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Chapter 37

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A Surprise Attack From the Irascible Devibats

“The catacomb is filled with unknowns. Everyone, don’t be too far apart. Liu Yiyi, you have to pay attention to them!” Li Heng said to Liu Yiyi solemnly, “If something unexpected happens, stay where you are and use your Beasts to protect your life.”

“Yes, Mr. Li!” Liu Yiyi nodded.

The other students also took their teacher’s words to heart, but that was all they did.

In the Wilderness previously, that training was only an appetizer.

The actual training had just begun.

“They looked decent, but I’m afraid that’s all they are.” Bing Mengqi, who was following behind them, shook her head secretly. From her perspective, this group of students was unorganized and undisciplined.

Before Li Heng advised his students, a few fell behind from time to time.

Even after Li Heng advised, they only became slightly better.

If they were in the army, they would have been scolded and thrown into the Wilderness to start the hell training.

At the same time, Lei Xing had already led his team into the catacomb.

The others followed behind.

At that moment, the sounds of battle could be heard from the front.

Everyone immediately perked up.

However, most of the students were still undisciplined.

“Look at your cowardly face. Lei Xing is in front of us. What are you afraid of?”

“That’s right. Didn’t we say it before we set off? It’s just a C-Class danger zone.”

“But that’s just a hunch…”

“Shut up!” Li Heng looked at the group of students under him. His eyes were full of helplessness. He knew that he couldn’t change their minds in a short time. He could only warn them, “If you want to chat, get back to the camp.”


An angry howl came from the front.

The people who were more than ten meters away could still feel the residual power.

Standing in front, Li Heng realized something was wrong and shouted, “Something’s wrong. Everyone, prepare for battle!”

The next second, more than a dozen Devibats rushed out.

Li Heng immediately released his Beast, Moonguar, to attack the Devibats with its sharp claws.

However, there were too many of them, and the passageway was too narrow. There was no way to intercept them all.

The students hiding behind them saw an opportunity to show off, so they impatiently commanded their Beasts.

“Barrapup! Attack the Devibats!”

“Arcaneger charged now!”

The sound of a ruckus resounded throughout the entire catacomb in an instant.

It was like a wet market.

“What a bunch of trash!” When Bing Mengqi saw this, she was so angry that she directly cursed, “In such a narrow space, they are actually fighting to be the first to attack.”

As expected, the students’ Beasts were in a mess before they could even start attacking.

Some of them even accidentally injured their allies.

Seeing that the situation was starting to turn for the worse, Bing Mengqi couldn’t sit still and prepared to make a move.

“Hmm? There are still some worthy students.”

At that moment, Bing Mengqi was attracted by two figures in the corner.

“Su Bai, pay attention to the front. Leave it to me.” Liu Yiyi hugged Illucub and complained, “This group can’t do anything right. Fortunately, we managed to pull away in time.”

Suddenly leaving the team was a huge taboo for a team.

However, the situation was different now.

If they didn’t retreat in time, they might be dragged into it by some brainless guy.

“Alright, be careful.” Su Bai nodded while he stood in front of Liu Yiyi.

With Bearen in front of the two, it’s safe to say they’re safe.

As for the Devibats that were still attacking above their heads, they had to be dealt with in time.

Li Heng was already trying his best to clear out the Devibats.

But just as he finished cleaning up, a few more Devibats rushed over.

There must be something going on at Lei Xing’s side.

“We can’t wait any longer.” Su Bai frowned and started to think of a solution.

‘Blindly relying on others was the same as living and waiting to die.’ Su Bai thought.

He immediately opened the surrounding Devibats’ information panel.

Name: Devibats

Lineage: none

Level: Mid-5 Iron

Potential: Mid Bronze

Talent: Night Vision (Normal)

Skills: Sonic Wave (D-level), Pounce (D-level), Air Discharge (F-level) ”

Element: None

Their levels were not high, but their potential had reached Mid Bronze level!

It seemed that there was indeed a problem ahead.

“There’s something wrong with these Devibats,” said Su Bai.

Su Bai observed calmly and found that these Devibats were very irascible, different from ordinary ones.

‘Could it be because there were intruders?’ Su Bai thought.

Whatever happened, Su Bai had already grasped the information, so it was time to act.

“Whitey, it’s your turn,” said Su Bai.

Su Bai took Whitey from his shoulder and held it in his palm.

Whitey was also jumping around excitedly. It had been impatient to fight for a long time.


In an instant, Su Bai threw it in the direction of a Devibat.


Whitey’s sharp spikes struck out, instantly killing one. At the same time, it used that Devibat as a springboard to attack the other Devibats.


Crackantula has killed a Mid Iron level Devibat and gained ten experience points!


Crackantula has killed a Mid Iron level Devibat and gained ten experience points!

The system’s notifications kept ringing, and the kill rate was raised to the maximum.

At the same time, the noisy students had already suffered enough.

“F*ck, who didn’t look after their Beast just now? It bit my butt and made me bleed!”

“F*ck this group of Devibats. They actually threw their feces at me!”

“Everyone, calm down! Calm down!”

“Get your Beasts to protect you and stop attacking!”

After they managed to maintain order with great difficulty, the crowd was exhausted from shouting and all gathered together in a sorry state.

It was hard to imagine.

They were actually the people who had been selected from the training team.

He had strength, but he didn’t have any team spirit.

However, at this moment, a tiny white dot was jumping back and forth in the entire space.

Every time it jumped, it would take away the life of a Devibat.

“What’s that?!”

One of the students caught on and hurriedly shouted, “This can’t be a new vicious Beast, right? Everyone, be careful. This guy is much stronger than the Devibats!”

“Don’t attack it!” At the crucial moment, Liu Yiyi stopped the student in time and said, “This is Su Bai’s Beast. Don’t cause any more trouble!”

Hearing that, everyone’s tension was relieved.

At the same time, they found that Liu Yiyi and Su Bai were far away from the team and leaning against the wall.

They knew at a glance that they did that to escape this chaotic place.

The students’ faces immediately turned red with shame.

“That’s a Crackantula?” Seeing Su Bai’s Beast, Bing Mengqi, who was about to attack, was slightly surprised.

Bing Mengqi murmured, “I didn’t expect this place to have such a high-level Beast. I was wrong.

“Among a bunch of trash, there are still two students worthy of praise.”

The two students Bing Mengqi was talking about were Su Bai and Liu Yiyi.

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