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Chapter 580: A New Journey (2)

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The little girl looked at Xue Fanxin and said in a panic, “You’ve already given me these pills. You can’t take them back.”

Xue Fanxin came in front of the little girl and smiled kindly. “Little girl, don’t be afraid. I won’t take back the pills. I just have some questions for you. When your father got injured, did he consume the pill refined by the Blue Sea Villa?”

“That’s right! The pills from the Blue Sea Villa are precious. Initially, our family was quite rich, but because we bought the healing pill, we got so poor. The days were not so difficult in the beginning, but later, Father was injured again. His injuries are very, very serious…”

“What injured your father?”

“When he went out to hunt, his hand was bitten by a wild boar. At that time, it looked like a superficial wound. The doctor said that his bones and tendons are not hurt and that he will be fine after resting for a few days. But his condition worsened, and he can’t even get out of bed now.” The little girl got sad when she mentioned her father.

Xue Fanxin rubbed her head. “Go back and tell your father not to use the pills from the Blue Sea Villa if he’s injured in the future, okay?”

“Why?” the little girl asked in confusion, but she immediately understood. “Sister, I understand. The Blue Sea Villa sells pills. You also sell pills. You two are competitors, so you don’t want everyone to buy pills from the Blue Sea Villa.”

“I…” Just as Xue Fanxin was about to explain, a mocking voice sounded. “Ninth Imperial Consort, aren’t you being too immoral?”

Qi Yuanzhan had brought the people from the Blue Sea Villa to the scene. He heard Xue Fanxin’s words, so he retorted angrily and even walked forward.

However, when he reached the front and saw the plates of pills, he was given a scare.

This… There were so many pills. Where did Xue Fanxin get them?

Their Blue Sea Villa could not refine so many pills in ten years.

He had originally thought that the Ninth Lord’s Estate would just have a few pills for show. Who knew that there would be more than dozens of platters? And perhaps they still had some more in their storage bags.

Heavens! Was he dreaming?

Xiao Muyan was also tagging along. He was frightened by the number and quality of those pills. The ominous feeling in his heart intensified.

His intuition told him that they would not gain anything by coming here today. They might even embarrass themselves.

“Xiao Muyan… You’re from the Blue Sea Villa?” Xue Fanxin did not know Qi Yuanzhan, but she recognized Xiao Muyan. She knew where these people came from.

But she was also waiting for them.

“I am the master of the Blue Sea Villa. Ninth Imperial Consort, you captured my Deputy Master and injured people from my Blue Sea Villa. Now, you’re using this method to snatch business from us… You’re clearly going against my Blue Sea Villa, right?”

“So what? Zhu Hai’s son poisoned my Grandpa, and Zhu Hai controlled the Mother Gu to hurt him. I have to settle this score with your Blue Sea Villa, right? Initially, I wanted to take out my anger on Zhu Hai alone. Since you insist on causing trouble for me, I’ll deal with you too.”

“You little girl, you’re so young, but your tone is not small. You’re really fearless. These pills…” Qi Yuanzhan saw those pills, and his heart was filled with greed.

If only these pills were all his.

The quality of those medicinal pills was higher than their Blue Sea Villa’s. Furthermore, there were many of them. This was a huge fortune!

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