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Chapter 51: 51 The First Mission

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51 The First Mission

Most importantly, the Tygras had the best reputation in the youth training camp.

The members would not discriminate against each other because of their commoner status. They were more of a group of brothers.

Truthfully, Su Bai had even considered joining a team.

However, after much consideration, he decided to try acting alone.

The biggest reason was a team is required to accept a mission.

The merit points gained would be divided equally, causing one’s progress of earning merit points to be delayed several times.

Each of them only had half a year, which was rather tight, and that was indeed the case.

Many people in the youth training camp chose to be lone rangers or just join some small teams.

Although completing the mission was slower, the proportion of merit points that could be gained from the mission was higher.

The sky was getting dark, and more and more people were gathering in the square. Many of them were newly joined members of the youth training camp.

Su Bai went back to the provided dormitory.


As soon as he opened the door, he heard the sharp sound of the door in a state of unrepair.

The entire door was made of wood.

As soon as Su Bai entered the room, he could smell the rotten stench, and inside the room was a mess.

“I’ll just make do with it on the first day.” Su Bai consoled himself with a bitter smile.

‘It was a single room, after all, so it was not a problem to endure it for a day.’

After releasing Bearen from the Sigil, it immediately began to look for the charging port. It seemed that after enduring for a day, it was quite hungry.

But Bearen couldn’t find it after searching for a long time. Finally, it turned around and looked at Su Bai confusedly.

“There’s no charging port here,” said Su Bai. He shrugged helplessly and explained, “Don’t worry, we’ll rent another room tomorrow. It’s just for tonight.”

Hearing that, Bearen lowered its head like a wronged child.

Those who didn’t know would think it was crying from being wronged.

But it was only for a short while. Very quickly, like a naughty child, it recovered.

Su Bai didn’t take a shower because there wasn’t any shower room. He just lay on the bed and slept.

The next morning, as Su Bai had just gotten up and washed up, there was a knock on the door.

When Su Bai opened the door, it was Liu Yiyi, who was smiling.

“Hehe, your beautiful upperclassman brought you good news. Do you want to hear it?”

“Oh? Tell me about it.”

“I found a great party. You can get 150 merit points every day. How about it? Do you want to try?” Liu Yiyi said proudly.

After all, Liu Yiyi knew that getting 100 merit points per day for a new member was already a very good treatment.

And she could guarantee Su Bai 150 battle merits.

That was already considered a very good treatment for newcomers. Others might not even get it even if they wanted it.

“I’ll pass for now.” Su Bai shook his head. “I plan to act on my own first.”

Hearing that, Liu Yiyi’s smile froze.

She didn’t expect Su Bai to be more daring than she had imagined. He had the guts to do a task alone when he just arrived.

But considering Su Bai’s strength and character, it was not something new.

Although it was difficult for a new recruit to survive in the youth camp, it was not impossible.

Taking on low-level missions in the early stages wasn’t a big problem. The real problem was efficiency.

For example, an experience youth training member could complete ten low-level daily missions.

Without experience, a newbie could only complete three low-level missions a day.

In terms of efficiency, it could be said that one was crushed!

One could only gain 30 points from the three low-level missions, which was not enough to guarantee to pass a day.

“Then you better look after yourself. If you changed your mind, I could still bring you along,” Liu Yiyi pouted and said.

“Alright,” Su Bai said.

Then, after Liu Yiyi left, Su Bai washed up and immediately went to the place where he could take the mission.

However, before Su Bai could enter, he saw the small room was overcrowded, so it was difficult to even take a step.

“Stop squeezing! Don’t push!”

“Hell yeah! Seven, you must get a mission! Our hope is on you!”

“It’s like a war every morning. When will it end?”

“Stop pushing from behind! Anymore pushing will turn us into a meat patty!”

“I’m new here. You guys are…”

The scene was chaotic. Everyone was used to it, but the newbies were dumbfounded while looking at the crowd. They didn’t know what to do.

“Phew…” Su Bai took a deep breath and rushed into the crowd without hesitation.

It was as if everyone was in a supermarket with discounts, fighting for things like the old folks.

The youth training camp was filled with intense competition, and it was vividly reflected at that moment.

The mission wasn’t even started yet, and it was already challenging.

Su Bai squeezed through the crowd and was sweating all over his head. Finally, he reached the mission list. He quickly glanced over and accepted a mid-level mission with a low reward.

Mission: Hunting Demon Chimps

Difficulty: Medium

Reward: 20 merit points

Target: Kill 10 Lower-Bronze Demon Chimps. Bring their bodies back to the Mission Office. Two merit points for each of their Beast-cores.

Looking at the mission description, Su Bai could get 20 merit points with an additional 20 merit points.

However, once understood, one would realize how bad it was!

A Lower-Bronze Beast-core could be sold for at least five merit points!

If Su Bai submitted the mission directly, he would only get two merit points!

With Su Bai’s skill in extracting the Beast-cores, he would not turn in the mission directly.

“Su Bai?”

After leaving the devilish mission board, Su Bai had just taken a few steps when he met Li Xin, who was about to leave.

Li Xin was about to pick up a new batch of youth training members. He looked at the mission in Su Bai’s hand with interest.

In the end, Li Xing was shocked.

“Y-You’re going to challenge a higher difficulty level? Didn’t anyone tell you that starting from the most basic mission is best?” Li Xin’s mouth twitched.

“It’s not a bad idea to try it,” said Su Bai.

“This isn’t a matter of suffering a loss, it’s…” just as Li Xin was about to speak, he remembered that he couldn’t interfere too much in the youth training, so he could only helplessly say, “It seems like you don’t have any teammates. Just be careful. Don’t get injured because of this mission. It’s not worth it.”

“I know what to do.” Su Bai replied.

Su Bai had thought it was just a normal warning, but he sharply noticed that Li Xin’s expression was a little strange.

Su Bai had a pretty good impression of Li Xin.

‘Since he didn’t point it out, it meant that there was something he couldn’t tell me. Then I won’t ask about it.’

This was Su Bai’s first mission, so there was no problem with being cautious.

Before he sets off, Su Bai saw Liu Yiyi following three other people. They had also taken a mission. However, it was a low-grade mission.

He also saw Liu Yiyi following three other people. They had also received a mission, but it was a low-level mission.

“Su Bai, you accepted a mid-level mission?” Liu Yiyi covered her mouth in surprise.

When the man beside Liu Yiyi heard that, he immediately sneered and mocked, “Another guy who’s not afraid of death has come. He really thinks he can get through this.”

That man was Liu Yiyi’s senior, and they had known each other in school. He was also one of Liu Yiyi’s pursuers.

However, the two of them weren’t very familiar with each other. The one who was really familiar with Liu Yiyi was that man’s sister.


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