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Chapter 12

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Li Yaoyao did not know that Yi Tian was outside. She, who was in a rage, wanted to find a target to vent about and the target was Yi Tian.

“Yi Tian is so stupid. He was deceived by me, yet he doesn’t even know what’s going on. He didn’t think about it properly either. The Nine-Step Azure Fire Snake’s poison is so terrifying. How could I take the risk to help him suck it out? Even if I really helped him suck out the poison, I’d have gotten hurt. At that time, I only made up a few lies, but he really thought that I was his savior and has been obedient to me ever since.”

Yi Tian heard everything clearly from outside. His face turned pale, and his eyes were filled with anger as he clenched his fists.

He had always thought that Li Yaoyao had saved his life, the reason he had always protected her. He had never expected the truth to be…

“Yi Tian is stupid, but Xue Fanxin is even more so. Back then, she foolishly helped Yi Tian suck out the snake poison, but in the end, she almost died. She had a high fever for ten days straight and was unconscious. If not for Xue Batian inviting a famous doctor, she’d have died long ago. It was precisely because she was unconscious for ten days that I could successfully deceive Yi Tian. From this, it can be seen that the heavens are still on my side.

“If I could succeed two years ago, I can definitely do it again two years later. Xue Fanxin, even if you drive me out of the Duke’s estate today, I’ll return in glory one day.”

Li Yaoyao revealed another huge secret. After Yi Tian heard this, his body trembled even more as he recalled what happened two years ago.

Back then, he was being pursued by his enemies and accidentally got bit by the Nine-Step Azure Fire Snake. Just as his life was hanging by a thread, a little girl appeared and used her mouth to suck out all the snake venom in his body.

At that time, he was in a daze. When he woke up, Li Yaoyao was by his side. She said that she had saved him, so he just took her word for it.

Unexpectedly, his real savior was Xue Fanxin, whom he had always hated.

Two years ago, when he was poisoned by the snake venom, Xue Fanxin had indeed been in a coma for ten days. Her fever had not subsided, and she almost died.

At that time, all his attention was on Li Yaoyao and he didn’t care about Xue Fanxin at all. He didn’t even visit her once.

What was he doing? Not only had he repaid the wrong person, but he also spoke so harshly to his real savior. Just now…

Yi Tian did not dare to continue thinking and was in no mood to eavesdrop. He left like a zombie.

Li Yaoyao did not know that Yi Tian had come and gone. There was a lot of anger and bitterness in her heart as she continued to complain to Xiao Tao. “That Xue Fanxin is stupid and foolish. What right does she have to receive the love of so many people? One day, I’ll crush her under my feet and make her beg me bitterly like she made me do today.”

“Miss, we’re almost done packing. Are we really leaving now?” Xiao Tao asked as she listened to Li Yaoyao complain.

Actually, there wasn’t much to pack, just a few clothes.

Li Yaoyao looked at the bag Xiao Tao had packed, and her heart became even heavier. She looked out of the door and said unhappily, “Yi Tian said he would come and look for me. Why isn’t he here yet?”

“Perhaps Young Master Yi Tian hasn’t packed his things yet. Let’s wait a little longer.”

“Okay, let’s do that.” Li Yaoyao looked outside the door again and suddenly panicked.

Had something bad happened again?

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