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Chapter 553: It Must Be Her

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Ye Jiushang originally thought that Xue Fanxin had taken a fancy to something. When he saw her expression, he asked worriedly, “What’s wrong? You like something?”

“That ring…” Xue Fanxin stared straight at the ring placed in the most central and conspicuous position in the shop in front of her. The more she looked, the more shocked she became. Her expression distorted as anger and hatred gradually appeared in her eyes. She looked like she wanted to eat someone.

“Xin’er, what’s wrong with you? Don’t scare me.” Ye Jiushang got even more anxious and nervous. He stood in front of her and grabbed her arm tightly, anxious to know what was happening.

With Ye Jiushang blocking her vision, Xue Fanxin could not see the ring anymore. Her emotions calmed down a little, but her condition was still not optimum. Apart from anger and hatred, there was also a hint of panic in her eyes. She turned around and grabbed Ye Jiushang’s hand. “Ah Jiu, it must be her. It must be her.”

“Who is it?”

“Pei Xiangxiang, it’s Pei Xiangxiang. It must be her. I recognize that ring as her design. It can only be found in my world. Furthermore, it’s Pei Xiangxiang’s famous design. Apart from her, no one in the world can make an identical ring, not even the details. I don’t believe such a coincidence exists in this world. It must be her.”

Pei Xiangxiang was initially an unknown jewelry designer. Later, with her and Jiang Donghai’s help, she designed a ring that earned her renown and respect, becoming a rather famous jewelry designer.

As she had participated in the design of this ring, Xue Fanxin was quite familiar with it. She could tell all the details at a glance and was immediately certain that this was Pei Xiangxiang’s famous work.

She had always known that Pei Xiangxiang and Jiang Donghai had come to this world, but she still hoped that the scumbag couple had been killed by the explosion. Seeing that ring today, she no longer held that dream. She was certain that Pei Xiangxiang had also come here and was doing well.

Why would bad people not be easily punished?

Ye Jiushang knew who Pei Xiangxiang was and understood Xue Fanxin’s feelings. He comforted her. “Didn’t you already know that she had come to this world? Now that you’ve discovered her first, this is a good sign. If we follow the clues and investigate step by step, we’ll be able to trace her whereabouts. We’ll personally go and destroy her.”

Xue Fanxin’s mood improved a lot. Just now, as things had happened too suddenly, she lost control of her emotions. “Ah Jiu, don’t worry. I’m fine. Be it Pei Xiangxiang or Jiang Donghai, I won’t let them off. I’ll definitely tear them apart.”

“Alright, I’ll help you.”

“Let’s investigate their identities first. I want to see what they have become after transmigrating here. Let’s go in and ask around.” Xue Fanxin adjusted her emotions and headed to the store.

Since Pei Xiangxiang had taken out her famous work to sell, it would not be difficult to find out her current identity.

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