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Chapter 116

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“The minds of people on the mainland are too narrow, they insist that warlocks are the scourge of the scourge. They do not understand what they do not know,” the old man said, his tone full of yearning. “That is only your understanding. Now the warlock path has nearly withered completely, within the entire continent you cannot find a single person willing to learn the art,” Ouyang Huanyu sighed with a trace of regret. “Do you want to tear down the warlock branch? Do not think I am unaware. The magician branch is overcrowded and you want to make room by removing the warlock branch. Is that not the case?” the old man looked up, his bright eyes full of anger. The warlock path died at the hands of these ignorant people. Ouyang Huanyu smiled and said, “Do not be nervous. I remember my promise to you, so long as you are still at the Holy Roland School there will be a warlock branch.” Ouyang Huanyu gave his solemn vow and the old man grunted, then bowed his head and continued to work. If someone had heard the dialogue between the two, their chin would have dropped. Even if the famous Ouyang Huanyu had been before the Dragon Emperor, he would not have spoken so well. “If there is nothing else, you can go. Do not bring people outside of the warlock path here, especially magicians,” the old man ordered unceremoniously to his guest. Ouyang Huanyu touched his nose and took his leave while saying, “The pharmacist division has an idea. Give them sometime and they should finish refining.” Finished, Ouyang Huanyu left the warlock tower. How should I do it? The old man looked up at the endless line of books, his eyes desolate. Once the strongest career in the whole continent, now the warlock field has nearly become extinct. He knows better than anyone how valuable the skills available in the warlock tower are, all he needs is a man who is willing to walk the way of the warlock. He is confident that he could make them into the elite of the elite within the Holy Roland School. But… In this day and age, who is willing to become a warlock? The old man frowned, then suddenly thought of something. He walked quickly to the second floor of the warlock tower, to see the place where he left a stack of books. All the books were laying where he had left them, except for one. “That little devil really took it?” The old man was slightly surprised, but in the next second his eyes exposed unprecedented joy. If he did not remember every book contained within the warlock tower, he would not have found the problem with two books in ten days. Ten days ago, he knew that the warlock tower had a student enter it for the first time in many years. One who was very careful to place the books back from where they were pulled. If you were not paying attention, you would simply not notice the difference. The old man had observed for many days before he was able to be certain. 


From that point on, he began to pay attention to the little guy every time he read. The old man saw that the young one read the same skill book each time and realized that the little guy had just set foot on the warlock path. 

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