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Chapter 369: Avoid If You Can

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After Gu Jinyuan and Ah Wei left, Little Lei brought the little white tiger to rest. Xue Batian and Xue Fanxin chatted for a while before returning to their rooms.

The sky was already dark. At the dinner table, Xue Fanxin could already tell that Ye Jiushang had something on his mind. So when everyone dispersed, she invited him to stargaze.

The night was beautiful. The sky was filled with stars, and there was actually a meteor shower.

“Ah Jiu, look, look. It’s actually a meteor shower. Quickly make a wish. Don’t miss such a good opportunity.” Xue Fanxin made a wish sincerely when she saw the meteor shower.

Ye Jiushang sat there without moving, just glancing at the meteor shower. All his attention was on Xue Fanxin. He watched her make a wish and found the scene prettier than the sky.

His Little Xin’er was already a little beauty. In another year or two, she would definitely stun others.

Xue Fanxin realized that Ye Jiushang was staring at her and had not made a wish. She said regretfully, “Ah Jiu, why didn’t you make a wish? It’s very difficult to encounter a meteor shower. Make a wish to a meteor, and it will be fulfilled.”

“If I want to fulfill my wish, I will do it with my own hands. I won’t entrust it to a few stars. Xin’er, I have something to tell you,” Ye Jiushang said solemnly. He did not seem to be in a good mood.

“I could tell that something was wrong with you at dinner. Tell me, what’s bothering you? No matter what it is, I’ll face it with you.”

Ye Jiushang smiled gently and rubbed Xue Fanxin’s little head. “Something happened at my base camp. I have to go back tomorrow, but I can’t take you with me. We’ll have to separate for a while. Though I don’t want to.”

“Your base camp?”

“It’s a faction I established called Nine Cloud Palace. That place is very, very far from here. Your cultivation level is too low. Even with me leading you, forcefully passing through layers of obstacles to get there is still perilous. I can only leave you here for the time being.”

“Oh, I understand. How long will you be gone?” Although Xue Fanxin was unwilling, she understood that everyone had something to do. Even husband and wife could not be tied together at all times.

She could not ignore her cultivation just because she had Ah Jiu. On the contrary, in order to walk further with him, she had to work even harder.

If the two of them wanted to walk the path of life hand in hand, it would be tough if there was too much difference between the two.

Even if not for Ah Jiu, she had to work hard to become stronger for herself.

“At least a month, at most two months. I’ll leave Little Lei behind. He can guarantee your safety. When I’m not around, if you meet Su Baifeng, don’t fight her head-on. Avoid her as much as you can.”


She had wanted to tear Su Baifeng into pieces after coming out of the Spacetime Emperor’s tomb!

“The current Su Baifeng might not be the past her. She has a powerful vengeful spirit on her. You are no match for it.”

“A vengeful spirit? Is it the one from the tomb of the Spacetime Emperor?”

Although she did not know what kind of vengeful spirit was suppressed in the tomb of the Spacetime Emperor, she could sense it was powerful, so much so that even the Spacetime Emperor could only imprison it.

With her current ability, she definitely could not deal with it.

That Su Baifeng’s luck was extraordinary. She actually encountered a vengeful spirit at such a time. Indeed, a scourge lived for a thousand years!

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