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Chapter 112: Chaos in the Imperial City (2)

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After leaving the cave, Xue Fanxin returned to the Imperial City. Once she stepped foot inside, she was frightened by the bloody, cruel, and terrifying scene.

“What… what’s going on?”

Beside the city gate of the Imperial City were more than ten people hanging. They were not only covered in injuries, but their wrists were also dripping with blood. However, the bleeding was very slow, flowing drop by drop. There was a bucket placed under each person to collect the dripping blood. The buckets were already half full, making it terrifying to look at.

The dozen or so people were almost all on their last breaths. Some of them were even dead, and those who were not were going to die soon.

Xue Fanxin saw a familiar person among them, leaving her shocked. This person was none other than the Third Young Master of the Imperial Preceptor’s Estate, Yan Jinlu, the person who had wanted to rob her back then.

What had happened in the Nanling Empire’s Imperial City behind her?

If even Yan Jinlu from the Imperial Preceptor’s Estate was in such a bad state, could something have happened to her grandfather?

“Grandpa…” Xue Fanxin was worried for Xue Batian. Before she could find someone to ask what had happened, she ran towards the Duke’s Estate in a hurry.

Unexpectedly, she was blocked midway.

“Who are you? How dare you run around on the streets?”

“Who cares who she is? The Young Master said that we have to capture anyone suspicious.”

“You’re right. This girl is very suspicious at a glance. She’s carrying a skinny cat and running around in a panic on the streets. There must be something wrong. Bring her back for Young Master to interrogate. If she really offended Young Master, she will die without a burial place.”

Xue Fanxin looked at the people blocking her path. Her entire person was tense, and her vigilance was high. This was because these people’s cultivation levels were too high. The weakest among them was in the Spirit Transformation realm.

The Old Ancestor of the Nanling Empire was only in the Spirit Refining realm and had not reached the Spirit Transformation realm at all. From this, it could be seen that these people were not from the Nanling Empire but experts from outside.

With her current cultivation level, she would suffer a huge loss if she faced so many people in the Spirit Transformation Realm. But she was anxious to go back and see her grandfather. She could not be taken away by these people. Who knew when she would return?

After thinking about it repeatedly, Xue Fanxin decided to be polite first before resorting to force. “Big brothers, I am the Young Miss of the Duke’s Estate, Xue Fanxin. I just returned from outside and don’t know what has happened in the Imperial City. I’m just too worried about Grandpa, so I wanted to rush back to take a look. I hope you can make things easy for me, big brothers. I can’t thank you enough.”

“The heiress of the Duke’s Estate? Do you know her?”

“Why would I know a small fry from the Nanling Empire? Furthermore, this girl has sores all over her face. Just looking at her makes me feel disgusted. Who would want to know such a person?”

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“I did hear something about the Young Miss of the Duke’s Estate yesterday. I heard that she is a stupid and useless person. However, such a useless person has actually been chosen by the Ninth Imperial Uncle of the Nanling Empire. She is now the Ninth Imperial Uncle’s fiancée!”

“What kind of taste does that Ninth Imperial Uncle have? He actually wants such an ugly woman to be his fiancée. He must be blind.”

Xue Fanxin had quite a few pimples on her face. Furthermore, those pimples were large and red, no different from boils. They severely affected her looks, so to outsiders, she was extremely ugly.

It was not that Xue Fanxin did not notice the acne on her face, but she did not care.

Wasn’t it normal to have some pimples during puberty?

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