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Chapter 346: Under the Stone Tablet

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Ye Jiushang knew that Xue Fanxin was worried about Su Baifeng. He stroked her head and comforted her. “Don’t think too much. Even if she escapes, I have my ways to deal with her. When the time comes, I’ll eliminate her and that vengeful spirit and return peace to the world.”

He had never cared if the world was peaceful. He did not care even if the people were plunged into misery and suffering. But now, for Xin’er’s sake, he would be a good person and do something for others.

However, he was quite interested in that powerful vengeful spirit.

A vengeful spirit that could raise countless Evil Bone Spectral Soldiers was very interesting.

“Forget it, forget it. Let’s not worry about Su Baifeng. It’s useless. Ah Jiu, there’s one more thing I have to tell you. That Yi Fentian seems to have noticed something, even saying that he wants to expose me.” When Xue Fanxin thought of Yi Fentian, she got angry. She felt that this man was even more of a scumbag than Jiang Donghai.

“If he wants to expose you, let him. You’re the real Xue Fanxin. What’s there to worry about? Still, this Yi Fentian really needs a lesson.”

Little Lei noticed Ye Jiushang’s sinister smile and volunteered, “Master, I’ll help you beat him up. If you want to kill him, I’ll help you kill him.”

“We can deal with such a small fry in the future. We have more important things to do now.”

“What is it?” Xue Fanxin and Little Lei asked in unison.

“Playing games”

“Playing games? What games?”

“The challenge game.”


“Let’s go. The game is about to begin.” Ye Jiushang flicked Xue Fanxin’s forehead and pulled her hand to walk out.

Little Lei followed them with the little white tiger in his arms. Zhuri and Fuyun happened to have packed their things and came along. Gu Jinyuan and Ah Wei naturally tagged along.

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However, Gu Jinyuan had a question in his heart, but he did not know how to ask it.

Why did they say Yi Fentian had discovered Xin’er’s true identity?

What identity did Xin’er have?

Forget it. No matter what it was, she was one of his close friends.

Ye Jiushang brought Xue Fanxin to the stone tablet. His presence energized the people of the four great clans. They wanted to go forward, but they did not dare to. Therefore, they could only stay where they were.

When Yi Fentian saw Ye Jiushang and Xue Fanxin come hand in hand, apart from jealousy, he was also angry. He swore to himself that in the future, he would definitely make these two pay a heavy price. No matter what, he had to find out the real Xue Fanxin’s whereabouts from them.

In Ye Jiushang’s eyes, Yi Fentian was an insignificant person, so he did not take him seriously at all. After arriving at the stone tablet, he said, “I didn’t expect the entrance to have already opened. It looks like you’ve passed the first round.”

“What first stage?” Although Xue Fanxin asked, she already had the answer in her heart.

Most likely, the questions just now were the first stage.

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“The checkpoints here are specially prepared for you. It’s very difficult for others, but it might be easy for you. Let’s go in directly.” Ye Jiushang casually waved his hand and swept away all the fragments of the stone tablet.

There was a circle of light under the broken rocks. It seemed to be the entrance to another place.

Without saying much, Ye Jiushang led Xue Fanxin into the circle of light, and the two of them disappeared.

“Master, wait for me.” Little Lei carried the white tiger and followed closely. He also entered the light and disappeared.

Then, Zhuri, Fuyun, Gu Jinyuan, and Ah Wei followed one after another.

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