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Chapter 700: 700 Reverse Meridian

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700 Reverse Meridian

Xue Fanxin only spent two hours helping everyone remove the poison. She also checked if there were any other problems with their bodies and casually treated them.

There was nothing wrong with the others, but Xue Fanxin had noticed some things in Heiyue. However, she did not say anything. Instead, she waited for everyone to disperse before telling her about this in private.

“Heiyue, your meridians…”

“The Consort’s medical skills are indeed powerful. You can actually tell that my meridians are different. Even the best imperial physicians in the palace can’t sense it.” When she mentioned her meridians, Heiyue smiled bitterly, and her heart became very heavy.

“You know that there’s something wrong with your meridians?”

“Yes. My meridians seem to be no different from ordinary people’s, but they actually are. Every time I circulate my cultivation technique, my meridians have to be reversed to gather spirit. Otherwise, I’ll be like a cripple who can’t cultivate.”

Reversing her meridians and circulating her cultivation technique was extremely harmful to her body. Afterwards, she would be in unbearable pain.

The reversal of the meridians was not a small matter. If one was not careful, their meridians would break and they would die.

Over the years, she had not only cultivated to reverse her meridians, but she also had to reverse her meridians in battle. Although she was already used to the pain after her meridians were reversed, she knew that her body had always been in an injured state because of it. Even if she could not see anything now, problems would naturally appear over time.

However, if she did not reverse her meridians, she would be useless. Back then, it was precisely because she could not cultivate and was useless that she was abandoned by her family. Fortunately, her master took her in.

Thinking of her past experiences, Heiyue’s heart was filled with unwillingness and hatred. Therefore, no matter what, she would not stop her current cultivation method. She had to reverse her meridians to become stronger.

Only then could she live a valuable life.

“But have you ever thought that you’ll die if you do this? Your body is already riddled with holes. You can even say that you’re about to run out of oil. The organs in your body are failing at a visible rate every day. According to your current physical condition, you can live for at most half a year. During this half a year, you can’t casually reverse your meridians anymore, or the time you have left to live will be even shorter.”

Knowing that she only had at most half a year left to live, Heiyue’s heart sank to the bottom of her stomach. She was very sad, but she had no choice but to face the truth.

“Your Highness, I hope you can keep these things a secret. I don’t want them to know.”

“Does Ah Jiu know?”

Heiyue was stunned at first, then she understood. She knew that the so-called ‘Ah Jiu’ in Xue Fanxin’s heart was her master.

“Master knows my situation. In fact, the cultivation technique I cultivate was given to me by him. However, he didn’t force me to cultivate this cultivation technique that reverses the meridians. He let me decide everything myself. I chose this path by myself.”

Heiyue anxiously clarified for Ye Jiushang. She did not want Xue Fanxin to have any misunderstanding towards him because of this, and what she said was the truth.

Back then, after her master saved her, he realized that her meridians were different, so he gave her a cultivation technique and said that this was a cultivation technique that reversed her meridians and asked her to choose carefully.

In order to become stronger, she had chosen to cultivate using the cultivation technique to reverse her meridians. Even if she had to pay a huge price, she would not hesitate.

“Your Highness, if I really die here, even if I die after leaving, please take care of my brothers. They…”

“Ah, ptui, ptui, ptui. Don’t say things about dying. With me around, you won’t die.”

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