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Chapter 478: Complete Ending

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Although he was far away, Ye Jiushang could still hear Bai Wuchen’s heart-wrenching cries. However, he chose to ignore them. After sending that brat flying, he felt much better.

There were indeed some benefits to venting.

At this moment, apart from Bai Wuchen’s followers, everyone present felt refreshed, especially Little Lei. When he used his divine sense to see Bai Wuchen soaking in the feces pit, he could not help but laugh wildly. “Haha… Young Master Feces Pit is soaking in the feces pit again. Haha… It’s really too funny.”

Zhuri and the others did not know what was going on, but after hearing Little Lei’s laughter and words, they could already guess.

Presumably, that Young Master Wuchen was in a miserable state. To soak in a feces pit, even ordinary people could not bear such a thing, let alone a clean freak.

Ye Jiushang did not care how miserable Bai Wuchen was. He did not waste his time on this person. Now that he had returned to the Lord’s Estate, he should start doing what he had to do. He had to finish things here as soon as possible and then take Xin’er to the Mystic World.

“Zhuri, has the Ghost King done anything recently?”

“Your Highness, there hasn’t been much activity from the Ghost King recently. Although he saved Zhuiyue and Yi Fentian, he hasn’t used them to do anything until now. I sent people to investigate the whereabouts of these two, but I couldn’t find them. Previously, Little Lei chased after the Ghost King and brought back two people who were poisoned. If the consort hadn’t reacted in time, I’m afraid…” Zhuri felt a lingering fear when he thought of the two people who had been reduced to poisonous blood that day.

He had always known that the Ghost King and their lord were not on good terms. However, the two of them had never fought openly. So he assumed that the Ghost King was afraid of their lord.

But he did not think so now. For the Ghost King to use such a terrifying method, he was definitely not a simple person. Perhaps he was planning something major.

Upon hearing about this Ghost King, Xue Fanxin felt depressed. Although she had never seen him, many things around her were related to this Ghost King. Especially the matter of Yi Fentian made her furious.

Keeping that Yi Fentian alive would definitely be a huge disaster. Initially, she could get rid of this potential disaster, but that Ghost King just had to come and cause trouble. How infuriating.

“Ah Jiu, the Ghost King saved Yi Fentian. I don’t want to keep this person, so I hope you can help me.” Xue Fanxin had never asked him to help her get rid of her enemy. She liked doing it on her own. Sometimes, Ye Jiushang would lend her a hand, so this was the first time she had taken the initiative to ask him for help.

With her current ability, she had no way of getting rid of Yi Fentian. The longer she kept him alive, the more troublesome it would be. She could only seek help from Ah Jiu.

With Ah Jiu around, he should be able to get rid of Yi Fentian as soon as possible, right?

“Don’t worry. I’ll help you,” Ye Jiushang said coldly. The cold was not targeted at Xue Fanxin but Yi Fentian.

He had returned this time to end everything here. Even if Xin’er did not mention it, he would not let Yi Fentian off.

Since it was over, he had to settle everything cleanly and leave no future trouble.

If the Ghost King insisted on protecting Yi Fentian, it would be difficult.

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