The Butcher of Gadobhra

The Butcher of Gadobhra
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Life is rough. Jobs are non-existent. And far too many people live in poverty in the real world and... Read more Life is rough. Jobs are non-existent. And far too many people live in poverty in the real world and can only find work online in VR worlds. And it’s getting worse. The old internet is unusable and hacked to pieces. The new system needs AI to run things, but most of them are destroyed. Now everyone is scrambling to get into the GENESIS ENGINE, as it becomes the new global market placeEveryone wants a piece of the new game. The guilds are competing to be the first to find the dungeons and kill the biggest monster. The corporations are claiming land and putting in their online market places. Ozzy and his friends just want a paycheck.Four friends find they are locked into five year contracts as virtual serfs in a small village, and can’t go adventuring at all to gain money and buy their way to freedom. They don’t have many choices. They can work as a blacksmith, barmaid and shepherd for all those years…or they can cheat and find ways they can take advantage of the system.When they give you a mop and not a sword, you have to find the loopholes and change the rules. Collapse Adventure, Satire, Artificial Intelligence, LitRPG, Low Fantasy, Multiple POV, Character Growth, Virtual Reality, Multiple Protagonists, Modern Day, Alternate World, Male Protagonist, Guilds, Weak to Strong, Poor to RichInteresting story if you keep at it find myself waiting for new chapters all the time would be a great story to be animated if you asked meIdk if its only me.... But the cover gives me Pirates of Caribbean vibes...Me coming here thinking it's about an actual butcher the Micheal Myers kind Rank: C+I find this story very interesting not your usual Mc gets overpowered and dominates kinda story the world building is interesting and the characters have to use their wits in unique and interesting waysIt's not even bad, the world building is great., it's just that you don't care for any of the characters.There is no real problem with their contract, just their characters ingame, which they find loophole, overrall their condition are descent so no satisfaction in screwing the compagny over. Chapter 44, dropping for now.muy entretenido e interesante Some May Love Or Hate This...I Tried Reading It But It Not My Cup Of Tea...Am Just Lost By The First 6 ChaptersHaven’t read that far yet, but I can say that while I think it’s good, I believe most readers here won’t like it.A lot of freedom is taken away from MCs, and the plot of the story is them trying to use the scraps left to them to be proper adventurers.Kinda slow, kinda annoying, but interesting and well-written.

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