Star Odyssey - Chapter 2555

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Chapter 2555: Needs To Be Taught A Lesson

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Chapter 2555: Needs To Be Taught A Lesson

A long while later, the iron plate finally descended. However, Luo Lao'er's voidforce energy was also almost completely depleted. Despite spending half a month absorbing voidforce energy, he had barely moved the iron plate. It was too difficult. It’s too difficult, Brother-in-law.

Luo Lao'er retracted his thread of voidforce energy before flopping onto the ground, panting heavily. Sweat plastered his clothes to his body.

His communication crystal trembled, and his eyes went wide as soon as he glanced at it. He immediately answered the call. "You actually dare to call me?"

A deep voice answered, "There was an accident last time. It won’t happen this time."

Luo Lao'er sneered. "So many people were caught after they showed up for that last secret auction. Do you know how long it took for the hunt for me to finally die down? Two months! If not for Xuan Qi backing me, they’d still be after me."

"You will be compensated for that."

"Don't waste your breath. I can't help you anymore. I’ve never seen any trace of your so-called compensation."

"Move forward 300 meters, and then dig ten meters into the ground."The source of this content can be linked to n0velbin•

Luo Lao'er blinked. "Is this a joke? Why should I start digging because you tell me to? What if there’s a trap there waiting for me?"

"Setting a trap for someone like you is not worth my time."

The blunt answer convinced Luo Lao'er, even if he did not like it. "You're the one not worth my time! I am Monarch Luo's son."

Even so, he followed the instructions and started digging. To his astonishment, he really did find something: a cosmic ring.

"These are... flourishing crystals? So many flourishing crystals?" Luo Lao'er was amazed. The cosmic ring contained tens of thousands of flourishing crystals, which was a substantial amount of wealth.

Hui crystals were the best way to absorb Monarch Essence. Many people used the crystals to support their cultivation of Monarch Essence in the Three Monarchs Universe. As the options were to absorb Monarch Essence from either tools or flourishing crystals, flourishing crystals were naturally the Three Monarchs Universe’s standard currency.

For someone with a cultivation equivalent to an Enlighter, tens of thousands of flourishing crystals was a significant amount.

The deep voice echoed, "How is it? Have you been compensated enough?"

Luo Lao'er's expression softened. "When did you put this cosmic ring here?"

The question was ignored, as the deep voice spoke again. "The secret auction will still happen, though we will invite a much smaller number of people, so as to prevent the information from leaking. I will provide you with a list. You need only to invite those on it. The auction will take place in three days’ time."

Luo Lao'er felt torn. Should he do it or not? It was quite the question. After all, he had already been paid for the work. Even if he chose not to follow through, it would be impossible for anyone to take back the money. Luo Lao'er had already passed the Voidforce School’s requirements and could transfer to the Cyclic School whenever he wished. As long as he was close to Xuan Qi, this mysterious person would not be able to cause any trouble for Luo Lao’er. There were too many eyes on Xuan Qi.

"For completing this task, you will be rewarded with 100,000 flourishing crystals," the deep voice echoed.

Shock made Luo Lao'er's eyes go wide. "100,000 flourishing crystals? Are you sure?"

"Compared to what will be sold in the secret auction, such resources mean nothing."

Luo Lao'er’s astonishment only grew. "Just what are you guys selling?"

"You don't need to worry about that. Will you perform the task, or not?"

"I’ll do it," Luo Lao'er said through clenched teeth. He desperately needed the resources. Despite being Monarch Luo's son, he continuously lacked sufficient resources, as he was forced to completely rely on himself to support his cultivation. He was not being offered an insignificant amount of resources.

Shortly thereafter, Luo Lao'er gathered himself together and started heading towards the Cyclic School.

The next day, Luo Lao'er was speaking with Lu Yin. "Brother-in-law, I have met the requirements."

Lu Yin was surprised, "You’ve met the Voidforce Universe’s requirements?"

Luo Lao'er nodded excitedly. "Yes!"

Luo Zang shook his head. "The Transcendent Universe may have, but Father has not."

Luo Lao'er said nothing.

"You’re a hostage, and you should know your place. Your ignorance will cause others to look down on us. Don't you agree, Second Brother?" Luo Zang whispered.

Luo Lao'er clenched his fists. "That’s not your decision."

Luo Zang chuckled. "I'm just considering your safety. This Sixverse Academy doesn't forbid killing."

He took a step forward, eliminating the space between the two brothers until there was less than a meter. Luo Lao'er instinctively pulled back. Luo Zang stopped and studied Luo Lao’er in a curious manner. "You don't want to end up like our other brothers, do you?"

He then turned around and walked away. "Brother Xuan Qi, thank you for watching over my useless second brother. I, Luo Zang, owe you a favor."

The slightest tremor ran through Luo Lao'er's body as a combination of fear and anger coursed through him.

This was the first time that Lu Yin had ever seen the young man lose control of his emotions. He set a hand on Luo Lao'er's shoulder. "Your little brother needs to be taught a lesson."

Luo Lao'er made himself calm down and forced a bitter smile onto his face. "Brother-in-law, I've embarrassed myself in front of you."

The secret auction was scheduled for the following day, so the invited participants needed to spend the night in Cliff Town. The entire night was silent, and only a few conversations broke out. Luo Zang did nothing more to bother Luo Lao'er, and everyone else acted like strangers. However, all of that changed the moment Jiang Xiaodao arrived, as he immediately started by directing a provocative challenge towards Mu Mu.

Mu Mu felt quite frustrated, but she had no answer to his pestering. After Jiang Xiaodao had obtained the River Chroma innate gift, his Sky River battle technique had become powerful enough to put him on equal footing with Mu Mu.

Seruzen also arrived.

"Were you the one who invited Seruzen?" Lu Yin asked Luo Lao'er as soon as he noticed Seruzen.

Luo Lao'er shook his head. "It wasn't me. The person behind this auction has contacts in each of the schools. Seruzen is still in the Lost Clan School."

"In that case, why were you the one to invite me?" Lu Yin asked curiously.

Luo Lao'er smiled. "That might have been because they felt that you’d be more likely to believe the information if it came from me, Brother-in-law."

He had come to understand why he had been rewarded with such a generous amount of flourishing crystals; it had been his payment for inviting Xuan Qi.

Lu Yin found this rather odd. Auctions were held to make a profit, so why would anyone invite Seruzen? It was plain as day that the man was penniless.

Mu Mu found Seruzen’s presence to be just as out of place as Lu Yin, and she pulled Seruzen aside to talk to him.

"Have you managed to find out what Seruzen’s acquired innate gift is?" Lu Yin asked. He had previously asked Luo Lao'er to look into the matter.

Luo Lao'er became irritated. "I couldn't, though I did learn one thing, which is still unconfirmed."

He glanced at Mu Mu before whispering, "There's a rumor that he managed to pick a pentachromic fruit."

Lu Yin's expression changed. How many people throughout the entire history of the Arboreal Realm had managed to pick a pentachromatic fruit? Considering the importance that Mu Mu openly placed on Seruzen and how tight a secret his innate gift was, it seemed quite possible that he had obtained a truly extraordinary innate gift.

As he recalled the various peculiar trees that he had seen in the Arboreal Sanctuary, Lu Yin wondered which one Seruzen had acquired.

Suddenly, Lu Yin turned to face a certain direction. In that direction, an enchanting figure was approaching. Despite her mask, she radiated a peerless beauty, giving off the impression of a proud white lotus. Even her gentle footsteps were enough to instantly capture everyone's attention.

The entire area fell silent as all eyes were drawn to the approaching woman. For a moment, even the stars lost their brilliance.

He Shu stepped forward and respectfully greeted the woman. "Milady."

She stopped and addressed him with a cold voice, "Such an attitude towards me will anger your sister."

He Shu ducked his head, though an intense desire filled his eyes. It was as though he wanted nothing more than to devour the woman before him. It was a look of obsession. "For you, milady, I would willingly bear any punishment."

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