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Chapter 527: How Thoughtful

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It had only been less than fifteen minutes since the black-robed elder had appeared and left, but a world-shaking battle had already happened in that window.

Xue Fanxin finally returned to her senses. She jumped down from the roof and came to Ye Jiushang’s side. The first thing she asked was not if Yi Fentian was dead or alive, but if he was okay.

Ah Jiu had fought a huge battle with the Lord of the Nether City not long ago and then encountered the Asura sacrificial soldiers. Without recovering fully, he got into a fight with that strange old man… She was really worried that Ah Jiu’s body would not be able to take the burden.

In fact, that was indeed the case. Ye Jiushang had consumed too much energy previously. When he woke up, he had only recovered 50% of his strength. Otherwise, how could the black-robed elder have saved Yi Fentian from him?

Yi Fentian’s luck was just too good.

“I’m fine. I let that guy escape again,” Ye Jiushang said while panting slightly. It was obvious that he had consumed a lot of energy just now.

“It’s okay as long as you’re fine. He can run, but he can’t disappear. He can hide for a while, but he can’t do that forever. We’ll kill him the next time we meet. Although Yi Fentian will gradually become stronger, we won’t stay where we are either. I want to see if he advances faster than us.”

“Yi Fentian’s talent is ordinary. Even if he has the Heart of the Demon, if he starts cultivating the demonic technique now, he won’t have many achievements in three to five years. You, on the other hand, can advance quickly. You will definitely be stronger than him.”

“That’s right, that’s right. Even if I can’t, don’t I still have you? When the time comes, we’ll join forces and tear him apart.”

“Oh you, you’re quite open-minded.” Ye Jiushang knew that Xue Fanxin was only comforting him.

When Yi Fentian was saved by the black-robed elder, he was indeed mad. This was because he had never taken Yi Fentian seriously and thought that he could kill him at any time. He had used all his strength yet could not kill Yi Fentian. It would be strange if he was not depressed.

His Little Xin’er was so understanding. She did not complain about why he had failed to kill Yi Fentian. Instead, she comforted him, encouraged him, and led him to think positively.

What a considerate girl.

“I’m just telling the truth. Since ancient times, evil has never triumphed over good. I believe that we can one day kill Yi Fentian.”


While they were chatting, the Yi family rushed over. The first to arrive was Yi Qingshan. Following that, Yi Fenyun also came, along with quite a few guards.

“Ninth Lord, Ninth Consort, why is it you? What happened here?”

“Haha, I’m sorry for destroying your home. I’ll pay, I’ll definitely pay. Haha…” Xue Fanxin apologized and even offered to compensate them.

“No need, no need. It’s just a courtyard. It’s not worth much.” Yi Qingshan tactfully rejected her and asked, “I wonder if the Ninth Imperial Consort can tell me what happened here?”

Everyone in Heavenly Saints City knew that the Ninth Imperial Consort loved money. If they really wanted her to compensate, she would hate them to death.

He did not want this Ninth Imperial Consort to bear a grudge. He would rather just lose some money.

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