Survival Strategy for Weak Territories! ~ My Territory Will Be Destroyed No Matter How Many Times It Is Repeated. How Can This Be Saved? ~


Klein von Asgard was an ordinary lord that can be found everywhere.

He ruled a peaceful territory without incident. One day, an army was suddenly sent from the Marquis family, and the Viscount family of Asgard was destroyed.

The next moment when he thought that Klein himself died.

He woke up in his bed at home and noticed that he was back three years before his destruction.

After that, Klein confirmed that a similar incident had occurred at the same time as the previous life.

He was convinced that he would be destroyed in three years if nothing was done. In order to avoid the path of destruction, a deadly operation for survival was started

――But death. No matter how many times he died, the territory was destroyed.

He did not want to die. He also wanted to avoid killing people. With that in mind, he just regresses.

Until the day of the happy ending.

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