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Chapter 85: 85 Ambush from the Aureum Hound

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85 Ambush from the Aureum Hound

In the pitch-black Forest, a golden light flashed.

Bearen didn’t sense any hostility. But, the pressure it felt was tremendous.

Su Bai even felt a little scared. He had never experienced this before.

‘Who was it?’ Su Bai wondered. His eyes were wide open, and his first thought was to escape.

However, his intuition told him that if he moved one step now, there would only be one end, death!


A massive hound in gold slowly stepped out of the bush. Its golden eyes were fixed on Su Bai without any emotion.

The first thought that came to mind when Su Bai saw it was its dignified and beautiful figure.

There was golden light flickering around its body.

Name: Aureum Hound

Level: Lower-1 Silver

Potential: Upper Diamond

Nature: Cold

Talent: Golden Body (Outstanding)

Skills: Lightning Flash (A-Level), Firestorm (A-Level), Golden Up (B-Level)

Su Bai saw a lot of information about the Golden Hound while under duress and confirmed that the threat of death wasn’t from the Aureum Hound.

Its level was indeed higher than Whitey and Bearen, but the gap couldn’t be insurmountable.

Su Bai had seen all kinds of Beasts in the military. There were higher-level golden Beasts, but they weren’t that death-threatening.

Su Bai didn’t know who was giving out the death threat.

The only thing that was clear now was that the Aureum Hound had come with ill intentions.


Facing the enemy, Bearen roared again.

“Don’t move around!” Su Bai immediately stopped Bearen. He shouted, “I don’t know how I’ve offended you. Please show yourself!”

The Aureum Hound was not the source of the death threat, so there was only one possibility.

Su Bai was being watched.

However, after more than ten seconds, there was no reply from the other side.

But the Aureum Hound didn’t do anything, which confirmed Su Bai’s guess.

“Since you didn’t respond, I’ll take my leave.” Su Bai turned around and was about to leave.

However, the Aureum Hound used Lightning Flash the next second and blocked Su Bai’s way.

Obviously, that person had his eyes on Su Bai but was unwilling to show up.

“Sir…” Su Bai frowned.

After that, the Aureum Hound turned to look at Bearen and Whitey, letting out a series of provocative roars.

Bearen had a bad temper. Even if facing a higher-level opponent, it would not be afraid. It would fight if it could, not to mention a provocation.

“I get what you meant,” said Su Bai.

The other party hadn’t shown up for a long time, but the Aureum Hound didn’t allow them to leave. The intention was clear.

Su Bai didn’t hesitate anymore and ordered, “Bearen, use Lightning Armor and Thundergod Bracers!”


At the same time, Su Bai didn’t think that Bearen was enough to deal with the Aureum Hound of a higher-level, so he simply let Whitey equip with the Pear-Rose Thorn.

The Pear-Rose Thorn was a piece of equipment Su Bai had obtained while in the Wilderness.

Although it was very suitable for Whitey, the equipment was consumable. There would be fewer uses for it every time it was used.

Therefore, Su Bai was reluctant to use it during this time.

But in this situation, he had no choice but to go all out.


With a command, Bearen was the first to bear the brunt, and Whitey was on its shoulder, ready to support at any time.

Seeing that, the Aureum Hound’s expression finally changed.

The Aureum Hound had an outstanding talent, Golden Body. Its defense was almost at the top of its level and could weaken toxins and elemental damage.


In one round, Bearen’s thunder landed on the Aureum Hound, forcing the Aureum Hound to take a few steps back.

Even if its level was not high enough, it was still stronger than the Aureum Hound.

However, the Aureum Hound didn’t show any mercy. A flame appeared on its four paws, containing a massive amount of elemental energy.

Su Bai realized something was wrong with that energy.

“Bearen, back off! Whitey, hold it back!”

Immediately, Bearen pulled away from the Aureum Hound. Whitey approached the Aureum Hound, not to attack but to distract it.


The Aureum Hound’s attack was still too slow for Whitey.

However, the pressure was intense.

Every time the Aureum Hound’s claws wrapped in flames waved, a hurricane would sweep across, almost making Whitey lose its balance several times.

Fortunately, Whitey had the Extrasensory talent and dodged the attack by a hair’s breadth.

“As expected of a famous Beast.” Su Bai’s eyes flashed.

According to the records, the Aureum Hound was listed among the famous Beasts and ranked in the top 100.

However, Aureum Hounds were not rare.

In a school in Los Monstaria, at least a hundred students had an Aureum Hound as their Beast.

What was truly rare was the purity of the Aureum Hound’s bloodline.

The bloodline purity of the Aureum Hound in front of him was definitely high-grade.

“Whitey, fight it in close combat!”

If Whitey kept dodging, this battle would become a long one.

Whitey’s physical strength was not as good as Bearen’s, so it could not fight for long.

It had to take the initiative.

To be honest, Su Bai didn’t care about the Aureum Hound. The battle was still under control. What he really cared about was the person behind the scenes.

With that, Whitey finally began to fight back.

It dodged the Firestorm, and its sharp foot instantly landed on the Aureum Hound’s back, leaving a wound on the brilliant golden body.


The Aureum Hound was no longer calm. It tried to fight back with all its might.

However, there was still Bearen not far away, and if he was not careful, he would be struck by lightning.

A bear and a spider. The two Beasts cooperated well.

After a few rounds, the continuous accumulation of wounds caused the dignified Aureum Hound to look miserable.

“Sir, are you still not going to show yourself?” Su Bai shouted to the surrounding area again.

There was no response.

Su Bai clenched his fists and said with a trace of anger in his eyes, “Kill it!”

Whitey jumped up and charged at the Aureum Hound like a white bullet. Its sharp feet broke the golden skin on the Aureum Hound’s neck.

A blood mist filled the sky.

‘The next attack would be a fatal one!’ Su Bai thought.

Su Bai stood beside Bearen and watched nervously.

“Have mercy!”

At that moment, a deep male voice was heard.

Su Bai immediately called back Whitey to protect him.

“Not bad.”

In the pitch-black Forest, a middle-aged man slowly walked over and said, “Aureum Hound, thank you for your hard work.”

The Aureum Hound was recalled back to the Beast Space.

Seeing that, Su Bai became even more cautious.

A Beastmaster’s main Beast was usually placed in the Sigil, and the Aureum Hound was not that person’s main Beast.

“Kiddo, don’t be nervous. I’m also a soldier.”

The middle-aged man looked at Su Bai and smiled, “I’m the Commander of the Ninth Legion, Xu Chu.”

Su Bai was stunned for a second.

He didn’t expect that the people who attacked him were actually from the military.

And it was a commander!

“Greetings, sir. Have I offended you in any way?

“No, no, no, don’t take it to heart. We’re just sparring.”

Xu Chu’s face had various scars of various sizes, but he was a forthright man. He laughed and said, “I came to find you for no other reason than to invite you to join the ninth military.”

“Thank you for your good intentions, sir. But I had to refuse.”

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