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Chapter 63: 63 Killing Wantonly With the Power of Thunder!

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63 Killing Wantonly With the Power of Thunder!

Name: Iron Ant

Potential: Upper Bronze

Level: Upper-9 Iron

Nature: Bloodthirsty

Element: Earth

Talent: None

Skills: Brute Force (C-Level), Earthen Shield (C-Level)

Su Bai checked on the Iron Ants’ information and got the details.

The Iron Ants were low-level and weak.

However, there were so many of them that the best way was to clear a few of them and run. They definitely could not be surrounded by them, as once the Iron Ants surrounded them, it would be even more difficult to break through.

For example, the Green Deer was now surrounded by the Iron Ants and was suppressed to the point where it could not move.

The bespectacled youngster wanted to cry but had no tears. He had called out for help but no one responded.

He had to pay the price for his rashness.

Su Bai wasn’t in a hurry to attack.

The ruins were unpredictable, and something unexpected could happen at any time. If other dangerous Beasts were lurking around, Su Bai would not be able to deal with them easily.

In the face of the Iron Ants, the other members of the youth training all huddled together to protect themselves, not daring to step forward to fight.

They watched as the Green Deer was devoured by the Iron Ants.

Su Bai was sure that there were no other dangerous elements around.

“Bearen, come out!”


Bearen was released from the Sigil. It sensed the danger immediately and roared angrily.

Five of the surrounding Iron Ants noticed it.

It immediately brandished its sharp teeth and stared at Bearen, treating it as its new prey.

Immediately, they gathered together and rushed over.

“Bearen, finish them off.” Su Bai ordered. Bearen immediately waved its thick claws and slapped.

Su Bai ordered. Bearen immediately waved its thick claws and slapped.


The palm hit one of the Iron Ants’ bodies and only made a muffled sound. The yellowish-brown internal organs of the Iron Ants that were hit splattered all over the place.

At the same time, another Iron Ant bit Bearen’s calf with its sharp teeth.

However, its thick fur prevented the Iron Ant’s attack to break through its defense, and Bearen didn’t even activate its Lightning Armor.

It was laughable.

Bearen’s palm landed, crushing the Iron Ant beside its feet.

The other three weren’t a problem either, and they were all killed in a moment.


Crackantula has killed an Upper-Iron level Iron Ant and gained 50 experience points!


Crackantula has killed an Upper-Iron level Iron Ant and gained 50 experience points!


Crackantula has killed an Upper-Iron level Iron Ant and gained 50 experience points!

Su Bai nimbly took out his Beast-core dagger and walked to the body, smoothly taking out the Beast-core.

‘As expected of a weapon made from Beast-cores. It was a hundred times sharper than the previous one!

‘With just a little bit of strength, the edge of the blade could extract a Beast-core like silk from a cocoon.’ Su Bai thought.

In this first battle, Su Bai had already understood the strength of the Iron Ants.

If it was someone else with a Beast meeting five Iron Ants, even if they could defend themselves, they would be chased to flee in a tangle.

Unfortunately for the Iron Ants, Bearen was originally known for its strength, and with its level and skills, it was even more powerful.

A few Iron Ants could not hurt Bearen at all.

Unless there were hundreds of them attacking at the same time, otherwise they would be killed if they attacked one by one.

“What the f*ck?!”

The crowd, who was more than ten meters away, saw this scene and immediately burst into vulgarities.

They didn’t expect Su Bai to be so fierce.

However, Su Bai was even more powerful than they had imagined. He had easily dealt with five Iron Ants in one round.

When the dissection was completed, Su Bai looked forward again.

As expected, the commotion here had already alerted the other Iron Ants. They abandoned the Green Deer’s corpse and turned around to attack Bearen.

“Bearen, use Lightning Armor and crush them!” Su Bai didn’t hesitate and asked Bearen to activate its skill.


The sound of thunder suddenly appeared. Bearen was like a sheep entering a pack of tigers, charging into the Iron Ants with the power of thunder.

In front of Bearen, the Beasts of the other members of the youth training were unimportant.

“That’s Su Bai!!!”

Finally, someone recognized Su Bai’s true identity.

Su Bai’s reputation had already spread like wildfire in the youth training camp in just two days. It wouldn’t be obvious if someone else summoned a Bearen, but that awe-inspiring Lightning Armor…

It was definitely Su Bai’s signature move.

At that moment, Su Bai was following Bearen, dissecting the Iron Ants in the wild with his Beast-core dagger.

Even though it was dangerous, Su Bai would not be seriously injured if attacked because the Iron Ants were nearby as he could share Bearen’s Lightning Armor.

At most, it was like being bitten by a puppy.

This was the conclusion Su Bai came up with out of curiosity.

“But it still hurts.” Su Bai looked at the two small bloody holes in his arms and smiled bitterly. “I’ll leave the fighting to Bearen and I’ll just clean up the battlefield.”

As Su Bai spoke, he suddenly felt something cold pressing against his neck.

Looking down, he saw that Whitey had already woken up. Seeing Bearen’s bloody battle, it was quite envious and wanted to join in.

Su Bai just stroked it with his fingers to comfort it. He didn’t agree with it.

One of the basic rules of a Beastmaster was to keep a Beast with them at all times in case of danger.

After about ten minutes, there were nearly a hundred dead Iron Ants on the ground.

Not only did Bearen not feel tired, but it also became more and more courageous as it fought, constantly releasing lightning strikes at the Iron Ants.

Su Bai laughed happily.

With so many Beast-cores, he would be considered wealthy if he exchanged them for merit points!

Only Whitey was lying on his shoulder gloomily. Its eight eyes were staring at Bearen, and its envy was undisguisable.

“Everyone, hurry and follow him!”

That group of youth training members could now on Su Bai and followed behind him.

The Iron Ants were originally difficult to deal with due to their numbers. With their strength, it would take a lot of time to completely break through them.

Perhaps they would still be here after the ruins were conquered.

Now that a person was leading the way, there was no reason to not follow.

Su Bai had taken all of the Beast-cores, but there were still pieces of the dead bodies.

Even though they were not as valuable as Beast-cores, they could still be exchanged for some merit points.

In just a short while, everyone’s pathetically small Beast Space was filled to the brim.

Then they looked at Su Bai with envy.

As for the bespectacled youngster, he had chosen to leave the ruins a long time ago.

After all, the Green Deer was his most powerful main Beast. Without the Green Deer, he had already thought of leaving the youth training camp, let alone the ruins.

In the blink of an eye, almost an hour had passed. Su Bai looked at the small mountain of Beast-cores in his Beast Space and felt very happy.

However, as they left the Iron Ants’ nest, the group came to a cliff.

On the edge of the cliff, there was a bronze gate that was similar to the entrance.

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