The Man of the House - Chapter 156

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Chapter 156

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“London, you are so much smarter than you think you are. I’ve sat back and watched as Dan has taken advantage of you for years. I’ve had enough of it. I want to see you happy and successful for once in your life.”

“I just… don’t know what to do now…” London sniffled, blowing her nose on a tissue I held out for her.

I’d like to say that London instantly accepted the reality of Dan’s cheating and kicked him out, but even with him admitting it, he tried to gaslight her while she tried to convince herself she heard him wrong. Eventually, Jasmine confessed her affair with Dan, not because she was sorry for her friend or angry at Dan, but because she didn’t want me to think she was with Dan. It took a video on her cellphone where she was in bed naked with him before London finally accepted the truth and kicked him out. Dan tried to resist, but I still had a black eye from the fight I had been in earlier that day. With a kitchen knife in my hand, I smiled and asked if he was ready to fight. He fled the apartment quickly after that. After that, London wept and I ended up being the shoulder she cried on. I didn’t get annoyed or push her off me though. I merely held my sister as she cried and shook.

“London, you’re still young. There are plenty of people who didn’t know what they wanted to do the rest of their life while they were older than you. I just know that whatever you want to do, you can do. You won’t just have Mom supporting you, you’ll have me as well. You’ll have all of us.”

She looked up at me, wiping her eyes. “Really?”

“Of course,” I smiled at her. You’re my family. I love you.”

She bit her lip, her cheeks turning red. “Noah… I-I… l-love…”

“Are you brother and sister?” A voice cut in.

The two of us turned to see Jasmine still sitting there, slightly bored. It seemed like she hadn’t gotten the idea the last hour or two that this was London’s time and she needed her space. Thus, she was eating popcorn and finishing the movie London and Dan had started while ignoring London’s crying. The movie’s ending credits were now playing, so she was watching us again.

“Jasmine…” London finally pulled away from me, straightening her blouse. “Don’t act like we can just continue being friends. You were having an affair with my boyfriend.”

“I broke it off.” She responded, putting more popcorn in her mouth. “You wouldn’t even know there was an affair without me!”

“Yeah? And you only told me because you want to fuck my brother!” London declared with a glower, then blushed when she realized she swore.

“What’s wrong with that?” Jasmine wasn’t even denying it. “What, do you want him instead? Your brother and sister…”

“We’re half-brother and sister.” London shot back.

“Well, you can’t commit half-incest!” Jasmine responded.

London’s face turned red. “I-I’m not interested in him that way. He-he’s family.”

“Tell that to my uncle.”


“Nothing!” Jasmine shrugged. “Look, you need some time, so why don’t you chill in your room and…”

“You’re done fu- you’re not sleeping with my brother in my house.” London declared. “Last I recall, I’m paying the rent on this place. Dan certainly never did.”

“Then, Noah…” She leaned toward me, grinning. “Want to take a ride?”


“His mom’s coming in like ten minutes.” London snapped. “He’s not going with you.”

“Jeese… I’m a hot girl, I just want to fuck, why are you making this so difficult.” Jasmine whined, looking directly at me.


“You want a date?” I asked, leaning forward with a smirk.

“No… I don’t know. A date? You’re just some kid and I’m horny. It’s not like I want to be your girlfriend.”

“Alright, let me make it clearer.” I chuckled. “Do you want me to take you out and fuck your brains out with my big dick so you can barely walk after?”

“Noah!” London looked at me with shock.

Jasmine looked amused. “Aren’t you acting presumptuous? You’re just some virgin kid talking about giving it to me good…”

I shrugged. “You’ve already had a taste, you sure I can’t give you what you want? Pretty sure you wouldn’t have dumped Dan and still be here if you didn’t think I had sufficient ability.”

She looked at me for a moment and then made a noise through her teeth. “Why does confidence turn me on so much? I can already tell you’re not that interested in me, so what do you want?”



“A recommendation, for London. Help her get through college and med school.” As I spoke, I pulled out a flyer I had printed out from the internet and put it on the table in front of London. “It’s a six-year program, straight through premed and then med school. It’s going to be tough, but without Dan holding you down, you can make it. Get a smaller place, a one-bedroom or a studio, and use the rest to pay tuition. If you need help… I will do what I can to help.”

“Y-you think I can become a doctor?” London’s eyes widened. “I don’t even have a college education.”

“I know… that’s why I found this program. With your old friend’s recommendation, you might even have a chance of getting in.”

“Noah…” Her hand reached out and touched mine, her body leaning toward me.

‘You sure you two are brother and sister?” Jasmine asked.

Before we could answer, there was a ringing sound. London jumped up and ran to the door. After buzzing someone in, she came back.

“It’s Mom!” She confessed.

“Damn…” Jasmine growled.

I threw my phone number onto Jasmine’s lap. “You can take the offer or not. I believe London will succeed with or without you, but this might be a way you can win her good graces back, especially after the boyfriend thing.”

“R-right…” Jasmine deliberately looked away like she didn’t care.

I got ready and by the time I was cleaned up, Mom was knocking on the door. I noticed that the phone number had disappeared from the table, even though Jasmine was still looking away as if it had nothing to do with her. I opened the door only to be assaulted by Mom immediately.

“I heard from Bob, oh my god, you did get into a fight.” Mom grabbed my face and started fretting angrily.

“Mom,” London spoke up, but Mom didn’t hear her. “Mom!”

“What?” Mom asked, finally looking London’s way.

“Don’t punish Noah too hard. He was just looking out after his sister.” A smile formed on her lips. “I guess, brother does that from time to time.”

“Uhh… y-yeah…” Mom raised an eyebrow.

“I’ll be around if you need me to, London.” I handed her another slip with my phone number too. “Don’t be afraid to call me for anything.”

London looked at it for a moment, then teared up and threw her arms around me, hugging me. Mom let out a noise of surprise.

“I love you.” She whispered, but as she pulled back she grabbed the back of my neck, and under the guess of kissing my cheek, she whispered. “Just a heads up, Jasmine has herpes.”

“Yeah, I figured,” I responded, chuckling.

She finally pulled away, realizing Mom was now staring at her as she had turned into some strange beast. London blushed, and before the pair could say any more, I ushered Mom out the door and said one last goodbye.

“Promise me you won’t be causing any more trouble like that…” Mom was saying as soon as we got in the car.

“Yeah, I promise. Unless… my sisters are in trouble.”

Mom’s expression twisted for a second. “Are you doing okay?”

She reached up and touched my forehead while steering with the other hand.

“Hey, stop!” I swatted her hand away.

“It’s just since you woke up, I’ve felt like things have been changing.”

“Oh? How’s that?”

“I don’t know. The family just seemed to be in pieces lately. It was like you were all living in the same house, but didn’t have any relationship with each other. Dawn hid in her room, while Bethany wouldn’t even talk to anyone. Mackenzie seemed to be in her little world, and don’t even get me started on the twins. Yesterday, Dawn told me she wants to use her college money to start a photography business. When I picked up Bethany, she cried and told me all kinds of things about her life.”

“I might have spoken with them,” I responded vaguely.

“I don’t know if that’s it. Ever since your dad left… no, I can speak about it.” I was about to stop her but she sensed that and held up her hand and continued. “Ever since your dad left, it was like this family had lost something. We continued to live in the same house, but nothing was holding us together. Somehow, since you woke up, I feel like we found something that we lost.”

“A man…” I spoke quietly.


“Ah, nothing.” I smiled. “I’m glad if you’re happy.”

“Well, there is one thing…”

“What’s that?” I asked.

Mom wouldn’t say until we were finally home. When she opened the door, it was already late at night, but I froze when I looked around the kitchen. Other than London, the rest of my sisters were all there. As soon as I walked in, they all turned to me, but that was it. They turned back and started grabbing at cartoons of food on the table, putting them onto their plate.

“It’s about time,” Kelsey growled. “I’m starving.”

“You’re always hungry.” Kristy snorted.

I felt Mom’s warm hands on my back. “They didn’t want to start eating until you came home.”

“It’s… Chinese.”

“Well, mom was out all day…” Dawn responded, immediately grabbing a plate. “And the brother was at London’s place.”

“How is London?” Mom asked as she took off her coat and put up her purse. “I was in a bit of a hurry. I didn’t even get to catch up with her. Is she still trying to plan this elaborate wedding with that boy Dan? I don’t necessarily dislike him, but I can’t afford to pay her bills.”

Mom sat down and started to make a plate for herself. I silently watched all of my family together. They were eating like this was a normal thing, but it was the first time I had ever seen them do it by choice in this world.

Mackenzie kicked an empty chair out. “Have a seat.”

She looked away, a complicated expression on her face. I slowly sat down.

“Noah?” Mom asked as she sat across from me.”

“Ah! She broke up with Dan.” I declared. “He was cheating on her.”

I gave a rough account of what happened. 

“Seriously?” Kristy’s eyes widened.

“I hate cheaters,” Mom responded, but then winced slightly, her thoughts easy to read.

I felt a tug on my shirt. “Is your eye alright, brother?”

“Bethany? Ah, yeah, it’s fine.” I reached up before letting my hand drop.

“I do hope it heals up before prom. That’s only a week away.” Mom declared.

“Mackenzie was just telling us that she doesn’t have a date for prom.” Kelsey declared.

“What? I didn’t tell you that!” Mackenzie cried out.

“It’s true though, isn’t it?” Kelsey asked with a little grin on her face.  

“Th-that’s none of your business,” Mackenzie growled.

“I wonder if she’s just waiting for the right guy to ask her,” Kristy added, sharing the same grin with her sister.

“I’m not!”

“Will you two stop teasing your sister?” Mom interrupted.

“I’m going to be doing the photography prom night,” Dawn announced before things became silent once again.

“Really?” Kelsey spoke with a mouth full of food, “That’s cool!”

“J-just for yearbook… not the official… images.” Dawn blushed.

“Still, it’s something.” Mom smiled. “I’m proud of you.”

Dawn blushed more, but then she looked my way. “Are you coming? Are you going to leave your big sister a dance?”

All of my sisters looked in my direction.


“I-isn’t it a bit weird to dance with your little brother?” Mackenzie asked.

“I’ll be dressed up but I won’t have time to bring a date,” Dawn responded. “It isn’t weird unless I make it weird.”

“I’m a sophomore… Prom is for Juniors and Seniors.” I tried to deflect.

Mom had mentioned the prom earlier, but I hadn’t thought much about it since the world returned to this one. In the other world, it seemed a given some Junior would take me, but this was a bit different. I could get Abigail to take me as she was a bit older. There were also Anne and Samantha, although they were both Sophomores too.

“I know! Noah should just take Mackenzie!” Bethany declared.

“Wh-what?” Mackenzie cried out. “A d-d-date… he-he’s my brother!”

“I don’t mind,” I responded, causing Mackenzie’s eyes to snap at me. “I have a few friends, we could go as a group.”

Mackenzie relaxed slightly. “Ah, ye-yeah… we could do that.”

Bethany looked oddly disappointed. “That’s not what I meant.”

Of course, I didn’t tell her that the other three people I planned to invite were my girlfriends. I’d cross that bridge when I came to it.

The girls continued to chat, joke, and fight as we ate all of the remaining Chinese. It had already been evening when I came home, and by the time we finished, it was already late.

As the girls finally headed off to bed one after another, I made my way to the living room. I remembered the last few crazy months. I had done so many crazy things with my family on that couch. I had grown close to them, although perhaps not in the healthiest of ways. I picked up the family image. It was the same one no matter which world. I was standing apart from all of the girls, an invisible barrier erected between us. I didn’t know when it had appeared or how, but I knew I no longer wanted that wall anymore.

This time, I had a chance to get it right. We’d take a new family picture. We had the rest of our lives to get it right. This was my house, and no matter what happened, I’d always be their man.

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Yes, this is the end of Man of the House. The ending was really the prositute arc then with an extended epilogue as he settles make in his own world. If you were expecting some incest harem ending, sorry, I wrote what I felt made a better story, not what makes your little self feel better. He learned from the previous world, grew, and became closer with his family as a result. If I had him banging his mom and sisters in this world, then he really wouldn't have changed at all. 

That said, I might rewrite and break the series up into 3 ~50 chapter books, perhaps adding a few more chapters in between for publication on eBook. In which case, it’d be a trilogy. I have at least 2 bonus chapters planned out taking place after this (the prom and his first day of college, these will answer questions on who he ends up with and so on). The eBooks won’t come out for a bit, so be patient. If you'd like to support me, my website is where you can read this book and many others. 

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