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Chapter 554: The Origin of the Ring

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Xue Fanxin went straight for the ring. She wanted to get a closer look, but before she could approach the display, she was stopped. “Hey, hey, hey, look from afar. Don’t approach it casually. If you accidentally break the thing on it, even if you sell yourselves, it won’t be enough to compensate.”

Xue Fanxin ignored the shop owner’s bad attitude. Instead, she took the opportunity to get some information. “Owner, where did this ring come from? Why is it so valuable?”

“This is a fine work from the Ouyang family of Yu City. Be it the materials, design, or workmanship, they are all top-notch. It was personally refined by the only blacksmith master in the Ouyang family. Just this background alone makes this ring priceless. Furthermore, the materials used and the extraordinary design… Why am I talking so much to you two bumpkins? Anyway, you can’t afford this ring. Go away…”

“Boss, didn’t you put the ring here for the customers to see? Even if we can’t afford it, we can take a few more looks, right?” Although the man was getting on her nerves, to obtain more information, she could only tolerate it. “I think the design is quite soft and beautiful. It should have been made by a woman. Could it be that the Ouyang family’s blacksmith master is a woman?”

“You don’t even know if Master Ouyang is a man or a woman. You’re really an ignorant country bumpkin.”

“Hehe, I’m just a little girl. How much knowledge can I have? Boss, tell me about this ring. I think it’s quite beautiful and I like it a lot! It was personally crafted by Master Ouyang. Did he do the design too?”

“There’s no harm in telling you. The style was designed by Master Ouyang’s granddaughter, Ouyang Xiangxiang. Alright, alright. I don’t think you can afford it. If you don’t want to buy anything else, leave quickly.” The shop owner did not want to entertain Xue Fanxin anymore. Seeing that she did not look like a big customer, he chased her away impatiently.

“Boss, how much is this ring worth?”

“99,990,000 ghost coins. Alright, if you don’t want to buy anything, leave. Don’t just stand here.”

Under the shop owner’s repeated eviction, Xue Fanxin was driven out of the shop.

“Hey… You…” Xue Fanxin wanted to ask more about the Ouyang family, but unfortunately, she had been driven out. She asked gloomily, “Ah Jiu, we don’t look like poor people. Why is that boss so certain that we can’t afford that ring?”

She and Ah Jiu were both dressed decently and had extraordinary looks. People like them should be quite popular no matter where they went. Why did everyone treat them as bumpkins from a remote place after coming to this Ghost Street?

“Because we don’t have any Ghost Talismans on us. No one will think that you have any background if you don’t even have a Ghost Talisman,” Ye Jiushang said, not caring about what had just happened.

“What’s a Ghost Talisman?”

“An identity talisman and badge given to people of status by the Ghost Estate.”

“You’re the Lord of Nine Cloud Palace. Could it be that you don’t have a Ghost Talisman with such an identity?”

“Well…” Just as Ye Jiushang was about to answer, a team of armored guards suddenly walked toward them. The surrounding people were so frightened that they quickly dodged. No one dared to stand in the middle of the street.

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