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Chapter 67: 67 Charge Forward With the Lightning Armor

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67 Charge Forward With the Lightning Armor

“We’ll see about that.” Su Bai smirked and said calmly. “Maybe this is my victory spot.”

Hearing that, everyone was slightly stunned.

Everyone didn’t expect Su Bai to have such a big mouth, daring to say that the rainforest was his victory spot in front of the soldiers.

Su Bai was clearly trying to show off in front of them!

“You have guts!”

Chen had a careless personality. Not only was he not displeased by this, but he also continued to praise, “I like straightforward guys like you. I’m looking forward to your performance.”

The group had been observing the rainforest for a while. The Beasts that appeared here were a type of mosquito.

Unlike ordinary mosquitoes, their bodies would emit lightning to paralyze their targets. Then they would slowly devour the target’s blood.

Name: Thunder Mosquito

Potential: Lower Bronze

Level: Mid-4 Bronze

Nature: Cunning

Element: Thunder

Talent: Low-level thunder element

Skills: Lightning Strike (C-Level), Air Dash (C-Level), Thunder Lock (D-Level)

After reading the information, Su Bai knew what to do.

As for the soldiers, they were slowly moving forward.

To them, mere Bronze-level Beasts were no match for them.

But, the biggest problem was the environment.

There were many trees in the rainforest, and many of them were poisonous. It was necessary to be careful to prevent any accidents.

If one wasn’t careful, one would be attacked by the Thunder Mosquitos hiding behind the trees, and one’s body would be numb for a while, which would delay the time.


Chen removed a Beast-core long knife from his waist and instantly killed a Thunder Mosquito. Then he complained, “This is most annoying, always using sneak attacks.

“I really don’t know what the higher-ups are doing. They handed this kind of ruins to those guys in the youth training.”

Hearing that, Long laughed bitterly. He was already used to Chen’s complaints.

“By the way, where’s that guy?” Chen looked back to see what Su Bai was doing.

Chen was still a regular soldier. He would not ignore the students even if they were competitors in the ruins.

However, the moment Chen looked over, he was shocked.


Bearen roared. Su Bai jumped on its shoulder and ordered, “Use Lightning Armor and charge!”

Immediately, Bearen put on the Lightning Armor and took a big step toward the rainforest.

Su Bai and Bearen charged way ahead of Chen and the others in less than a few seconds.

The five people were shocked and confused.

Never in their dreams did they expect that Su Bai was not only fierce in his words but also so bold in his actions. He even dared to ignore the potential danger and directly rush in!

“Is that guy crazy?! No, that’s not right. That bear is also of the thunder element, and it even has a defensive skill!” the young girl said in surprise.

Bearen’s Lightning Armor was so dazzling that it could not be ignored.

That was why Su Bai dared to be so bold.

The Thunder Mosquito’s attack was to release lightning to paralyze the target. So against Bearen of the same element, the effect was reduced by 50%.

However, with the enhancement of the Lightning Armor, the effect was reduced even more.

Su Bai was riding on Bearen, its skin covered with a thin layer of Lightning Armor.

It would not be a problem for them to cross the rainforest.

“Chen, why are you blushing?” Long teased. “What did you say to him just now? It seemed like… something about your victory spot?”

Chen’s face turned even redder, and his blush extended to his ears.

Especially when he remembered how he had praised Su Bai as a senior not long ago.

“Why are you still standing there? If we don’t leave now, we’ll fall behind,” the young girl said anxiously.

Hearing that, everyone who was teasing began to recover.

They immediately picked up their pace and kept going, but they were far slower than Su Bai.

There was no trace of Su Bai in front of them. They could only see the startled Thunder Mosquitos flying around and staring at them.

Five minutes later, the five of them had walked quite a distance, but they still didn’t see Su Bai.

“He’s so fast.” Chen’s mouth twitched. “It seems like he’s a tough one. Let’s not go easy on him. We’ll use our full strength on the next floor!”

“I’m just here to relax, don’t bring me along.”

“You’re probably the only weirdo in the military camp trying to compete with a student.” the other two soldiers laughed.

“I don’t care. I like that guy’s personality but I can’t afford to lose face!”

“It’s already embarrassing enough. There’s nothing to lose.”

A few of them chimed in one after another, shutting Chen up.

Chen felt bitter in his heart. ‘Are you Su Bai’s teammates or my teammates? Why are you always helping outsiders?’

At that moment, there was a sudden rustling sound from the nearby grass. Everyone immediately restrained themselves and prepared for an attack.

But to their surprise, it was Su Bai riding on a Bearen.

“What’s wrong, kiddo? Are you lost? If you want us to take you out, just say the word. There’s nothing to be ashamed of!” Chen cried tears of joy.


Su Bai was confused by Chen’s sudden words. He shook his head and smiled, “Thank you for your kindness. I was just answering nature’s call. It’s already been resolved.”

Hearing that, Chen, who had just gotten excited, felt down again.

“Haha, kiddo, don’t bother about him. He just wants to save face. Hurry up and go to the next floor. Chen is going to get anxious,” Long laughed.

“Thank you, everyone. I’ll take my leave first.” Su Bai didn’t refuse and left the crowd’s sight again.

“Long, it’s not good for us to keep running on Chen, right?” the girl asked resentfully after seeing Su Bai leave.

“Don’t worry. Chen is a big-hearted person.” Long didn’t care.

Sure enough, in the next second, Chen’s face suddenly changed, and he said to everyone seriously, “I can’t hold it in anymore. We can’t continue to wallow like this. We have to seize the time to explore the ruins.

“As a soldier, I must set an example for the students. Otherwise, how can I win the hearts of the people?”

“Let’s go. Move, move, move!”

With that said, Chen cut off the vines blocking his way.

They charged forward with their Beasts as if they were on steroids.

“See. You won’t be able to find another soldier in the entire military camp who can be so shameless and still speak so righteously.” Long smiled at the young girl.

The young girl had obviously just joined the team not long ago. Seeing such a weirdo, she couldn’t help but voice up.

On the other hand, Su Bai was charging around on Bearen.

He did not even look at the Thunder Mosquitos along the way.

The biggest threat to him now was not the Beasts but the soldiers behind him.

Su Bai was still the best among his peers, but it didn’t mean he was the best in front of official soldiers.

Therefore, Su Bai had to seize the time and create a chance for himself to win.

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