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Chapter 438: You Want to Touch Too

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Xue Fanxin was not expecting Xue Batian. She had not arranged many things, nor had she let everyone be mentally prepared. Fortunately, only her grandfather had come.

“Grandpa, don’t be shocked. This is Little Lei.”

“Little Lei? He’s Little Lei? How did Little Lei become a dragon?” Xue Batian had yet to digest the scene in front of him. His eyes were wide open. When he found out that he was Little Lei, he was even more shocked. His entire body froze, and his head buzzed. He really could not understand what he was seeing and hearing.

How had their Little Lei become a dragon?

Little Lei actually regarded Xue Batian as his family, especially after spending time with him. He was quite happy with the old man who often bickered with him and stole his food. He was scared of losing this happiness and said nervously, “Grandpa Xue, I’m Little Lei. Don’t be afraid and despise me. I’ve just changed. I’ll definitely revert to a human in the future.”

Although he did not know how to return to his human form yet, he believed that he would learn the method in the future. If he couldn’t, his master would help him out.

From the way Little Lei kept repeating things like not despising him, it could be seen that it had the most impact on his heart. Perhaps the fact that his parents did not want him had already become a shadow in his heart. He was afraid of being abandoned again.

Xue Fanxin comforted him. “Silly boy, who will despise you? Don’t let your thoughts run wild. You’re our family. No matter what you become, you’re very important to us. We won’t despise you, nor will we abandon you. Stop thinking about useless things.”


“Really, more real than a pearl! Grandpa won’t despise you. If you don’t believe me, you can ask him.”

“Grandpa Xue, will you despise me?” Little Lei was very innocent at this moment. He really did as Xue Fanxin said, asking those childish questions.

Xue Batian finally reacted. He knew that the purple dragon was the slightly arrogant and smug Little Lei. Although he was still shocked, he was even more excited. He walked forward and wanted to touch the dragon scales, but he did not dare to. He could only ask, “Little Lei! Can I touch you?”

When Xue Fanxin heard Xue Batian’s words, she was rendered speechless. They were indeed grandfather and granddaughter. Their hobbies were actually the same.

“You want to touch me too?” Little Lei wanted to cry but had no tears. However, his mood improved a lot. At least he knew that Xue Batian did not dislike him.

As long as no one hated him, it was fine.

“You are a dragon, a divine dragon. An incomparably powerful divine beast in the legends. I’ve only seen it in books. Now that a living dragon is in front of me, of course, I have to touch it. This is a rare opportunity. If I miss it, I can’t go back. Perhaps I’ll touch your scales a few times and… in the future, hehe… Come, come, Little Lei, let me touch you.”

Without waiting for his approval, Xue Batian started touching his body. He felt that Little Lei did not stop him, so he became fearless.

“Don’t touch my ticklish spots. You can’t touch there. It tickles… Ah…”

Xue Fanxin looked at the man and dragon playing happily and felt relieved. “Grandpa, stay here with Little Lei. I’ll prepare some food for him and give the others some instructions.”

“Alright, alright. Go ahead.” Xue Batian wanted to stay with Little Lei too. Even if he could only stare at him, he found it very interesting.

Hehe, Little Lei was actually a dragon. This was too interesting.

A dragon… Thinking of the scene of the imperial dragon riding the wind, that should no longer be a dream.


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