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Chapter 543

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It is obviously hurtful to one's pride to be interpreted by a young man who is far behind in terms of status and far behind in terms of age and experience.


However, Kelliark did not reveal the scars on his pride, but erased his smile and revealed his honest hatred.


That deep, terrifying hatred is like a swamp, and Jin felt his body heavy just from facing it.


And the intentional display of hatred was proof that Kelliark is acknowledging Jin.


'I see, it's a sense of intimidation worthy of the absolute leader of Zipfel.'




In retrospect, Kelliark has no reason not to hate Jin.


It starts with Jin killing the zealots of Zipfel when leaving the Storm Castle, impersonating in Tessing and learning the magic of Chenmi who was erased from history, killing Andrei and destroying the demon’s god’s orb, saving the Colon natives by killing Myuron Zipfel, annihilating the Dark Magic association and reclaiming the legacy of Riol Zipfel. Acquisition, Stealing the Compass, Holy Kingdom Incident, battle of the West Sea, the Tombs of Temar, murder of the spectre, removal of Barton, Wantaramo Forest, Gaifa Islands, Sota Desert, and even this moment.


Everything that Jin has done after regression is a history that has blocked the path of Kelliark and Zipfel without missing a single one. Killing Kidard Hall and monopolizing his magic also dealt an indirect blow to Zipfel, and Valeria Hister, whom Zipfel longs for, is only related to Jin although not yet known to Kelliark.


Even Veradin resisted mind manipulation under the influence of Jin, and Jin denied the humiliating pact that Runcandel made with Zipfel through the Declaration of reinstating Magic Swordman.


There was not a single reason not to hate Jin as a Zipfel.


‘This hatred is probably the reason why you didn’t reach the realm of demigod that my father touched….’


Just like Jin sees through Kelliark.


He was also peering into Jin.


‘Excellent, in itself. It's been a long time since I thought that it would be because of Chiron or Luna if Solderet broke the oath with us and joined Runcandel...… Jin Runkandel, seeing him in person, I can see why Solderet chose him over those two.'


Kelliark was even resentful of Chiron. Although he has stayed in second place overshadowed by him for the rest of his life, but even his children, the next generation, are not able to surpass his legacy.


“Sometimes when I talk about you in the Tower of Stories… My relatives think I'm taking you lightly. It's a little futile to see that you're reading my hatred that even they didn't notice.”


“Why don’t you keep more competent and profound people around you?”


The Vamel Alliance and the knights of the sword emperor castle all felt Jin's answers like fire in front of oil.


They are worried that Jin might be making excessive provocations against Kelliark, who just crippled Calmine with a single attack and showed the power to annihilate the entire Sword Emperor Castle within seconds.


But Jin knew.


It mean that no matter what happens, he will never strike first until he urges negotiations once.


‘If he had intended to destroy the sword emperor castle by force without compromise and take the white stone, he wouldn’t have started a conversation in the first place. Kelliark Zipfel feels burdened by an all-out war with Runcandel.'


There must have been many reasons, such as Chiron’s existence, Runcandel's potential, and Kinzelo's power.


‘Perhaps Kelliark is also aware that a chaos monster can awaken from the white stone. No, that's for sure. He knows the value of the white stone better than any of us. That's why he want to have it.'


Therefore, Kelliark would want to end the situation through negotiations with the Sword Emperor castle (actually Runcandel) without armed conflict as much as possible.


In fact, just by Kelliark taking out the card called 'Negotiation', Zepfel’s external prestige will fall to the ground. It shouldn't have been possible for world’s number 1 clan to prioritize negotiations over fights after losing so many dragons, mages, and fleets.


'Above all, I can't see the fire dragon, Kadun.'


Fire Dragon Kadun.


The most powerful fire dragon born from Sheenu, the god of fire. Jin was conscious of not seeing Kadun's appearance from earlier.


Of course, Kadun could be aboard the fleet while transformed into a human. However, Jin judged that the possibility was very low.


'It is strange to place the strongest fire dragon out sight after they show off by putting enormous mana to cast flames on the entire fleet, spewing flames on the entire Sword emperor castle while pretending not to know, and creating a sense of intimidation.'


Among the fleet of about fifty ships led by Kelliark were Zipfel’s dragons. There is no reason why Kadun shouldn't show off his majesty at the center.


However, it was difficult for Jin to infer the reason why Kelliark did not bring Kadun.


‘Because without Kadun, there will be problems with Zipfel’s air defense? No, even if negotiations are prioritized, it would not mean that an all-out war was not assumed at all, so if that is not a reason. Then….’


Suddenly, Jin remembered the name of another friend.


‘Has Veradin done something to ensure that the fleet does not include Kadun……?'


It was correct.


Veradin was currently forcefully run wild and created a situation where he had to be protected by Kadun.


Because of this, Kelliark had no choice. If something goes wrong with Veradin, then all the plans that Zipfel has prepared so far can go to waste.


Jin doesn't know that, but he has a strong feeling that Kadun’s absence is the result of his friend's sacrifice.


"You're conscious of not having Kadun."


At those words, Jin almost showed a surprised expression.


"I heard that you need the power of the dragon to use the perfect flame."


“It is only the phoenix, not the guardian dragon, that makes a fire mage perfect.”




Suddenly, a phoenix appeared behind Kelliark. A phoenix with a reputation for being the strongest along with Tess, Maniere, and Shankish.


It was 'Beloit'.


Indeed, it was the summoning of someone who reached the pinnacle of magic. Beloit cast a dark shadow on the sword emperor castle with his huge and blazing body, larger than any document recorded.


It was literally full of fire.


The night sky above the Vamel Alliance and sword emperor castle filled with the flames of the fleet and Beloit. It was to the point where they wondered if the target they had to fight with was not Zipfel, but Sheenu, the god of fire.


A bigger flames than the legacy of Riol Zipfel, which Jin showed through the mirror and the will of the two gods, was dyeing their vision red.


But Jin was not discouraged.


"For some reason, if it's Sir...… I think you know what my phoenix is ​​like.”


“He is the sole god of the flame world and the owner of all the phoenixes. But you still can't handle his power properly.”


That was the point where Kelliark acknowledged Jin in front of everyone. It was because the expression ‘still’ implied the possibility of the future.


“If you really think so, try blowing up my head right now. I wonder if the power bestowed by Sheenu, the God of fire, can pierce the absolute realm of Tess.”


“As I heard, you have a very thick face. How dare you make such a visible bluff against me. Your courage is worthy of praise.”


Kelliark able to find out that Jin couldn't summon Tess at the moment.


Jin got goose bumps and the fact that he was accurately aware of that fact. Jin didn't say such things out of his mouths, but it was an area where he could know instinctively.


“Sir Kelliark is more caution than I've heard. Seeing that he didn't use spatial explosion on me because of one possibility to summon Tess.”


"It's not just because of you that I won't explode your head."


Kelliark smiled again.


Now there was not only hatred but also composure in the smile.


“Jin Runcandel.”


“Tell me.”


“I heard that you were generous enough not to catch fleeing enemies. Let me also show the same mercy. Hairan, immediately leave the white stone alone and leave the sword emperor castle. That way no one will die.”




A small spark formed on Kelliark’s finger. He wrote in the air with sparks, which was a 'fire seal' that only Sheenu's contractors could handle.


In addition, Zipfel swears to rescue Dante Hairan, who was encroached on by the white stone, with all the efforts the clan can mobilize, and to send him back to Hairan once he comes back to life.


Everyone in the sword emperor castle looked at the red glowing letters.


“Along with this, if you accept my conditions, Zipfel will do everything in his power to destroy the imperial family that betrayed Hairan.”


Without time to ponder how Kelliark knew Dante's condition, the knights of Hairan couldn't help but be agitated for the first time since the incident began.


The promise to destroy the empire didn't matter too much.


However, if there was something more precious than the pride that they had tried to protect even at the cost of giving up their life for the knights of Hairan, it is life of Dante Hairan.


The use of the fire seal meant that Kelliark was swearing by his god, Shinu. Kelliark’s condition is unquestionably sincere.


“Zipfel knows how to save Dante Hairan. We cannot guarantee that he will be saved unconditionally, but we can guarantee a success rate of at least 80%.”


Jin immediately opened his mouth to say to the knights of Hairan.


“It is a trap. Surely there is no lie in Sir Kelliark’s oath....”


The moment Hairan accepts the terms, it will be destroyed by Runcandel, not by Zipfel. Sir Kelliark left out the word that he would protect Hairan from Runcandel.


Jin couldn't bear to say the last word.


It was natural for Runcandel to hit Hairan, who agreed to the conditions of Zipfel.


If that happens, Runcandel will have to watch Zipfel get the white stone without getting anything.


Rosa can't just leave it alone. She was a person who would not back down even if the entire land of sword emperor castle and Hairan was reduced to ashes.


And if Jin stood against Rosa like that. It soon becomes a betrayal towards Runcandel.


‘You showed a good hand… Kelliark Zipfel.’


Objectively, Jin and Runcandel couldn't offer Hairan a better condition than that.


Runcandel has no way to save Dante, and only Jin cherishes Dante's life among Runcandel.


For Runcandel it’s enough if Hairan disappears into history or if they prevents the white stone from falling over to Zipfel.


Jin gritted his teeth, and Kelliark was confident of victory with a calm face.


Kelliark’s gaze reached Ruyan.


“Now I'll give Hairan a chance to talk to me.  How is it? Ruyan. There is no better condition than this for sword emperor castle.”


Ruyan looked up at Kelliark in silence for a while.


“Hairan…… And the knights gathered for Hairan....”


Eventually, the moment Ruyan tried to follow his words.


I refuse, Kelliark Zipfel!


A giant's voice resounded in the sky quietly, yet muffled and deep, and everyone in this land is familiar with it and they were heartbreakingly longing to be able to fight together....


Everyone turned to the owner of the voice who had just climbed the wall.


“Who dares to save Hairan and my grandson on my behalf? It is only allowed to me.”


Ron Hairan, Sword emperor is stood tall there.

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