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Chapter 458: Person and Furnace

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Little Lei looked at the flying and spinning Nine Revolutions Burning Yang Furnace and got interested in it. He wanted to reach out and grab it to play with, but he couldn’t.

“Hey, let me play with it. It looks fun.”

“The Nine Revolutions Burning Yang Furnace is very spiritual. It’s good if it’s willing to play with you. If it isn’t, I can’t do anything about it. You guys play here. I’ll give the pill to Ah Jiu.” She did not put the furnace back into her space. Instead, she entered the tent with the newly refined pill.

After this matter, she seriously realized how little she knew about the world.

In the past, she was proud of her medical skills and thought that as long as it was not a terminal illness, she basically had a way to treat it. But reality proved otherwise.

This world was not the modernized twenty-first century. There were many things that could not be solved with modern knowledge and technology. She had to use other methods here.

She still had a long way to go in the profession of a doctor. There was a lot to learn. She could not be arrogant and complacent.

“Ah Jiu, I’ll work hard to become stronger. When the time comes, I’ll protect you.” After feeding him the pill, she accompanied him to see the pill’s effects.

How effective would it be?

Not long after Ye Jiushang consumed the Bone and Flesh Regeneration Pill, his body started to change. The broken bones in his body slowly grew and recovered. All the wounds on his body, large and small, were healing and new flesh grew.

The entire process took about two hours.

In just two hours, the person who was originally covered in injuries had recovered. The wounds were now scabbing. New flesh had already grown out, and the broken bones in his body had all healed… If she had not seen such a magical thing with her own eyes, Xue Fanxin would never have believed it.

Was this the miraculous effect of the Bone and Flesh Regeneration Pill?

Such a divine pill was more powerful than any spirit pill.

Unfortunately, the sap of the Tree of Life was too rare. Otherwise, she would really want to refine more to carry with her. This way, she would not have to be afraid once she suffered serious injuries.

After Ye Jiushang consumed the Bone and Flesh Regeneration Pill, the pain that was worse than death disappeared. This allowed him to have a good rest and sleep better.

Even then, he could sense that there was someone by his side. That was why he could sleep so soundly and peacefully.

Xue Fanxin knew that he really needed a good rest. She sat there quietly and tried her best not to disturb him. Hearing sounds outside, she knew that it was Little Lei. She was worried that he would affect Ye Jiushang’s rest, so she went out to deal with it.

She saw Little Lei and the Nine Revolutions Burning Yang Furnace playing happily, chasing each other.


It seemed that the furnace was also a playful little guy.

“Hey, stop making a noise. Ah Jiu needs to rest. You’ll disturb him like this. If you want to play, go somewhere far away. Little Lei, I don’t know how long I’ll be staying here. It might take a few days. Go back to the Ninth Lord’s Estate and tell Grandpa about the situation here. Otherwise, he will be fraught with worry.”

“Can I bring it with me?” Little Lei asked as he hugged the Nine Revolutions Burning Yang Furnace.

“As long as it’s willing.”

Before Little Lei could ask, the Nine Revolutions Burning Yang Furnace jumped up excitedly. Clearly, it was very willing.

Seeing this, Xue Fanxin understood.

The Nine Revolutions Burning Yang Furnace was very spiritual and could even be said to be alive. It had been locked in the space for so long, so it must be bored.

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