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Chapter 744: 744

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744 The Truth About the Birthmark (1)

Because what?

Yu Wan looked at him steadily.

In the past, Yu Wan would never believe anything he said. However, now, be it because of Wan Feng’s relationship with Jiang Hai or because of the incident with the Empress, their positions of hostility had changed. Her intuition told Yu Wan that he would not lie to her.

The State Preceptor indeed did not plan to lie to Yu Wan. It was said that a person’s words were good when they were about to die, but it was not because of this, nor was it because he had written off his grudge with Yu Wan. Even if the person he should hate the most was the Empress, Yu Wan and Yan Jiuchao were still people who had defeated him.

However, he was afraid that there would be no future for him. He wanted to do Yu Wan a favor and hoped that Yu Wan could take care of Wan Feng in the future.

“I originally didn’t plan to tell you this secret. I didn’t even tell Nangong Li, but on account of Wan Feng, I’ll remind you,” the State Preceptor said word by word. “The Ghost Clan.”

Yu Wan looked at him in confusion.

The State Preceptor explained, “I’m sure you’ve heard about the marriage between the Eldest Princess and the Ghost Clan. The Ghost Clan even offered the holy artifact.”

Yu Wan raised her eyebrows. “I know this. What does it have to do with my birthmark? Don’t tell me that my father isn’t Helian Beiyu, but the King of the Ghost Clan!”

The State Preceptor choked again. He finally understood why Wan Feng was so close to her. These two little fellows were simply the same! What were they thinking!!!

The State Preceptor said, “Your mother is engaged to the Ghost Clan. On the day the engagement took effect, she was marked by the Ghost Clan. She is already a member of the Ghost Clan.”

Yu Wan said thoughtfully, “So the children she gives birth to will also have marks? But why doesn’t my brother have them?”

The State Preceptor said, “A woman’s mark will only be passed down to a woman.”

Yu Wan was enlightened. No wonder Bruiser and the little fellows did not have it. If she gave birth to a little daughter for Yan Jiuchao in the future, wouldn’t the little daughter have the same birthmark as her?

Yu Wan touched her back. For some reason, she was related to the Ghost Clan. This feeling was really a little indescribable.

The State Preceptor said seriously, “The Eldest Princess is the bride that the Ghost King has chosen. The Ghost King will find her.”


After leaving the State Preceptor Hall, Yu Wan walked aimlessly on the streets. Asura looked around and followed her, occasionally grabbing a small thing from the stall.

“Hey, you took my—”


Yu Wan threw a silver piece at the vendor’s stall without looking back. When the vendor received the silver, he instantly smiled. “Thank you, Madam! Come often!”

Asura grabbed something and Yu Wan threw the silver. She did not need to turn around to throw it accurately. She was actually thinking about something. She did not quite understand the State Preceptor’s words.

What did he mean by her mother was the bride that the Ghost King had chosen? The Ghost King would definitely find her? How many years had passed? Could it be that the whatever King of the Ghost Clan had yet to give up on her mother?

Now that her mother had regained her identity, if he really wanted to find her, wouldn’t they have come to the door? They did not find any envoys from the Ghost Clan.

Just as this thought flashed through her mind, Yu Wan realized that her path was blocked.

Yu Wan took a step to the right, intending to move aside. That person also took a step to the right.

Yu Wan went left, and that person actually went left too.

Yu Wan sensed that something was wrong and looked at the other party indifferently. It was a man in a black robe. He was about thirty years old, had cold eyebrows, and was tall. He was looking at her as if he was looking at prey.

Yu Wan’s eyes turned cold.

Asura, who had bought a large number of trinkets and could barely carry them with both hands, felt Yu Wan’s abnormality. He flashed over and blocked Yu Wan!

The black-robed man sized up Asura and narrowed his eyes slightly. “Asura?”

Since this person could recognize the sacrificial soldier, Asura, it seemed that he was not an ordinary expert. Yu Wan walked out from behind Asura and looked at him. “Who are you? Why are you blocking my path?”

The black-robed man smiled and said, “After so many years, Madam’s appearance hasn’t changed at all.”


Yu Wan’s first reaction was that they knew each other. Her second reaction was that she was still a child many years ago. What did he mean by her appearance did not change at all?

Almost in a flash, Yu Wan made a bold guess—the other party had recognized the wrong person.

The black-robed man smiled meaningfully. “You don’t remember me? That’s true. I was still a child at that time.”

Indeed, he had mistaken her for her mother.

The black-robed man looked at Yu Wan’s face and exclaimed, “How did you do it? You didn’t age at all all these years?”

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