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Chapter 693: 693 A Difficult Mission

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693 A Difficult Mission

Xue Fanxin carefully brewed a pot of tea so that everyone could drink one or two cups. Then, she started to talk business.

“After coming into contact with the rock monsters this time, I discovered quite a few things. Firstly, their bodies are abnormally hard and can be said to be indestructible. They are not something that ordinary brute force or sharp weapons can hurt. Secondly, rock monsters have a special way of communicating with each other. As long as one rock monster finds the target, the other rock monsters will come after hearing the news.”

“Woman, they’ve long noticed what you’re talking about,” Little Lei suddenly said leisurely as he drank his flower tea. After saying that, he immediately lowered his head and continued to drink his tea, not daring to expose Xue Fanxin anymore.

Heiyao and the others did not dare to speak nonsense. Even if Xue Fanxin’s discoveries were not new to them, they listened carefully. After all, the person who killed the rock monster in the end was their consort, not them.

Xue Fanxin could not be bothered to argue with Little Lei and continued speaking, “You should have noticed that the red light beam emitted by the rock monster is actually not lethal. Do you all have such thoughts now that when you encounter the rock monster in the future you don’t have to dodge that red light beam?”

“Yes. Since that red light beam is not lethal, why should we still dodge it so painstakingly? If we encounter rock monsters, just dodging their attacks is already barely enough. If we still want to dodge that red light beam, I’m afraid not many people can do it.

“Therefore, when everyone encountered the rock monsters previously, they did not deliberately dodge those red light beams. They only tried their best to avoid the rock monsters’ attacks.” Heiyue was the one who knew the most about the rock monsters among everyone here and she also knew a little about the red light beam.

When they first encountered the rock monster, they had indeed tried their best to avoid the red beam. Later, they realized that the red beam was not lethal, so they did not take it to heart and casually let the red beams shoot at them.

“Then you’re wrong.” Xue Fanxin took out the red crystal and said as she looked at it, “That red light beam indeed doesn’t have any lethality, but it has a very strong locking function. Once you’re illuminated by the red light beam, you’ll be locked onto by the rock monster. After the rock monster locks onto the target, it will carry out an even more accurate and powerful attack and will also transmit information to its companions. Under such circumstances, unless you’re lucky enough to escape to the sandstone pit, you’ll definitely die.”

Hearing Xue Fanxin’s words, everyone came to a realization and understood why Heiyao had been attacked by the rock monster in the end.

Heiyao had been locked onto the red beam, which was why the rock monster had launched an accurate and powerful attack at him.

Furthermore, the various facts from before proved that the consort was right.

Xue Fanxin continued speaking, “That red light beam is equivalent to a human eye and it can discover the target. If you aren’t locked onto by the red light beam, the rock monster isn’t able to accurately determine the target’s location. It only has a little sense of direction, so in the beginning, the rock monster fought randomly.

“There weren’t many rock monsters in the beginning. As long as we hurry up and kill the rock monsters that appear as soon as possible, we can prevent the siege of the rock monster army from happening. However, the most important thing is that the rock monsters are too hard. Even Little Lei can’t shatter them, so in the following battle, you can only be spectators.”

Only the dagger in her hand could cut open the rock monsters’ heads. The Xue You Sword should be able to do the same, but only she could use these two weapons. Therefore, she had to kill the five hundred rock monsters alone.

This was really a difficult task!

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