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Chapter 34

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The Selection Is Finished

At that moment, Lei Li’s eyes were wide open, and his face was ashen.

The previously insufferably arrogant Gorberserk had actually lost consciousness and was lying on the ground in a coma.

In contrast, Gorberserk’s proud attack was laughable and weak in the face of Bearen’s gorgeous Lightning Armor.

The surrounding atmosphere fell into dead silence.

However, it soon caused a stir among the students.

“Lei Li … He actually lost?”

“Our class’s strongest attacker actually lost! That was a Double Attack talent plus Gorberserk’s skill, Bide!”

“Who is that freshman?”

“Don’t you care about that armor on Bearen?”

“That armor doesn’t look like a piece of equipment. It looks more like a skill.”

Everyone present had thought of Gorberserk using its strongest form to crush the situation.

They had never thought about it the other way around.

Not only was Bearen unscathed, but it defeated Gorberserk in one round!

“You’re really worthy of your reputation.” Liu Yiyi said as she covered her mouth in surprise like a frightened bunny.

Even though Liu Yiyi was mentally prepared, she didn’t think Lei Li would be so quickly taken care of.

On the other side, the leading soldier nodded slightly and praised, “This student’s Bearen is quite well trained.”

It wasn’t realistic to rely on skills alone to close the gap between level and talent.

So, in that leading soldier’s opinion, the key was Su Bai himself rather than the skill’s effect.

A Beastmaster converting all the resources to Bearen to the maximum was very rare.

“That’s right. A freshman possesses exceptional skill.” Li Heng was a little giddy. What was happening in front of him was completely unexpected.

“There will always be talented ones. The question is how far can he go.” the soldier chuckled.

Even if minor, the difference in talent between Beastmasters could result in a world of difference in results.

“Yup,” Li Heng smiled.

But after two or three days of observation, Li Heng had a good impression of Su Bai.

Su Bai had strength and a calm heart.

Despite his extraordinary abilities, he did not rush into the depths of the Wilderness on the first day.

Instead, Su Bai patiently killed the lower-level Beasts to practice.

He would never do that if he was like any other proud student.

They only felt that it would be a waste of their time.

Then the battles later basically didn’t have much suspense.

After defeating Lei Li, any student who went up against Su Bai would immediately raise the white flag and surrender.

They didn’t want their Beasts to get hurt for nothing.

It just so happened that Bearen was not interested in bullying noobs, so it went back into the Sigil to continue absorbing the electric Beast core.

The sky gradually darkened.

After a whole day of selection, five students were finally selected.

Su Bai and the other students stood before the soldier and started introducing themselves.

“I’m Li Yiming from second year’s Elite Class Three. My talent is B-level, Berserk!”

“I’m Chen Jing from second year’s Elite Class Two. My talent is B-level, Purify!”

“I’m Su Bai from first year’s Elite Class Two. My talent is B-level, Battle Up!

When it was Su Bai’s turn to introduce himself, the students around him showed surprised looks.

They had guessed the Beast’s skills earlier.

They even argued about Su Bai’s talent.

Some people guessed it was a rare special talent, which was why it could resist Lei Li’s Double Attack.

They didn’t expect Su Bai’s talent to be a Supporter!

Who could have expected this?

Supporters couldn’t provide help in combat between Beastmasters, so they were at a disadvantage.

“Not bad, you’re all talented that have emerged from your academy.” At that moment, the soldier also stood up and introduced himself, “I’m the captain of the Raging Fire Team, Lei Xing. I’ll also be your temporary captain.”

Everyone fell into shock and instantly looked at Lei Xing with eyes full of admiration.

“The Raging Fire Team?!”


“Lei Xing … I’ve heard of his name before!”

Soldiers usually wouldn’t reveal themselves to the public.

However, there would be some information that would leak out.

Among them, the Raging Fire Team was a representative that had gained some fame in recent years.

It was a new team that had only been in place for a few years. Still, under the leadership of Lei Xing, they had repeatedly received military honors.

Even in a certain operation, they had successfully completed the B-level mission and saved hundreds of civilians.

However, the more important information was that Lei Xing was only a Beastmaster of commoner origin.

He relied on his own efforts and reached a height many could not.

Not to mention that Lei Xing was in the prime of his life and still had a lot of room for improvement.

“It’s just an undeserved reputation.” Lei Xing saw the students’ reactions and chuckled, “You still have a long way to go. This experience is rare, so you must grasp it well.”

“Yes, sir!” everyone said in unison.

Learning from such an encouraging Beastmaster was a rare opportunity that many people could only dream of.

At the same time, Li Heng also came with Liu Yiyi.

As the internally chosen candidate, Lei Xing had no objections.

Lei Xing announced in front of everyone, “Everyone, get yourself ready. We’ll set off immediately after dark.”

“Captain, isn’t it more dangerous to set off at night? Why didn’t you wait until dawn?” a student asked curiously.

In the academy’s training rules, it was clearly prohibited for students to move around at night.

However, the mission was designed to take place at night.

Li Heng’s mouth twitched when he heard that. He didn’t dare to look Lei Xing in the eye.

This was a typical example of someone who was a bookworm and didn’t know how to be flexible.

A student from an academy couldn’t be compared with a proper Beastmaster soldier.

“Hehe, that’s a good question.” Lei Xing didn’t mind at all. He chuckled, “The Beasts are more active at night. The academy has also taught you about this.

“To spend a safe night in the wild, we must avoid these Beasts.

“But our goal this time is not to let you all pass the night safely. Instead, we are going to take the initiative to find our target.

“The more active the Beasts are, the more information we will get. That is our goal.”

The other students also had doubts about that, but they immediately understood after getting the answer.

As expected, students were students. Their perspective was far less profound than that of soldiers on the battlefield.

“Are there any other questions?” Lei Xing asked.

Su Bai raised his hand and said, “I do.”

“Let’s hear it,” said Lei Xing. Seeing it was Su Bai, Lei Xing immediately became interested.

Lei Xing had looked up Su Bai’s information and discovered that he and Su Bai were also commoners.

Lei Xing remembered that he was far inferior to Su Bai now.

“I want to know, has anyone evaluated the danger of this operation?” Su Bai asked.

All the students present were stunned.

It wasn’t that the question was strange but that they had never thought about it.

“Impressive. On their first operation, many people don’t consider things as carefully as you do,” said Lei Xing. A smile rose slightly on his face as he praised Su Bai.

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