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Chapter 618: Subordinate Heiran

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The center of the bamboo forest was an excellent place to cultivate. Just by standing there, one could sense an endless stream of spirit energy flowing into their bodies. This was equivalent to being able to cultivate even while standing.

Xue Fanxin took a deep breath and summoned the Xue You Flute. She transformed it into the Xue You Sword and practiced the Xue You Sword Art in the courtyard. She used the Heavenly Spirit Butterfly Dance at the same time. The combination of sword technique and spirit technique became increasingly perfect. As her cultivation level improved, using these two moves at the same time would no longer be so strenuous.

The Xue You Sword was connected to her mind. She could sense the sword intent hidden in the sword.

She could already use the Heavenly Spirit Butterfly Dance at will. She could casually create a spirit butterfly. As she gained a deeper understanding of it, she realized that these spirit butterflies had a communication function.

“Go, tell Ah Jiu that I miss him.” Xue Fanxin planned to test if the spirit butterflies could really send messages. She produced a few spirit butterflies and sent them to Ye Jiushang.

Not long after, she sensed an unfamiliar aura in the surroundings and immediately raised her guard.

A black shadow suddenly flashed over and attacked her.

Xue Fanxin dodged in time and counterattacked. The Xue You Sword swept out, and she used the Heavenly Spirit Butterfly Dance as a defense to fight the black-clothed person.

The black-clothed person was very powerful. They easily broke through her sword aura and defense. Then, they pointed their hand at her.

If the other party had a weapon, she would have already been killed. It could be seen that the black-clothed person had shown mercy.

“Your Highness, it’s not simple for you to dodge my attack with your Spirit Transformation cultivation level.” The black-clothed person retracted their hand and took off the veil on their face. They knelt on one knee in front of Xue Fanxin and said respectfully, “I am Heiran. Greetings, Your Highness. Please forgive me for my offense.”

“You are Heiran?” Xue Fanxin seriously sized up the woman in front of her. At first glance, she felt that she was a straightforward person who did not care about trifles.

“Yes, I am Heiran. I was ordered by Master to serve Your Highness.” Heiran was still kneeling on one knee. Unless Xue Fanxin commanded, she would not get up. Her words and actions were not disrespectful at all.

Xue Fanxin’s first impression of Heiran was not bad. She was strong enough and knew her limits. She was hundreds of times better than Zhuiyue.

No wonder Ah Jiu had such a high opinion of Heiran. This person was outstanding and would not have nefarious thoughts like Zhuiyue.

“Get up. Your move just now was very powerful. Why don’t you spar with me a few more times? I really want to know how strong Ah Jiu’s Black Shadow Guards are.”

“Yes.” Heiran was not worried about hurting her.

Although she was curious about the consort, she would not question any of her master’s decisions. She only needed to listen to his orders.

Her master had asked her to serve the consort, so the consort was her master. She would follow her from now on.

“Let me make it clear first. I won’t show mercy. Watch this.” Xue Fanxin attacked with all her might.

With Heiran’s strength, the only way she could hurt her was if the sun rose from the west.

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