Star Odyssey - Chapter 1855

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Chapter 1855

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Chapter 1855: Determination


Suddenly, the void distorted, and a long arrow sliced through space and stabbed straight into the middle of the astral beast’s head before exploding.

Half of the beast's body exploded, and it instantly perished. However, its body continued barreling forward due to its momentum.

Far off in the distance, Gong Ke lowered his hand. His eyes were cold.

Many other astral beasts swarmed towards Frostwave Weave after that, but all of them were killed at the border before they could enter the weave. All of them died to Gong Ke.

Eventually, some of the more powerful creatures who had destroyed Northcastle Weave learned of what was happening, and they started to make their way towards Frostwave Weave one after another.

"Amethyst Beast, are you headed for Frostwave Weave?" An enormous fish swam through Northcastle Weave as it spoke up. It was Loach Monster. It had been staying in the Primal Zone after the Astral Beast Domain’s attack on Ironblood Weave, and the fish had not returned to the Astral Beast Domain even when the Sixth Mainland had pushed into the Primal Zone. After Ironblood Weave had fallen, Loach Monster had also moved into Northcastle Weave.

Loach Monster had been speaking to an Amethyst Beast, as the two had been in the Primal Zone at the same time.

"Are you not going?" Amethyst Beast replied.

Loach Monster lazily answered, "I won't go there."

The Amethyst Beast let out a disdainful snort. "If you want to gain any sort of resources from the Empire, you’ll need to accomplish something during this invasion. Old Loach Monster, you’re too cautious. I’ll catch up to you sooner or later."

The Amethyst Beast then took off and headed south.

Loach Monster stared at the disappearing back of the departing Amethyst Beast and then spat out, "Idiot! Frostwave Weave is different from Northcastle Weave. That’s the only weave in the eastern Outerverse that belongs to the Great Eastern Alliance. Even the Sixth Mainland doesn’t dare to touch that place. There are many powerhouses there, and a lot of others are direct descendants of various powers within the Great Eastern Alliance. Going there is just asking to die."

After finishing its rant, the fish lazily rolled over and fell asleep.


More than a month had passed since the astral beasts had started invading the Human Domain.

Lu Yin arrived in the Outerverse with the Great Eastern Alliance’s Allied Forces, and the various armies surged into Frostwave Weave.

At this moment, Lu Yin was terribly anxious. Northcastle, Eastly, and Forested Weaves had all suffered unprecedented disasters. He wanted to immediately drive the astral beasts in those weaves away, but it was impossible at the moment.

When the Amethyst Beast arrived at the border between Frostwave and Northcastle Weaves, it tried to use its incredible defenses to force its way into Frostwave Weave. However, it was greeted by an illusion of eternally sinking beneath an icy ocean.

Zhuo Daynight had attacked. Even though her actual power level was substantially inferior to the Amethyst Beast’s, Night's End, Daybreak was a terrifying enough technique to make up for the difference. When that illusion was combined with Cool Sis’ Icy Crystallization, the Amethyst Beast was almost instantly frozen. Finally, the creature died to Smoker, the assassin.

When news of the Amethyst Beast's death returned to the Astral Beast Domain, countless creatures became furious, and many of them made their way towards Frostwave Weave.

The first to arrive was an astral beast that resembled a horse, though it had two legs and four hands. All four of its hands held giant hammers that it swung towards Frostwave Weave.

The monstrous creature had the strength of an Envoy, and in the Primal Zone, it had been second in strength only to the mantis-like astral beast.

The giant mantis had also started moving towards the border of Eastly Weave, and it soon entered Northcastle Weave.

Four hands were raised high as the four warhammers slammed down, shaking Frostwave Weave. The strength of an Envoy was enough to shatter space across all of Frostwave Weave, making the weave look as though it had cracked.

At that moment, a long trident shot out of the true universe and stabbed through the astral beast without slowing down at all. The incredible force behind the weapon not only shoved the creature out of Frostwave Weave, but it even launched the trident deep into Northcastle Weave. Many astral beasts in the path of the weapon were stunned by what they saw, and even Fei Yan’s body was shattered by the shockwave.

The Sea King emerged from the void, his face gloomy. He raised a hand, and the trident returned to his grasp.

Loach Monster stared at the corpse of the Envoy-level astral beast, and the massive fish was so startled that it immediately turned around and left Northcastle Weave. The beast had decided to return to the Primal Zone. Apparently, Frostwave Weave would not be the main battlefield, but instead Northcastle Weave. Monster Loach had no desire to remain at the warfront.

The beast had a power level of over 300,000, but that was neither high nor low. If it stepped onto the battlefield, it would easily draw the attention of the humans’ powerhouses, and then it could easily die. After all, there was no one protecting Monster Loach, and it needed to save itself.

The Sea King had eliminated the Envoy-level astral beast with a single attack, which thoroughly intimidated the Astral Beasts who had invaded the Human Domain. None of the beasts dared to set their eyes on Frostwave Weave, and for the moment, Frostwave Weave enjoyed peace once again.

To the east, in Forested Weave, the giant mantis swung its blades about. They sliced through the void, and its attacks swept the entire weave. It was impossible to even estimate just how many planets were destroyed by this one attack.

The knowledge that there was an Envoy protecting Frostwave Weave enraged the mantis-like creature, and it swung its blades furiously. It wanted to destroy the entire Forested Weave.

At that moment, a willow leaf appeared and blocked the mantis’s attack.

The astral beast slashed its blades forward, its eyes cold. When it saw a man and a woman appear, it screeched, "Humans, you court death!"

The two who had appeared in Forested Weave were none other than Liu Ye and Fei Hua. They had gone to Mt. Microcosms after parting ways with Lu Yin, but they had only stayed there for a short time before they were allowed to leave. They had coincidentally been in Forested Weave when it had been attacked, and they had no longer been able to endure and do nothing when the mantis had attacked.

Neither Liu Ye nor Fei Hua were the mantis’s opponent on their own, but the two were far more powerful when they worked together. Thus, they were able to perfectly counter the mantis and render it harmless.

Back in the Astral Beast Domain, Xu Qing quickly received word of the new developments, and his face fell. "So, there are powerhouses in both Frostwave Weave and Forested Weave? Stand by for now and do nothing in either of those places. We will be there soon."

The creatures in the Astral Beast Domain did not use gadgets, but instead communicated through specially bred Void Wanderers.

Xu Qing’s eyes turned grim as he watched the Void Wanderer slip into the void. These people were able to stop the astral beasts that had invaded the Human Domain from the Primal Zone, and they could even stop the giant mantis. This proved that these powerhouses were exceptional. Had the Sixth Mainland actually reacted so quickly? Or could it be that the Human Domain’s Hall of Honor had made a move? Xu Qing had heard that the Hall of Honor had stationed some super expert named Yuan Shi in the Outerverse, and the man was reported to have a power level of over a million.

As he considered the recent reports, Xu Qing quickly reached out to the Celestial Beast Empire and asked for more experts to be sent as reinforcements.

Xu Qing had originally thought that the astral beasts’ force would not encounter much resistance when invading the Human Domain; at worst, they would run into some resistance from the remnants of the Great Eastern Alliance that remained in the Outerverse. Still, those remnants should have been easily eliminated, so it appeared that there were other forces interfering in the Astral Beast Domain’s invasion efforts.

Still, even if that was the case, it did not matter. The request for reinforcements was merely a precaution, but Xu Qing’s request was answered by nearly half of the species on the Celestial Beast List. Such numbers were sufficient to not just wreak havoc in the Human Domain, but rather fully occupy the eastern regions of the Outerverse.

The fighting between Ironblood Weave and the Primal Zone had not stopped in eons, so matters related to those places no longer attracted much attention. Even if some of the Great Eastern Alliance’s Allied Forces’ divisions moved to the Outerverse, it would not attract much attention.

At the moment, the Sixth Mainland was focused on investigating and purging the Progenitor of Secret Arts’ Territory while the Fifth Mainland was rooting out as many of the Neohuman Alliances’ strongholds as possible and sending people to defend the pass to the Starfall Sea. The Fifth Mainland was also in no position to pay any attention to the eastern stretches of the Outerverse.

During this period, when the region was being ignored, the biggest war that the Great Eastern Alliance had engaged in since the moment of its founding broke out in the Outerverse’s eastern weaves.

It was not long before three divisions of the Allied Forces gathered in Frostwave Weave. Their numbers totaled 30 million Seekers for the ordinary soldiers, and on top of that, there were also more than 1.5 million Sentinels, over 10,000 Limiteers, and more than 2 million soldiers who were Explorers or above. Besides that, there were also 150,000 large spaceships and 6,000 battleships.

This was just the members of the Allied Forces, as the Great Eastern Alliance’s three special militaries had also all moved to the Outerverse. The Giants’ Army, the Lu Elite Troops, and the Redemption Army were in Frostwave Weave, as well as all the Envoys under Lu Yin. Never before had such a terrifying army and gathering of experts assembled in the weave.

Lu Yin waved a hand, and the three divisions of the Allied Forces moved out from Frostwave Weave and into Northcastle Weave.

Many of the astral beasts gathered in Northcastle Weave stared blankly at the endless battleships that flew towards them from the neighboring weave. They turned and fled, but a sharp sword qi suddenly swept through outer space, and all the fleeing astral beasts found themselves unable to escape. A volley was fired from the battleships, and after a moment, not even corpses remained.

Due to time constraints, Lu Yin had not been able to gather the strength of the entire Innerverse. If he had, there would be more than a hundred Enlighters at his command rather than just the mere dozens that were present.

All the Enlighters currently in the Outerverse were those directly under Lu Yin’s command.

In the entire Innerverse, even the smallest flowzones would have more than a single Enlighter. If Lu Yin had been able to gather all of those Enlighters, he was confident in being able to break into the Astral Beast Domain instead of merely driving the astral beasts out of the Outerverse.

There were numerous astral beasts in Northcastle Weave, and there were even more headed towards Northcastle Weave from the asteroid field.

The arrival of the Great Eastern Alliance’s forces pushed the astral beasts back across Northcastle Weave. Within just ten days, nearly half of the astral beasts who had invaded the weave had been exterminated.

The Redemption Army paved the way, and they wiped out most of the creatures that they encountered. If not for the Great Eastern Alliance’s slow pace, all of Northcastle Weave would already have been cleared.

Given the new circumstances, the astral beasts in the asteroid field who were not at the Explore realm immediately turned around and retreated back to Ironblood Weave. There were no true powerhouses in command of the beasts, and regardless of their numbers, it was impossible for them to do anything against the Great Eastern Alliance.

In Forested Weave, the giant praying mantis had been fighting against Liu Ye and Fei Hua the entire time, but even after ten days, there was still no conclusive victor. The beast was too fast, and Liu Ye and Fei Hua were unable to do anything to it either. As for the mantis, it was unable to break through the couple’s defenses.

There was no way for the mantis to send a message to anyone while it was fighting, so all it could do was retreat back to Ironblood Weave.

In Northcastle Weave, within the fleet’s flagship, Lu Yin looked somber. Even though the Allied Forces were making smooth progress through Northcastle Weave at the moment, they were just fighting against the astral beasts who had moved into the Human Domain from the Primal Zone. When it came to the Celestial Beast Empire’s actual army, Lu Yin had no doubts that there would be many powerful beasts. Luckily, his Great Eastern Alliance was far from weak themselves.

It looked like, as long as the astral beasts were driven back to the Primal Zone, the Great Eastern Alliance’s task would be completed, and the Sixth Mainland would then be able to take over from there on.

However, if that was really how this affair concluded, Lu Yin would lose too much. The Sixth Mainland had been willing to sacrifice all the lives in the eastern weaves, but Lu Yin had not been able to sit back and watch such a slaughter take place. His choice was going to lead to both the Great Eastern Alliance and the Astral Beast Domain suffering terrible losses.

Lu Yin would never allow himself to be the one to suffer losses. Even the most desperate of situations would have an opportunity. Lu Yin just needed to find it, and it was vital that he do so.

Beep beep beep!

There was an alert from his gadget, and Lu Yin froze when he looked down, as it was a call request from Xu Qing.

Xu Qing's voice came through as soon as the call connected. "Alliance Leader Lu, it appears that you’ve made your decision. If you fight my Astral Beast Domain to the death, do you not fear dragging your entire alliance into a catastrophe?"

Lu Yin answered in a deep voice, "The Great Eastern Alliance was originally founded in order to protect all the alliance members. If any of them are threatened, my only choice is to take action."

Xu Qing’s voice grew cold. "Do you understand what you are doing? Do you understand just how determined the Astral Beast Domain is to move into the Outerverse at this moment? Your little Great Eastern Alliance can't do anything to stop us!"

"Even if it’s impossible, we will still stop you. Countless people have died in Eastly, Northcastle, and Forested Weaves in just a mere month. I will force you to repay this debt of blood,” Lu Yin coldly declared.

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