The Crown Prince Secretly Loves the Crown Princess

The Crown Prince Secretly Loves the Crown Princess
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Reading Guide:

A fiery and unreserved general’s youngest daughter x a reserved and scheming young prince who has long harbored feelings

Love after arranged marriage x emotional entanglement

1. Highly focused 1v1, sweet couple (SC), happy ending (HE). Both leads are strong (and complement each other) with a sweet (sour and sweet) alternate universe story (partly modeled on the Tang dynasty).

2. Sweet and cool female lead who is good at fighting x gentle and refined scheming male lead. Operating in both the imperial court and martial world with dual identities.

3. The main couple are each other’s soulmates, first love, the first and only ones they fall deeply in love with. Pure love fans welcome!

4. Male lead is sick but not weak, his illness will get better!


In the martial world, she is a famous chivalrous heroine, and he is an elusive broker;

In the palace, she is the unruly youngest daughter of a general, while he is the crown prince walking on thin ice.


Young Miss Jiang Kui of the General’s Estate, childhood name Little Full, pretends to be a delicate beauty during the day, but goes out killing bad guys at night.

Until the day a marriage contract ties her to the weak Crown Prince Xie Wuyan.

On their wedding night, the moment her husband lifts her red bridal veil, she presses a sword against him and chuckles: “Touch me and you die.”

The young husband lies back with closed eyes: “I’m at my wife’s mercy.”

She doesn’t notice his ears turning red amidst his disheveled hair.


Crown Prince Xie Kang, courtesy name Wuyan, is rumored by all to be a sickly prince who won’t live past his coming-of-age ceremony.

Yet few know he is also the untraceable broker in the martial world, and fewer still know the woman who has captured his heart is a famous female heroine.

The day after his wedding, a little eunuch reports to him that the Crown Princess sneaked out of the palace at night to secretly meet someone at the bookstore in the East Tower.

Prince Xie waves his hand unconcernedly with a faint smile.

That night at the East Tower’s bookstore, the famous broker with quite a reputation in the martial world rests his chin on his folded hands as he gently asks the female heroine across the bamboo screen: “What do you think… of Xie Kang as a person?”


Jiang Kui never thought the husband she deemed useless would one day fight through thousands of soldiers and horses to come to her.

He holds her bloodied body in his arms, takes her spear, stands tall amidst the storm of swords, and whispers tenderly in her ear: “My wife, it’s me.”

It’s you, she thinks hazily. It was you I met at Qujiang, you who laughed at me in the bookstore, you who drank with me, you who held me in the snowstorm.

Of the vast world, the one who came for me is you. It has always been you.

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