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Chapter 80: 80 Pitiful Little Trick

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80 Pitiful Little Trick

The arrow was definitely aimed at Su Bai’s head and tried to kill him in one shot.

The arrowheads were made of Beast-core, and their purity wasn’t high. They were only of the Iron-level.

However, once the arrow pierced the head, it would also be certain death!

Just thinking about it made Su Bai anxious, and anger rose in his heart.

That’s why he was constantly warned that his own kind was sometimes more ruthless than the Beasts.

The person who had just shot out the Beast-core arrow in the forest was surprised. He sighed, “The participants for the military selection this year are not bad. He has an agile Beast to protect them.

The arrows he shot out were far less potent than the attacks of the Beasts.

However, it was more than enough to deal with humans.

Gu Lin was a professional mercenary who spent most of his time in dangerous areas like Area B1.

Countless lives were lost in his hands; some were soldiers.

“Gu Lin, you missed?” the other mercenaries were amazed. “Didn’t we figure out that kid’s identity? He’s just a participant in the military selection.

“That kid is impressive. I thought he only had a bear,” Gu Lin said with a smile. “It turns out he still has a trick up his sleeve.”

Although Gu Lin had alerted the enemy and the sneak attack had not succeeded, he was still fearless.

After all, Su Bai wasn’t even an official soldier and had no companions.

In addition, killing and robbing happened every day.

At that moment, they were determined to take Su Bai’s gains today.

They only found Su Bai’s trace halfway through and figured out Bearen’s level. They guessed that it was at the Mid-Bronze level.

Bearen was to be able to keep the Waterchimps at bay.

However, one of the characteristics of Bearen was its outstanding strength.

It just so happened that the Waterchimps were most afraid of purely physical damage.

Therefore, Gu Lin was sure that Bearen’s level wasn’t high.

“Come on, he’s just a participant and a spoiled brat. Looks good but is useless,” the man said disdainfully.

“No matter how useless he is, he’s still a Bronze-level Beastmaster.”

“You speak as if I’m not!” The man was so angry that he said coldly, “If I had enough resources, I would have broken through to Silver-level long ago!”

Gu Lin smiled but said nothing when he heard that.

Mercenaries were like that. They looked like ruthless people who were paid to do things.

In reality, however, they were at the lowest level of existence among the Beastmasters.

Even the adventurers had their own associations.

As for the mercenaries, whenever they show their faces, they would be despised by everyone.

“It’s coming.”

At that moment, the third mercenary reminded, “The soldiers have been coming in and out of this place quite frequently. Let’s end the battle quickly. My Beast is also a strength-type Beast. Leave it to me.”

Then, he rushed out of the forest with his Beast and met with Su Bai’s Bearen.

“So you have decided to reveal yourself?”

Su Bai looked at the mercenary in front of him indifferently.

At the same time, he was observing his Beast, the Drakocroc. Its colossal body was three meters long, and the scales on its back were straightened up.

The dense rows of sharp teeth made people shiver when Drakocroc opened its mouth.

Name: Drakocroc

Level: Upper-7 Bronze

Potential: High Bronze

Talent: Intermediate Strength (Great)

Element: None

Nature: Ferocious

Skills: Death Roll (B-Level), Deterrent (D-Level), Water Arrow (D-Level)

After reading Drakocroc’s info, Su Bai was clear that it wasn’t strong enough to threaten Bearen.

Su Bai had only to be wary of its B-Level skill, Death Roll, and mustn’t be hit by it.

It was a crocodile under normal circumstances, and its bite force was extremely terrifying. Coupled with Death Roll, it could tear apart the body of any living creature.

Even though Bearen was protected by its Lightning Armor, he couldn’t afford to be careless.

“Kid, you’re quite strong, but unfortunately…” the mercenary revealed a sinister sneer. He said, “If you had died honestly, you wouldn’t have felt any pain. It’s a pity that you didn’t know your own limits.”

Su Bai narrowed his eyes and said, “You talk too much. Bearen, attack!”


In an instant, Bearen charged toward Drakocroc.

The two were similar in size.

However, it was obvious that the Drakocroc wasn’t as agile as Bearen. Just as Drakocroc tried to dodge, the other party pressed its long, sharp mouth with a palm.

Crocodiles had a strong bite, but their strength was pitifully weak.

It was beyond Su Bai’s expectations to gain an advantage right from the start.

But the mercenary didn’t panic at all. He laughed and said, “Interesting. You don’t really think that the Drakocroc is good for nothing other than its strong bite, do you?”

“What else?” Su Bai shrugged his shoulders.

“Then I’ll let you experience it! Drakocroc, use Water Arrow!” the mercenary immediately ordered.

Drakocroc’s strength was in its B-Level skill, Death Roll. However, its weakness was also very obvious.

Thus, the mercenary spent a lot of effort to obtain the D-Level skill, Water Arrow, for Drakocroc.

Despite its low level, its purpose wasn’t to attack but to force the opponent to retreat!

The Water Arrow condensed in the air and landed on Bearen’s body. In an instant, it changed form and became as sticky as glue.

Bearen was hit, and its movements were restricted.

Su Bai, who was ready to deal with it, was stunned.

”What? At first, I thought it was just a D-Level skill and couldn’t possibly be a trump card. I must have misjudged it. Seems like I had overestimated the other party.’ Su Bai thought.

“Hehe, are you feeling scared now?” the mercenary stared at Bearen, gritted his teeth, and said in a low voice, “As long as you take a step back in fear, the Drakocroc can take the chance to bite you, and use Death Roll!”

Though Bearen’s fur was a little uncomfortable from the sticky water, it didn’t take a step back.

“Boring.” Su Bai sneered and shook his head.

Bearen was a Combative Beast. Even if a Beast was stronger than itself, it still had the desire to fight. It couldn’t possibly be scared off by such a low trick.

“Kill it!”

After receiving the order, Bearen’s other palm smacked Drakocroc’s head, and it only let out a resounding screech before dying.

Seeing that his Beast had died, the mercenary turned around and fled without hesitation.

These were the mercenaries who always worked all year round dangerously.

If it were any other ordinary Beastmaster, they wouldn’t be able to accept the death of a Beast they had carefully nurtured. Mercenaries weren’t so indecisive, however.

“There’s no escape.” Su Bai narrowed his eyes. He ordered, “Bearen, go after him and kill him!”

Bearen threw Drakocroc’s corpse to the side and immediately chased after the mercenary.

Mere human speed couldn’t be compared to Bearen’s, and it caught up instantly.


Suddenly, a loud shout was heard. Gu Lin led his men and rushed out of the forest.

But it was too late.

They watched helplessly as their companion was crushed by the giant bear’s claw, leaving behind a bloody mist.

Gu Lin’s face was livid. He looked past Bearen and stared at Su Bai.

“Don’t you understand that leaving a way out in the future is better?”

“I don’t need to understand it now.”

Su Bai noticed the longbow on Gu Lin’s back and knew who had shot the Beast-core arrow at him. He stated icily, “If one dies, it is only one. It doesn’t matter if three people die. You can all die alongside them!”


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