talking in riddles and explained, “We are currently located in a corner of First City.”

“Are you saying that there is more about the First City?”

Luna pointed underground and said, “That’s right! The cities on the surface are just places where civilians live. The real First City is under our feet. In the future, it will be above our heads!”

Luna’s words showed that the dwarves had infinite ambition.

No wonder the building was called the Heavenly Stairway.

Lu Le and the others were dumbfounded. They had never thought that the dwarves would be so whimsical.

They wanted to create a man-made sky city that belonged to this world.

Although it was hard to imagine, the dwarves who had advanced alchemy might actually be able to achieve it.

Su Bai could not help but sigh. Anyone who could occupy a place in this world was not easy to deal with.

Then, Luna led everyone to a hotel and was done arranging their room cards.

“It will take two days to go through the procedures to enter First City.”

“If you need any help, you can come to me anytime,” said Luna with a smile.

Then, Luna left the hotel in a hurry.

Su Bai and the others could not stay idle either. They walked around First City on the ground.

They found that it was indeed the slums of First City. There was almost no place worth visiting.

The dwarves who lived here were of low status.

Their clothes were patched up, and they do not look as strong as normal dwarves.

What was worth mentioning was that the dwarves did not react to Su Bai’s arrival as if they had seen it many times.

“This place is really boring. It’s far worse than Heavencraft City,” said Lu Le as he shrugged. He took a sip of the strange drink that he had just bought. Then, he spat it out. “Ugh…What is this? It’s so bitter!”



At that moment, Bing Qingqing pointed at the southwest sky and said, “Looks like there’s a sandstorm coming.”
Everyone looked up and saw a gust of sand.

Soon, an alarm sounded in First City.

The dwarves on the street put down their work and hid in their houses, closing their doors and windows. Their movements were very skillful.

Even the construction workers on the Heavenly Stairway evacuated.

It seemed that sandstorms were not rare in the First City.

Su Bai and the others did not dare to be careless and immediately rushed back to the hotel.

Coincidentally, they bumped into Anves, who had just returned.

Anves said with a bright smile, “I heard from Luna that you’ve already walked around outside. What do you think of First City?”

Lu Le and the other Beastmasters were speechless. They could not think of anything else after seeing the surrounding area was filled with slums.

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