The Fateful Uchiha - Chapter 80

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Chapter 80

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The classroom was beginning to be empty as the jonin-senseis came to pick up their students. Almost everyone had left. Only Naruto’s and Sasuke’s teams remained. Naruto’s teammate, Kazuma, got up and went to sit next to Sasuke. The two Uchihas were flipping the pages of a book.

“He’s not here,” Sasuke said in an incredulous tone.

“Maybe it’s not his real name? Or perhaps he isn’t known by Iwa… I should have brought Kusa’s Bingo Book.” Kazuma said.

“Hey! What are you doing?” Naruto called out, leaning on their table and blocking their view.

Sasuke’s left eyebrow twitched in annoyance, and Kazuma also looked annoyed. But the latter didn’t get angry. He just shrugged his shoulders.

“We are looking up our sensei in the Bingo Book. Kakashi Hatake is famous, but Yamato isn’t.”

“Because he’s an ANBU,” Sasuke said.

“You don’t know that,” Kazuma replied.

“Oh, an ANBU? That makes sense; it takes at least that to train the future Hokage!” Naruto exclaimed with a satisfied laugh.

Sasuke snorted disdainfully. Naruto spun toward him, looking menacing.

“What? Do you have something to say?”

“Naruto! Leave Sasuke alone!” Sakura shouted.

“Hey, do not fight…” Hotaru protested shyly.

“We didn’t ask your opinion.” Sakura retorted.

Kazuma and Naruto both opened their mouth to defend their partner, but they heard someone clearing their throat from the side of the door. Everyone turned around.

Two men stood in the doorway, both wearing jonin uniforms. Both senseis, no doubt. One of them was tall, masked, with gray hair and a slumped posture. The other was a bit shorter, had brown hair, a disapproving gaze, and wore a happuri-style forehead protector that frames his face. The Konoha symbol was on it.

“You are very energetic this morning.” The masked guy said.

Sasuke looked at him and glanced at Kazuma. The two Uchihas exchanged a look of understanding before turning to the masked man.

“It’s the power of youth.” They said in unison.

The jonin turned pale under his mask before pulling himself together. He frowned and waved a reproachful index finger with a stern air.

“Where did you hear those words? You cannot repeat them around me. Team seven, get on the roof, now. We’re going to have a serious discussion about words not to be used near sensitive ears. Yamato, the others are yours.”


Kakashi gravely placed a hand on his shoulder.

“Good luck!” He said solemnly before vanishing.

Sasuke and Kazuma looked pleased with themselves and exchanged a delighted look. Naruto was almost shocked. Did Sasuke just make a joke? Kiba was chuckling as he rushed to the stairs that led to the roof. Sakura hesitated before following him. She waited for Sasuke to head in the same direction before moving.

Yamato heaved a deep sigh, went to lean against Iruka’s desk and looked at the genins. Hotaru sat quietly in her chair, her hands flat on the table, looking nervous. Kazuma sat on Sasuke’s desk, swinging his legs like a delighted-looking child. Naruto puffed out his chest.

“Let’s start introducing ourselves. I’m Yamato, your sensei. I am a Ninjutsu specialist. I like to exercise. I don’t like disrespectful subordinates and traveling by boat. My current dream is to make you three competent chunins.”

Naruto was about to explode in joy. His sensei thought he could become a chunin. Yamato signaled to him he could go next.

“Naruto Uzumaki. I’m good at everything. I love ramen and training with Iruka-sensei. I don’t like… people keeping secrets and stupid rules. And my dream is to become Hokage!”

The jonin turned to Hotaru.

“I’m Hotaru Tsuchigumo. I’m good at Ninjutsu, I think… I like to read and… climb trees. I don’t like nukenins and those who fail to protect their loved ones. My dream is to bring honor to the Tsuchigumo clan.”

Yamato nodded then swiveled towards the youngest of the group.

“Kazuma Uchiha. I’m good at Taijutsu, Katon jutsus, and shuriken techniques. I love poetry and cats. I don’t like injustices and people who hold on to old useless traditions. My dream is… Well, I don’t have a dream yet. But I’ll let you know when I do.”

This drew a half-smile from Yamato before he resumed his serious expression.

“Very well. Do you know what happens once an Academy student graduates?”

Naruto jumped to his feet.

“He becomes a ninja!”

“Yes, Naruto. That’s the obvious answer. But beyond that? What are the possible paths for a new genin?”

Naruto was confused. He didn’t quite understand what his sensei was talking about. Things were simple in his mind. First, become a genin, then become strong, and finally become Hokage.

Kazuma raised his hand as if he were in class and their sense nodded at him.

“A new genin can be in a team led by a jonin, join the Police or return to the Academy.”

“What? I’m a ninja now; I’m not returning to the Academy.” Naruto protested.

“Then you need to pass my test.” Yamato pointed calmly.

Hotaru leaned towards the youngest of their group.

“How do you know that? Iruka-sensei didn’t say it in class…”

“My big brother is a jonin in charge of a genin team. He explained to me how the system works.”

Yamato stared at him for a moment.

“Your team’s case is a bit special. The higher-ups felt that your abilities would not be sufficiently exploited without the teaching of a jonin. There is no need for me to test you as I’ve been ordered to instruct you no matter what. Otherwise, you will be easy targets without the means to protect yourself.”

The news suddenly relaxed the atmosphere. But Naruto swallowed nervously, staring straight ahead and hoping that none of his teammates would wonder aloud why the village outcast would be a target. He had to stop himself from putting a hand to his stomach. The Nine-Tails would be the target, and Naruto would just become collateral damage.

It was probably the reason that Yamato was ordered to teach them no matter what… because he was a Jinchuriki. The blond couldn’t help to feel more anger toward the Sandaime. He hated getting special treatment because of Kyubi. He wanted to prove his worth.

“You are genins now, so I will treat you like adults and hope you rise to the occasion. In a team, teamwork is fundamental. A ninja’s greatest strength is the ability to collaborate with other ninjas. You are beginners; you must work together to be truly effective. This is a lesson that will serve you all your life. Unity makes strength. I want it to be clear. If you let childish arguments ruin your team… your immaturity could cost you your life and that of your comrades.”

Yamato leaned forward. His expressionless black eyes and pale face suddenly gave him the look of a particularly creepy undead. The three genins cringed in the same way.

“And I would be extremely unhappy.” Their sensei added.

He leaned back and his face returned to normal. He even smiled at them.

“Good. I will expect you tomorrow at dawn at training ground nine for a test of your skills. Then, we will start taking missions. Do not be late. Do you have any questions?”

There was a moment of silence before Naruto opened his mouth.

“Are you an ANBU, Yamato-sensei?”

He heard Hotaru stifle a slightly hysterical chuckle, and Kazuma squealed, horrified.

The jonin stared at him for a second.

“I’ll see you tomorrow.”

And then he vanished, leaving behind a handful of leaves swirling.

“He didn’t answer. Don’t tell me he really is an ANBU…” Kazuma said.

“Would that be so shocking?” Hotaru asked curiously.

“No, but that would mean that Sasuke guessed it right before me,” Kazuma whined.

Naruto decided that Kazuma wasn’t so bad after all. In his mind, anyone who had a little rivalry with Sasuke could only be a good person.

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