The Gap Between You and Me

The Gap Between You and Me
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Harrieta, the eldest daughter of a Viscount from the countryside, has a crush on Edwin, the heir to the most influential and wealthiest family in the kingdom.

She knew it was a futile dream, so she didn’t say a word to him.

And then the news of his engagement came suddenly. 

When Harrieta, who had been suffering from a broken heart, finally began to recover, she heard,

“Learn their faces. From now on, these s*aves will live with us together here.”

Edwin had come as a s*ave to Harrieta’s house.

* * *

“The more the restriction, the more the oppression will be. But Miss Harrieta… I’d be glad to accept it, if it were by you. 

“Wha… what?”

Suddenly talking about restriction and oppression. Herrieta couldn’t understand Edwin’s strange request and asked him what he meant with a puzzled look. But instead of answering her question, Edwin silently pulled her hand close to him.

“’I, Edwin, recognize you as my only lord and purpose of my existence….”

Edwin bowed his head and kissed carefully on the back of her hand. His breath that brushed her hand, was hot.

“…So please do not hesitate to wield me, as I am your faithful sword and your faithful servant.”

It was part of the Knight’s pledge, the Pledge of Allegiance, that the knighted person would recite to his future lord.

The noble and high Edwin, with whom she couldn’t even make eye contact once, was now at her feet.

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