Steel and Mana

Steel and Mana
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Leon was just about to start his new life. Finally, he got everything on track and got himself a place in the late 22nd century; then, his life ended. His bad luck did not end there; he was pushed off the Rainbow Road of Reincarnation, ending up in a totally different world. A new body, a new life, but his original brain. He may have been angry about it, but this was a new opportunity. A new lease on life, and this time, it would not be wasted with toiling away for others just to get a shot at a normal life. In this life, it was time to build up his own place with his own rules!

---- Author's notes:

Hey-ho! I ain't planning to introduce world-changing, thought-provoking ideas here. It is all for the plain and simple reason of having some fun! What you need to be aware of:

- Yes, this is an isekai story. No, there are no 'cheats' or systems involved with gaining skills. He is just a guy reincarnating with a gene-modified brain, so it explains why he can remember things and be smart. That is it. Think of it as him having a perfect memory.
- The story mostly focuses on kingdom-building stuff and slice-of-life elements, not on conquest or curb stomping others. The main conflict will be centered around wars, yes, but it won't be one guy vs. the world or something like that. Magic is going to play a big role in building up the territory, as I plan to branch out into magic technology later on. I am going to rely heavily on magic because I am mostly a fantasy writer and not an engineer. Hence, the magic-technology tag.
- The MC's main goal is to enjoy himself. This also means girls. So there will be a harem. Those who are familiar with my works, how I do groups, and how my characters act will know I don't like doing cardboard cutouts of characters. Most of my stories have more than one character accompanying the MC. The same will be true here, with the extra caveat that they will also be involved romantically with the MC.
- The story plays out in a 1st person POV. There won't be jumping around multiple POVs; I don't like that. Only when the story requires it and the MC can’t be present by himself for some story parts.
- Don't take this story seriously nor look for scientifically 100% real and codex-like solutions for problems. This is a fantasy world, a totally different culture, and with history, that is NOT OUR world! There is magic here, and the MC has a supercomputer for a brain. I think that says it all.
- My main goal is to enjoy writing some whacky but real-sounding scenarios. They will be based upon feasible ideas, but I am not writing a damned textbook about thermodynamics. Laws will be bent and broken when the story needs it.
- Regarding smut, there are some chapters with erotic scenes, but not every other chapter. So expect it when the mood is there in the story and not because I must cram as much snu-snu in as possible... That won't happen.

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