Star Odyssey - Chapter 1820

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Chapter 1820

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Chapter 1820: Re-entering

There was no other choice. Lu Yin took care of the two people who had been willing to hunt down the ancient bloodlines for the Aeternals, as he had verified that the two were genuinely willing to cooperate with the Aeternals. He had no qualms about killing such people.

After that, he went to see Ku Lei and Lulu.

"What’s this?" Lulu exclaimed as she stared at Zenith Mountain. At the moment, it was only half a meter tall and it looked like a model of an actual mountain.

"There’s no other choice. If you don’t enter the mountain, you won’t be able to go back.” Lu Yin shrugged and then smiled at the two. "But the good news is that you don't have to be poisoned now."

Ku Lei arched a brow. "Why didn't you bring this up to begin with?"

Lulu also turned to look at Lu Yin. "Yeah! Couldn’t we have gone back by using this from the beginning?"

Lu Yin coughed. "Don't worry about the details. All you need to know is that you two can get back safely by using this. But!”

He eyed them both in a very serious manner. “It costs a great deal of resources to activate this Zenith Mountain. Do you understand?"

Ku Lei was completely lost.

Lulu just snorted contemptuously. "How much?"

Lu Yin looked at her with shining eyes. "A lot."

"How much is ‘a lot?’"

"How much do you have?"

Lulu instantly grew wary. "What are you talking about? Are you going to determine the cost of activating this thing based on how much I have? Lu Yin, don’t think I don’t know what you’re trying to pull! My Mavis family is wealthy, but that doesn’t mean that we can be frivolous with our spending!"

Lu Yin set a hand on Lulu's shoulder and said in a very serious tone, "I’m saving your life."

Lulu opened her mouth to retort but found that she actually did not have anything that she could say, as Lu Yin was absolutely correct. Without him, she would have already died. This thought made her feel a bit dejected. "I’ve got 20 million star essence on me at the moment."

The corner of Lu Yin's mouth twitched. He then thought of the funds that he had just acquired, and he realized that he was just wasting his energy on this nonsense. "Give me everything you have, but honestly, it's not enough."

Lulu felt frustrated at this. "How much do you need?"

Lu Yin snorted disdainfully. "These star essence are what determines the level of attacks that this thing can protect you from. 20 million star essence? It’s not even enough to activate the defenses."

He then glanced over at Ku Lei, who grew embarrassed. "I- I only have 10 million."

Lu Yin was left speechless. "Are you two really that broke?"

In reality, 30 million star essence was a large amount for anyone to possess, not to mention people like Ku Lei and Lulu who were not even Enlighters. This was actually a significant amount of money. The problem was that Lu Yin simply had too much at this moment, and almost everything paled in comparison to his over 30 billion star essence.

However, he did not mention anything about this to either of them, as he did not want to scare them. Also, Lu Yin was getting anxious to leave.

"By the way, I’m going to warn you that there are some other people already on Zenith Mountain, so get along with them and don’t start any fights. Otherwise, you’ll get hurt," Lu Yin cautioned as he threw Lulu and Ku Lei into Zenith Mountain.

There were already five people on Zenith Mountain: Long Xi, Wen Diyi, Crown Prince Gui Qian, Yun Tingting, and Liu Hao. Quite simply, all of them were much stronger than Lulu and Ku Lei.

While Zenith Mountain looked small, it was only possible to truly understand its massive size after entering the mountain, though both Lulu and Ku Lei were aware that this was the same mountain that ZENITH had taken place on.

Lu Yin sent Lulu to a place not far from Yun Tingting. Yun Tingting had a peaceful personality, and she would not do anything to Lulu.

On the other hand, Ku Lei was close to Crown Prince Gui Qian.

Ku Lei looked around the gloomy area that he had arrived at. It felt a bit cold.

"Who are you?" A low, disturbing voice spoke up. Naturally, it was Crown Prince Gui Qian.

Ku Lei frowned and looked around but found no one. He snorted derisively and opened a hand, causing lightning to shoot out in every direction. “Who are you? Show yourself!"

The lightning was powerful, and it erupted in all directions, but it instantly disappeared the moment it touched the death energy that suddenly appeared.

Ku Lei was startled. "Death energy? Someone from the Specter clan?"

Crown Prince Gui Qian opened his golden eyes and instantly appeared directly in front of Ku Lei. Their eyes locked, and a roar echoed through Ku Lei's brain as he was overcome by an uncontrollable fear.

Ku Lei was very powerful. He was one of the Seven Courts’ inheritors, and he had once been comparable to the Ten Arbiters even though he had recently been on a long losing streak. However, at the moment, Ku Lei was facing Crown Prince Gui Qian, who had already opened his lower meridian point. This person was even stronger than Ku Lei’s master.

Crown Prince Gui Qian, Long Xi, and Nong Sanniang were all about as strong as each other, and they far surpassed the Ten Arbiters, let alone Ku Lei.

Ku Lei was suppressed by the golden eyes. He tried to free himself with his nine lined battle force, but the death energy overpowered his battle force, and he found himself completely helpless to fight back.

"Who are you?" Crown Prince Gui Qian demanded. Despite completely suppressing Ku Lei, the prince was not overly ruthless with his actions. Anyone sent to Zenith Mountain was someone Lu Yin deemed valuable, so Crown Prince Gui Qian did not dare to push too far.

Ku Lei gritted his teeth. He did not dare to look back into those golden eyes. Sweat poured from his forehead as he gasped for air.

Lu Yin put Zenith Mountain away again. He had no worries about Ku Lei’s safety, as he knew that Crown Prince Gui Qian would not push too far. This was why Lu Yin had taken advantage of this opportunity to suppress Ku Lei.

Ku Lei was too arrogant and rash, and although Lu Yin was inclined to simply kill the man, he was still quite useful. He could be used as Lu Yin’s messenger to the Ku family to let them know that he possessed Extremes Must Be Reversed. On top of that, Ku Lei was someone who had refused to betray humanity even in the face of death. He had lines that he would not cross, and Lu Yin was forced to begrudgingly respect that.

The following day, Lu Yin arrived at the gate to Burial Garden at the scheduled hour.

He was not alone, as there was also Dojo Master Si and several Enlighters. Each person was someone at the cusp of becoming an Envoy, and they were all more than qualified to hunt down people with ancient bloodlines.

After a while, Yang Kong also arrived, and he started handing out communications crystals.

Lu Yin stared at the crystal in his hand, as these items were what the Perennial World used for communication, but surprisingly, he was looking at them in the Starfall Sea.

"What you’re all holding are called communication crystals, and you can use them to communicate with others while in Burial Garden. Gadgets don’t work in there," Yang Kong explained before instructing everyone on how to use the communications crystals.

Lu Yin followed along with the instructions while acting as though this was his first time using one of the crystals.

Soon, Yang Kong led everyone into the gate and into Burial Garden.

When entering Burial Garden, even if two people held hands, they would each appear in a random location.

This time, Lu Yin found himself in a wasteland. The moment he arrived, he found himself face to face with another person. They were actually less than a meter from each other.

The man stared at Lu Yin and absently blinked. "Um, hello."

Lu Yin stared at the young man. No, this was simply someone with a youthful appearance, but his eyes were too cloudy to belong to an actual youth.

"Hello," Lu Yin replied.

The man warily kept an eye on Lu Yin, and there was a hint of fear in his expression. Lu Yin’s withered appearance was just too disturbing. "Well, goodbye."

The man rushed off at top speed, and he even used a battle technique that caused the void to twist. The man’s actions were almost instantaneous.

Lu Yin smiled and stepped forward, disappearing from where he had stood. He immediately appeared in front of the fleeing man, once again less than a meter away.

The man came to a stop when he crashed into Lu Yin. His expression twisted terribly when he saw who was standing in front of him, and he instinctively clasped a weapon in his hand as he stared at Lu Yin. "Um, um, are you a wandering corpse?"

Lu Yin glanced around. "Where is this?"

The man swallowed. "I don't know. I'm also just passing through, so can you stop chasing me? I'm in a hurry."

"I also have something urgent that I need to take care of," Lu Yin replied in an indifferent tone.

The man grimaced. "Then why are you chasing me?"

"Because I want to know what’s been happening in Burial Garden recently," Lu Yin replied, still as calm as ever.

The man was startled by this. "Aren't you a wandering corpse?"

"Can a wandering corpse talk?" Lu Yin shot back.

"Yes! There've already been reports of a wandering corpse speaking!" the man exclaimed.

Lu Yin was taken aback by this. "Is there really a talking corpse?"

"That’s what they say."

Lu Yin kept the man pinned in place. "Come now, tell me what’s happened in Burial Garden recently."

The man realized that Lu Yin was insistent, and he did not even try to resist this powerhouse. He had realized how much stronger Lu Yin was just from the difference in their speeds. This person was an absolute monster. The man shrugged. "I don't know much."

"What do you know?" Lu Yin pressed.

Half a day later, the man fled as fast as he could.

Lu Yin was left thinking. Burial Garden had become increasingly active while he was in the Starfall Sea, mostly because many people with ancient bloodlines had entered and found various inheritances. Some other people had also seen Progenitor Chen, so it seemed that Lu Yin had not been mistaken; he really had seen Progenitor Chen in this place.

People with ancient bloodlines continued to pour into Burial Garden, and inheritances continued to appear. There were so many inheritances that experts continued to be lured into Burial Garden, which was also the reason why the Sixth Mainland’s Daosource Sect had been attacked.

There was one detail that greatly intrigued Lu Yin, as it concerned Unseen Light.

There were rumors that Unseen Light had picked up an inheritance and then managed to escape from a powerful Envoy, which had shocked countless people. This was the second time anyone had ever heard of an Enlighter confronting an Envoy and successfully escaping or fighting.

Lu Yin was naturally the first Enlighter who had fought an Envoy, and he had not even fled, but had rather defeated them.

Lu Yin was curious as to what sort of inheritance Unseen Light had picked up that could allow him to fight against an Envoy.

Lu Yin had encountered his own extraordinary opportunities to reach his current level of strength, and Unseen Light was steadily chasing after him. There was no way that Unseen Light was the only one either.

The communication crystal trembled, and an image appeared in the air in front of Lu Yin. "Lie Yanzi, where are you?"

"No idea. Where are you?"

Yang Kong replied, "We will each carry out the mission individually. Remember, the more you accomplish, the greater the rewards you’ll receive. You’ll be given endless resources for your efforts."

With that, the call ended.

Lu Yin sneered. Endless resources? There was no way he would believe that. In fact, he was not confident that he could satisfy his die even if he gathered up all the star essence in the entire Fifth Mainland.

What he needed to do was find an exit gate and leave Burial Garden.

Lu Yin chose a direction and started moving. He traveled in the same direction as the man who had just left. After all, Lu Yin had no idea where he should go, so he might as well follow that person.

In Blazing Mist Flowzone, at the Ross Empire’s mobile fortress, Wei Rong helplessly put down his gadget. "I still can't get in touch with him."

Qiong Xi'er was at the side, and she rolled her eyes. "If you can’t, then just forget about it. Wang Wen dug this hole himself, so he’ll need to dig himself out of it."

Wei Rong gave a small smile. "This isn’t guaranteed to be a disaster. It’s possible that another powerful Envoy might soon be added to our numbers."

Xia Yi was tied up beneath the fortress, and there was a spear piercing through his body, pinning him to a wall. His eyes were closed, and blood trickled down the spear.

At this moment, a figure emerged from the void and approached Xia Yi. “So the patriarch of the Seven Courts’ renowned Xia family is actually in this sort of state."

Xia Yi opened his eyes to reveal bloodshot sclera as he stared at the person who had just arrived. "Who are you?"

"Someone who’s going to help you."

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