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Chapter 299: All Sprouting

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When Ye Jiushang thought of his spirit herbs, he lost interest in the pot. He looked at Xue Fanxin with an expectant gaze and asked nervously, “Xin’er, is there any movement from those seeds?”

“I didn’t pay attention!” Xue Fanxin had been busy with other things recently. Furthermore, the seeds had just been planted. She did not think that there would be any activity so quickly, so she did not check. She separated a wisp of her divine sense to take a look after Ye Jiushang mentioned it.

She was shocked by the scene. She couldn’t wait to tell Ye Jiushang the good news. “Ah Jiu, Ah Jiu, they all germinated.”

Ye Jiushang knew that Xue Fanxin’s divine sense had entered the Reverse Spirit Heaven Wheel’s space, so he did not disturb her. He only stared at her quietly, hoping to glean some information from her expression. Before he could see anything, he heard her excited shout, leaving him stunned and delighted.

They had all germinated… It meant that not only the Dragon Blood Soul Lotus and the Nine Revolutions Purple Leaf Orchid, but even the Tree of Life had sprouted.

Indeed, only Breathing Earth could grow these three things. Meeting Xin’er was his greatest fortune.

“Ah Jiu, why don’t I try to take you into the Reverse Spirit Heaven Wheel’s space to take a look?” Noticing his lack of response, she knew that he was thrilled. Hence, she had a sudden thought and wanted to take Ye Jiushang into the space to take a look.

The Reverse Spirit Heaven Wheel Space was in her body. It was equivalent to bringing a person into her body, so she would not easily do such a thing unless she fully trusted someone.

“A space with spirituality recognizes its owner. I can’t enter, so you don’t have to waste your energy,” Ye Jiushang said with extreme certainty.

If he could enter that space, he would have long gone in to take a look. He would not have waited until now.

A space that even he could not sense existed. It was an extremely powerful existence. He could not even find the door, so how could he enter?

“How would I know if I don’t give it a try?” Xue Fanxin insisted. She pulled Ye Jiushang’s hand and willed to bring him into the space. In the end, she did enter, but Ye Jiushang was expelled outside. Forget about entering the space, he did not even feel anything strange. He did not even sense the power of the spatial flow.

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A portable space was also a spatial ability. When used, there would more or less be spatial energy flowing, but when Xue Fanxin used the Reverse Spirit Heaven Wheel Space, he could not sense anything at all.

This meant that the Reverse Spirit Heaven Wheel Space was much stronger than him.

If even he could not discover a space, then not many people in this world could. In this way, Xin’er’s possession of a precious treasure would not be easily discovered.

After Xue Fanxin entered the space, she realized that she was alone. She came out in disappointment and said, “Ah Jiu, I really can’t take you in.”

“Silly girl, this was impossible in the first place.” Ye Jiushang gently stroked Xue Fanxin’s head and said, “Alright, don’t worry about it. You have just advanced to the Spirit Refining Realm, so you should consolidate your foundation. You should have a new breakthrough in the Xue You Sword Art and the Heavenly Spirit Butterfly Dance.”

“What new breakthrough?”

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“Let’s go outside. I’ll give you some pointers today and teach you how to fuse sword techniques and spirit arts.”

“Sure, sure!”

If she could become stronger, she might be of some use the next time she encountered danger.

Her future path would be arduous. If she wanted to succeed, she had to have enough strength.

Hence, she should focus on improving her strength now. Only by becoming stronger could she think of anything else.

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