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Chapter 33

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Bearen With Lightning Armor vs. The Strongest Beast Among Sophomores

Liu Yiyi, who assumed heavy responsibilities and acted seriously on the team, had a devil’s face in private.

“Students who are registering, get ready!”

Li Heng had already started to maintain the scene.

The venue of the battle was the field in the encampment.

Soon, the first pair of students entered the arena and summoned their Beasts.



The slender Barrapup faced the stout Lunarcan.

Based on both Beast’s appearances, it was enough to make most people think highly of Lunarcan’s performance.

“It’s hard to say. Barrapup’s level is slightly higher. It’s at Mid-6 Iron level.”

“Indeed. Although Lunarcan has the advantage of size, its level is slightly lower.”

“I’m also optimistic about Lunarcan!”

“Same here.”

Obviously, none of the sophomores present believed that body size was everything.

Even an ant the size of a grain of rice, can kill a giant elephant in the face of an absolute level gap.

An intense battle had officially begun.

In the early stages, Barrapup relied on the advantage of its agility and constantly circled around Lunarcan.

When an enemy advanced, it would retreat. When the enemy retreated, it would advance.

In the end, Lunarcan lost its rationality and started to attack without care.

However, Barrapup was not inferior to Lunarcan in terms of strength.

After a few rounds, Barrapup made Lunarcan lose its ability to fight and won the battle.


Barrapup stood proudly in the center of the arena, and its Beastmaster announced excitedly that he had won!

The second round’s situation was even faster than the first.

The match ended with absolute strength.

Then comes the third match… The fourth, fifth, and so on until the final match.

“Su Bai, Lei Li, you’re up!” Li Heng shouted.

Su Bai walked out of the crowd and immediately attracted the students’ attention.

“I remember that guy was in the limelight the day before yesterday!”

“Tsk, it’s just a hot pot. You speak as if you can’t afford it.”

“Can you afford it now?”

“Uh … I can’t.”

“There’s nothing to see in this battle. We all know about Lei Li’s Beast.”

“That’s right. Lei Li’s Gorberserk is the strongest offensive Beast in our class. One punch and it can make a big hole in the ground.”

The sophomores knew each other better, especially a famous person in the class like Lei Li.



Gorberserk, released by Lei Li, pounded its chest with its huge fists and roared.

It was even more imposing than the Beasts in the previous battles.

“Bullying a freshman?”

Lei Li looked at Su Bai not far away and squinted his eyes with a disdainful expression.

Lei was one the most outstanding sophomores in the academy.

His Beastmaster talent was a B-level Enhancer, Double Attack!

The most direct way to increase one’s strength could be said to be one of the most practical talents in the academy.

In addition, Gorberserks were known for their powerful attacks.

Both Lei Li and Gorberserk were very compatible.

They received the praise of many teachers and students.

“You’re no match for me. The catacomb isn’t a place you should go either. It’s better to admit defeat earlier.” Lei Li said with a serious expression.

Lei Li said with a serious expression.

In his eyes, a mere freshman coming to the Wilderness to train was a whimsical thought.

Plus, they were heading to the more dangerous catacomb.

Su Bai smiled and said, “Thank you for your concern. I don’t want to give up yet.”

Liu Yiyi had already informed Su Bai of the situation before he went on stage.

Although Gorberserk’s attacks were powerful, its movements were clumsy, and its level was only Mid-7 Iron.

On the other hand, Liu Yiyi had seen Bearen before.

Whether Bearen was for attack or defense, it could handle both.

Theoretically, as long as Bearen dodged Gorberserk’s attack, it could use its advantages and the other party’s shortcomings to contend with it.

However, what Liu Yiyi did not know was that Bearen’s defense was stronger than she had imagined.

Bearen’s A-level skill, Lightning Armor, significantly boosts its defense.

Bearen, who already had thick skin, became even more arrogant.


Bearen was summoned from the Sigil. It had just woken up and was yawning.

The surrounding students saw that and thought Bearen was quite cute.

However, Gorberserk appeared to be more powerful and fierce in comparison.

Both sides were ready.

“Begin!” Li Heng immediately said.

Lei Li immediately ordered Gorberserk to use Bide after Li Heng finished speaking. A faint light could be seen on its massive fist, which was constantly compressed.

It was like a barrel of explosives that could explode at any moment.

At the same time, Lei Li used his talent, Double Attack, shocking the students around him.

Going all out from the start, it seemed like Lei Li wanted to end the battle with one punch.


On the contrary, Bearen was uncharacteristically calm.

It seemed that Bearen had not finished absorbing the electric Beast core, but it should be almost done.

Su Bai chuckled. He communicated with Bearen through his mind and ordered it to use its skill, Lightning Armor.

In an instant, Bearen’s entire body was covered in electrical energy, forming an armor out of thin air.

Everyone was shocked.

“Wh-Wh-What is this skill? It’s so cool!”

“It’s so handsome!”

“Oh my God, it’s too awesome!”

The sophomores looked at Bearen with envy.

On the other side, Li Heng and the military’s eyes also lit up.

Li Heng was surprised and said, “Lei Li’s Bide and Double Attack from his talent are terrifying, but Su Bai’s Bearen’s skill is not bad either.”

“This year’s freshmen are really surprising.”

The soldier beside Li Heng asked in surprise, “He’s a freshman? Didn’t he just awaken his talent? How could he come to the Wilderness for training? ”

“Su Bai was recommended by the principal. He must have some outstanding qualities.” Li Heng smiled bitterly.

“Then do you think the other side is better?” the soldier asked.

“Let’s go with Lei Li. Although Bearen’s skill level is not low, it’s definitely not as good as Gorberserk’s level and experience.”

“I had the same thought.”

Skills could influence the outcome between Beastmasters, but not completely.

Therefore, the two were naturally more optimistic about Lei Li, who had the B-level talent, Double Attack.

On the stage, Gorberserk was already prepared.

Now, Gorberserk was waiting for Bearen to charge at it. As long as Bearen dared to go forward, Gorberserk will punch Bearen and kill it.

Lei Li was confident that Bearen would come forward.

If Bearen did not come forward, it was afraid, proving that this freshman was nothing special.

“Bearen, charge!” Su Bai ordered.

Bearen charged straight with its Lightning Armor at Gorberserk.


Bearen’s roars were accompanied by the rumbling thunder.

It was like a tank.

Gorberserk’s eyes were filled with mockery and contempt when he saw this.

It was as if victory was already in Gorberserk’s hands.

The distance between the two sides was less than half a meter the next moment. The Gorberserk’s fist was full of power and collided with Bearen’s Lightning Armor.


The sound of thunder reverberated throughout the entire area.

A blinding white light burst out.

The sophomores present were unable to look at the battle directly.

The one lying on the ground was not Bearen but Gorberserk!

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