Star Odyssey - Chapter 2055

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Chapter 2055: Proving The Name Of The Eras

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Chapter 2055: Proving The Name Of The Eras

Lu Yin had not purposely hidden himself, and after hearing Chu Yuan's words, Lu Yin casually walked towards the main hall.

The small group of people in the distance had not noticed Lu Yin before, so they were shocked when he stepped forward. “It's Lu Yin! Elder, it’s the Fifth Mainland’s Lu Yin!"

The middle-aged man’s pupils fluctuated. "This is a problem. This means that Lu Yin knows that there’s stellular energy here. If he leaves, everyone will know about this."

"Elder, won’t Lu Yin attack us?" One of the people in the group was terrified. He had participated in the Sixth Mainland’s invasion of the Outerverse and had been following the Autumnfrost family at the time. Naturally, seeing Lu Yin horrified the young man.

The middle-aged man shook his head. "He doesn't even see us."

Lu Yin approached the main hall one step at a time. The nearby group of people watched as he easily entered the force field that they were unable to breach in the slightest, and he continued walking until he stood between Chu Yuan and Heluo Mavis. "Are both of you Dao Chosen?"

Heluo Mavis looked at Lu Yin. "After waking up, I’ve gained some understanding of this era, and you can be regarded as the person who stands at the peak of this era. There are rumors that you’ve mastered the God of Death’s power, and we just saw you cultivating the Ninesuns Cauldron Transformation. I’m curious to find just how high you can reach. You are possibly the only person in this era who can come even remotely close to the level of a Dao Chosen."

Lu Yin felt curious. "Why only close? Why can’t I stand at the same level as a Dao Chosen?"

Heluo Mavis had a cold attitude. While her face was delicate, and even though she was smaller than Yuhua Mavis, Heluo Mavis’s arrogance far surpassed Yuhua’s. "A Dao Chosen is completely invincible within the same realm as long as they are on their own mainland. While your peers recognize your superiority in this shattered remains of the Fifth Mainland, the Fifth Mainland has the Lu family, and only their descendants can qualify to become Dao Chosen."

Suddenly, Heluo Mavis hesitated for a moment, and a frown appeared on her face as she stared at Lu Yin. It seemed that something had just occurred to her. “You also have the Lu surname. What’s your connection to the Lu family?"

Lu Yin's mouth curled up into a smile. "Sorry to tell you, but I’m a descendant of the Lu family."

This caught Heluo Mavis off guard.

Even Chu Yuan was surprised. "I've heard of you. In fact, after waking up in this era, it seems impossible for anyone to not know about you. Still, I didn’t expect you to be part of the Lu family. Interesting. Quite interesting."

He glanced over at Heluo Mavis. "How about a bet? Let’s see which of us can defeat him the fastest. Not only will this allow us to compare ourselves, but it will also allow us to see just how powerful the most talented person of this era is. We can see the difference between this era and our own."

Heluo Mavis’s eyes lit up. "Alright. After all, no matter what, he’s still a descendant of the Lu family, and regardless of how weak this era is, the Lu family always has a few tricks up their sleeves.”

She then looked over at Lu Yin. “We’ll give you a chance—bring out your Champions’ Stage."

Lu Yin stared at Heluo Mavis, and then at Chu Yuan before smiling at them. He suddenly let out a very relaxed laugh that was completely genuine. How long had it been since anyone had looked down on him like this? No Semi-Progenitor would lower themselves to spar with Lu Yin, and beneath that level, only six-tribulation Envoys or greater were strong enough to speak to Lu Yin in such a manner. However, all of those people were incredibly old.

There was no one else who would dare to underestimate Lu Yin, even if they were powerhouses from an older generation. Absolutely no one from Lu Yin’s generation dared to look down on him, and he had not been treated in this manner in a very long time.

Ever since he had casually defeated the four Junior Progenitors, no one from his generation had been capable of presenting any sort of challenge to Lu Yin. He had not expected to run into so many youths who were genuinely capable of such a thing. Lu Yin had felt Sky Garan’s contempt, and these two people were treating Lu Yin in the exact same manner. Lu Yin had really missed this sort of feeling…

"You’re quite confident, so I’ll join in on your bet and wager on myself." Lu Yin suddenly grew somber once more as he looked at the two people in front of him. “I want to see how long it takes me to defeat the two of you."

Heluo Mavis let out a derisive snort. "In the past, not even Lu Tianyi would dare to speak to us in such a manner. The Lu family has become more and more reckless with each generation, so I see no reason to be polite. Chu Yuan, I’ll crush him within ten attacks."

A smile appeared on Chu Yuan's face. "Interesting. In that case, I’ll use five."

Heluo Mavis snorted again. "You’re even more arrogant. No matter what, he’s a descendant of the Lu family."

She then turned to Lu Yin. "Summon your champions."

"That’s unnecessary to deal with you," Lu Yin disdainfully replied. The arrogance Heluo Mavis and Chu Yuan were putting on display had awakened a long-lost fighting spirit in Lu Yin. "Show me the strength of the Heavens Sect era’s so-called Dao Chosen!”

As he spoke, he waved his right hand and stepped forward. He immediately challenged both Helua Mavis and Chu Yuan with Hollow Palms.

Lu Yin released two Hollow Palms at the same time: one at Helua Mavis and the other at Chu Yuan. His competitiveness had been fully roused, and he wanted to face both of these people at the same time to justify that this era belonged to him.

Who claimed that humans were no longer as talented as they had been in the past? Lu Yin wanted to destroy the contempt, sarcasm, and arrogance that all the people from the ancient times had for the current era.

In the current era, there was no one from Lu Yin’s generation who could handle his Hollow Palm. Even Leaf King, a four-tribulation Envoy, had to first absorb Lu Yin’s own physical strength before he could face the attacks, and even then, he had been hard-pressed.

As soon as the Hollow Palms were released, both Heluo Mavis and Chu Yuan’s expressions changed. They were not ignorant children, and they could clearly see the power in these palm strikes with just a glance. These attacks contained an unimaginable level of physical power, battle force, domain, and spiritual force, making them powerful attacks. What’s more, they moved especially fast and were completely invisible.

Heluo Mavis lifted her arms and crossed them in front of her body. The Hollow Palm slammed into her wrists, and she was blasted a thousand meters back. Her feet carved out two deep ditches across the ground.

This result shocked Lu Yin. He had expected his Hollow Palm to do a bit more damage, as it was far beyond the means of most people to endure even a single Hollow Palm. However, Heluo Mavis was completely unharmed.

As for Lu Yin’s other opponent, the results were even more bizarre. The Hollow Palm never even touched Chu Yuan, but instead disappeared right in front of the young man.

Heluo Mavis did not even look at Lu Yin, but instead glanced at Chu Yuan. "Invisible and formless, and is supposedly able to erase any battle technique. We fought when we were both Hunters and Enlighters. At our current level, that ability is even more difficult to overcome."

Chu Yuan also looked at Heluo Mavis and gave her a smile. "Your body’s also grown even tougher than before."

Heluo Mavis just snorted disdainfully and then finally looked at Lu Yin and complimented him, "That’s a very impressive palm technique. It’s even enough for you to compare to Wei An. Even in our era, you would be qualified to be regarded as an elite within our generation, but unfortunately, that’s not enough to deal with either of us. It’s our turn to make a move. What do you say? Ten attacks each?”

Her legs bent as she finished speaking, and then her body instantly disappeared. She did not move to the side at all, but instead aimed straight for Lu Yin. She emerged from the true universe, her arm already raised high as she released a punch.

At this moment, to Lu Yin, Heluo Mavis looked exactly like a member of the Mavis family who had just become an Envoy. Her style of fighting perfectly matched what Lu Yin had already seen from the family: the release of unmatched physical power.

Lu Yin looked up and retaliated with his own punch.


The void exploded, and space throughout the entire area fractured before shattering.

The small group of people who had been excitedly watching in the distance were all blown away, even the middle-aged Enlighter. Not a single one of the people was able to resist the shockwaves from this clash.

At the same time, Chu Yuan appeared in front of Lu Yin, with a hand stretched out to grab a hold of Lu Yin.

Lu Yin resisted Heluo Mavis's powerful attack head on, and then he shifted his feet and took a step back. However, his body moved forward as space grew chaotic around him. Heluo Mavis’s punch suddenly missed its target, and the woman almost fell down.

As for Chu Yuan's approaching hand, Lu Yin met it directly as well, and he raised a hand to the approaching hand. He had never been afraid of facing anyone in close combat.

Chu Yuan was shocked. "Inverse Step?"

Lu Yin grabbed a hold of Chu Yuan's wrist, and he unleashed a wave of Overlaying Stacks that vibrated up Chu Yuan's arm in an attempt to shatter the man’s shoulder.

However, an invisible power appeared that shrouded Chu Yuan's entire body, and it disintegrated the Overlaying Stacks.

Lu Yin considered what Heluo Mavis had just said: invisible power?

Chu Yuan twisted his wrist around, and the invisible power shook Lu Yin's hand off even as a hand fell upon Lu Yin's shoulder. "It's over."

As Chu Yuan spoke, he squeezed his fingers together until only the index finger remained pointing out, and it moved to strike Lu Yin’s neck. Given their proximity, Chu Yuan did not believe that Lu Yin could avoid this attack, even with Inverse Step. This was not Chu Yuan’s first time facing someone who used Inverse Step, and even if he was facing a chaotic region of space, his eyes could still pierce everything.

Lu Yin's eyes glittered. Was this really the end? What a joke!

An astral chessboard appeared beneath his feet, and Lu Yin prepared to use Board Manipulation. However, before he had the chance, a twig twined around Chu Yuan's index finger, and it stopped his attack.

"You want to end things here? What a joke!" Heluo Mavis had intervened. "I want my ten moves before things end! Ten moves!"

As soon as she spoke, the grass underfoot started growing wildly. It looked exactly like the move that Yuhua Mavis had used before.

The wildly growing grass moved together to take on the shape of sharp spears, and they all stabbed straight at Lu Yin.

Lu Yin stretched out his left hand, and the Channeling Diagram appeared.

The spears of grass stabbed into the sourcebox array, and the power of the attack was diverted and broken up into countless different directions before being dispersed. Even with this, any portion of Heluo Mavis’s grass spears was still powerful enough to easily kill a three-tribulation Envoy, especially at such a close range. Even four-tribulation Envoys most likely would not be able to escape from this attack.

Heluo Mavis’s attack actually mirrored Chu Yuan's finger as they both attempted to deal with Lu Yin. Both of the Dao Chosen believed that it would be possible to land a blow on Lu Yin from close range. They had restricted their number of attacks just so that they could get an idea of Lu Yin’s strength. Chu Yuan felt that he would only need five attacks to win, but Heluo Mavis wanted Lu Yin to last for ten attacks. In the end, they both felt that this was a competition between the two of them and that Lu Yin was nothing more than a pawn they were using for their competition.

However, Lu Yin had demonstrated extraordinary capabilities even when dealing with their first attacks, so both Heluo Mavis and Chu Yuan had upped the strength of their follow-up attacks. They were both determined to first severely injure Lu Yin so that he would not be able to escape from them.

Neither of them could have imagined that Lu Yin would actually manage to block Heluo Mavis' ultimate move even from such a close range.

While still holding back Chu Yuan, Heluo Mavis glanced at Lu Yin in surprise. "Good! Here’s the third attack."

The grass beneath Lu Yin’s feet started to surge again, but this time, it did not form itself into spears that stabbed at Lu Yin. Instead, the grass became a human figure that perfectly mirrored Heluo Mavis.

Five grass Heluo Mavises attacked Lu Yin from different directions, blocking every avenue of escape. Every single attack carried an earth-shattering strength, and without the Channeling Diagram, each of the five attacks posed a grave threat to Lu Yin.

Lu Yin had not seen Yuhua Mavis use such a trick before, and he noticed that Heluo Mavis had locked down all directions with these five attacks. While Lu Yin wanted to avoid the attacks with Inverse Step, just like Chu Yuan, Heluo Mavis had enough knowledge of Inverse Step to know how to counter it as well.

Regardless of the direction Lu Yin chose, he would be blocked by one of the five attacks.

This was not to say that Inverse Step was not powerful, but merely that Lu Yin’s mastery of the movement technique had not yet reached the level where he could create an area of chaotic spacetime.

Lu Yin was facing off against two of the ancient Heavens Sect’s Dao Chosen, both of whom knew how to counter Inverse Step. This made it very difficult for Lu Yin to use the movement technique to gain an advantage.






All five attacks struck Lu Yin without encountering any hindrance, and he was struck to the ground.

The Sixth Mainland cultivators approached from the distance after hearing the deafening crashes. Upon seeing the battlefield, not one person dared to make even the slightest sound. They were all familiar with Lu Yin, but even he had just been beaten so severely that he did not have the strength to retaliate. The people present were all stunned speechless.

"That was too much. He might not even be able to stand anymore," Chu Yuan casually commented. There were still twigs wrapped around his fingers, making it look as though Heluo Mavis had restrained the other Dao Chosen, but Chu Yuan made no attempt to make any moves whatsoever.

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