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Chapter 688: 688 Run Quickly

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688 Run Quickly

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The power and number of rock monsters far exceeded Xue Fanxin’s expectations. Things were completely out of her control, so when she saw the densely packed rock monster army, Xue Fanxin was also in a mess. Although she had already noticed some small details about the rock monsters, the most important thing now was to ensure her companions’ safety.

“Heiyao, retreat immediately. I’ll retreat too. Quickly.”

The rock monsters could wait three days before fighting, but her companions only had one life. She could not let her companions sacrifice themselves to study those rock monsters.

In order to let everyone live, Xue Fanxin could only give up on the chance to study the rock monster and quickly retreat to the sandstone pit.

Only if she retreated would Heiyao and Heiran retreat. Otherwise, they would rather die in battle than escape first.

Seeing that Xue Fanxin was really retreating towards the sandstone pit, Heiyao and Heiran were relieved and quickly retreated.

But at this moment, a red beam shot out by a rock monster shot at Heiyao.

Heiyao was shocked. He had thought that even if he did not die from the red light beam, he would be heavily injured. Unexpectedly, he was completely fine. Even his clothes were intact, let alone him being uninjured.

What was going on?

Just as Heiyao was confused, the rock monster that had shot out the red light beam and hit him suddenly went crazy. It attacked Heiyao crazily, and its movements were extremely agile. Although it was a large rock person, it was even more agile than Heiyao. It was extremely fast and powerful.

Heiyao was no match for this rock monster at all. He could not even withstand a single move, so when the rock monster attacked crazily, forget about resisting, Heiyao could not even dodge.

Seeing that the rock monster was about to kill Heiyao with a punch, at the critical moment, Xue Fanxin suddenly rushed forward and jumped onto the rock monster’s shoulder. She used the dagger in her hand to stab the rock monster’s head with all her might. At the same time, she immediately used the time law to make the rock monster stay still. Then, she cut open the entire head of the rock monster as quickly as possible and found a thumb-sized red stone crystal.

When the stone crystal was dug out, the time rule disappeared and the rock monster collapsed and died.

“Your Highness… is so powerful…” Heiyao and Heiran looked at Xue Fanxin in shock. They had not expected her to deal with a rock monster alone.

They had always thought that the consort was very weak. After all, she was only a Spirit Master.

But now, they realized that the consort was much stronger than they had imagined.

“What are you waiting for? Quickly run!” Xue Fanxin had used all her strength to deal with one rock monster, but there were still thousands of them charging towards them.

This situation was not something they could deal with at all. They could only return to the sandstone pit first.

With Xue Fanxin’s reminder, Heiyao and Heiran returned to their senses in time. They saw that the rock monsters in front of them were shooting countless red beams at them again, but they did not waste time dodging these red beams. They allowed the red beams to shoot at them and ran towards the sandstone pit with all their might. In just a few blinks of the eye, they had already run to the edge of the sandstone pit. Then, they jumped down directly without using any light body kung fu technique.

It was not that they did not use light body kung fu, but they did not have time to use it.

Xue Fanxin was the same. She jumped into the sandstone pit almost at the same time as Heiyao and Heiran.

As for Little Lei, he had returned to the sandstone pit before everyone else.

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