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Chapter 777: 777

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777 Such Ruthlessness

Upon receiving the news of their retreat, the people who were planning to assassinate Guan Xiaoyan in the villa changed their strategy and no longer rushed upstairs. Instead, they quickly retreated, wanting to leave the villa.

In fact, they had long wanted to retreat, because their opponent was too powerful. Even if they had the most advanced guns, they could not defeat the other party’s seemingly ordinary dagger.

In less than five minutes, ten of their brothers had already fallen. No matter who it was, they would definitely die if they faced the ‘little girl’ with the dagger. That ‘little girl’ was extremely skilled, and her attacks were fast, accurate, and ruthless. She did not even blink when she killed them.

Such ruthlessness… Even as killers, they were inferior.

“Retreat, quickly retreat. I’ll cover you. Leave quickly.” A man covered in tattoos took out a gun and shot at Xue Fanxin randomly, giving his brothers a chance to escape.

Xue Fanxin killed her way down from upstairs. She would kill anyone who blocked her way or shot at her. She did not hesitate at all. From upstairs to downstairs, she had already killed ten people in a small distance, but there was not a drop of blood on her body. Even the dagger in her hand was so bright that there was no blood.

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These people were a group of black and evil forces that lived by killing people. To put it bluntly, they were killers. To put it even more plainly, they were villains. Killing them was no big deal.

However, she did not want to be ruthless. After all, she didn’t even know the power behind these people. If she was too ruthless, she might be in trouble.

To be able to possess such advanced guns and weapons, it could be seen that the background of the person behind them was definitely not simple. Even if she and Ah Jiu were extraordinary, she had to be careful just in case.

Xue Fanxin knew that the other party was retreating, so she did not kill more people. She dodged the person’s gun fire and watched helplessly as more than ten people left the villa and drove away.

After letting go of more than ten people, Xue Fanxin searched for something on the people she had killed. She found a communicator and spoke to the camera on it. “My mission is only to protect Guan Xiaoyan’s life. As for the rest, it has nothing to do with me. I don’t care why you want to kill Guan Xiaoyan, but as long as I’m around, you can’t kill him.”

When the person monitoring all of this from afar heard Xue Fanxin’s words, he finally could not help but talk to her. “I can give up on pursuing Guan Xiaoyan, but I have a condition.”

“You can continue to pursue Guan Xiaoyan, because I won’t agree to any of your conditions.”

“As long as you’re willing to work for me, you can raise the remuneration.”

“Not interested.” Xue Fanxin could not be bothered to waste her breath on the other party. She crushed the communication device and walked upstairs.

“Hey… We can talk about the conditions again. Even if you’re unwilling to do anything for me, we can still discuss or cooperate… Hey…” The person who was talking to Xue Fanxin did not want to give up such a good talent, but the other party had already broken the communication device and the conversation and video had been interrupted. The other party could not hear what he was saying at all.

At this moment, a young man in a black leather jacket said, “Xu, we lost a lot in this deal. If we continue with this deal, I’m afraid our losses will be even greater. The two bodyguards Guan Xiaoyan hired are not simple. They don’t have a single gun or bullet, but they have the ability to destroy our Eagle Team.”

“Yang, you mean to give up on this deal?”

“We’ve already lost nearly twenty people. Shouldn’t we give up?”

“Once we give up, Eagle Sect’s reputation will be affected, so I don’t want to give up yet. I want to do it myself this time. I want to see how capable Guan Xiaoyan’s two bodyguards are.”


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