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Chapter 512: An Exception

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A cold man in a black brocade robe walked into the courtyard with Zhuri. The displeasure on his face grew stronger and stronger, and his brows furrowed even more tightly.

What did Ye Jiushang mean? He was actually receiving him in such a remote and simple courtyard. Was he trying to humiliate him in another way?


Forget it. He had come today to find out the so-called truth back then. As for the rest, he would deal with Ye Jiushang in the future.


Zhuri was nervous the whole way. He was afraid that the Ghost King would flare up and kill him. He only heaved a sigh of relief when the Ghost King sat on a stone stool in the courtyard without saying a word.

“When will Ye Jiushang come?” The Ghost King ignored the reception. He only wanted to see Ye Jiushang and learn the truth.

“His Highness will be here soon.” Just as Zhuri finished speaking, Ye Jiushang appeared out of thin air in the courtyard. He gestured for Zhuri to leave.

The Ghost King remained unfazed by his abrupt arrival like he was used to it. He went straight to the point and asked, “What is the truth that you mentioned in your letter? If you are only teasing me, I’ll definitely make you regret it.”

Ye Jiushang smiled coldly and said, “If not for the deal I made with Consort Qi, you would have already been a dead man.”

“What deal did Mother make with you?”

“That’s not important. What’s important is her true cause of death. After so many years, haven’t you found any clues? If that’s really the case, then it can only mean that you’re too useless.”

“Ye Jiushang, stop mocking me. You…” The Ghost King wanted to say something, but a purple shadow suddenly flashed in front of him. Before he could see what was going on, his life was already in someone’s hands.

Ye Jiushang teleported in front of the Ghost King and grabbed his neck, taking control of his life. He said coldly, “As long as I exert a little more force, your life will be gone. Do you still think I’m mocking you?”

“You…” The Ghost King was shocked. Only at this moment did he recognize Ye Jiushang’s true strength and realize how great the difference between them was.

He thought that he was very strong. In fact, he was indeed strong. Not only that, but his techniques were mysterious. That was why he dared to challenge Ye Jiushang.

All along, he thought he could fight against Ye Jiushang. Even if there was a difference between them, it would not be too much. Furthermore, he had dealt with Ye Jiushang in secret for so many years and was still safe and sound. It made him assume that he had the ability to deal with Ye Jiushang. However, only now did he realize how huge the difference between them was. They were people of different levels.

“I won’t kill you, so you don’t have to be so nervous.” Ye Jiushang let go of the Ghost King’s neck. “Consort Qi used all her strength to protect your life. Before she died, she even begged me to protect you. If she had not taken out something that tempted me, I would not have let you live until now, nor would I have secretly ensured your safety.”

“What did you say?” The Ghost King was shocked again. He looked at Ye Jiushang with wide eyes, his mind a mess.

Ye Jiushang sat down calmly. He picked up a withered leaf on the stone table and played with it. “If you want to know about Consort Qi, then sit down and listen. I have never wasted time on an unimportant person. Today, I will make an exception and talk nonsense with you.”

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