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Chapter 790: Chapter 790 - 790 Master and Madam

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790 Master and Madam

Guan Xiaoyan was very efficient. In less than three hours, he had already bought a few large carts of books and gotten someone to send them back. They were all moved to the hall.

Ye Jiushang casually picked up one of the books and looked at it. He was very satisfied with this. When the worker who was moving the books left after receiving the payment, he reached out and swept it away, putting all the books piled in the hall into his interspatial ring.

In the blink of an eye, all the books disappeared.

Seeing this scene, Guan Xiaoyan could no longer remain calm. He could no longer believe that everything in front of him was a ‘normal scientific phenomenon’. He asked in shock, “What… what’s going on?”


Ye Jiushang did not explain. Instead, he took out a pill from his interspatial ring and handed it to Guan Xiaoyan. He ordered coldly, “Eat it.”

“What’s this? Chocolate?” Guan Xiaoyan leaned forward to take a look at the pill. However, before he could figure it out, Ye Jiushang threw the pill in his hand into his mouth. Then, he said leisurely, “This is the Marrow Cleansing Pill.”

Guan Xiaoyan choked on the pill that was thrown into his mouth and kept coughing. “Cough, cough… Marrow Cleansing Pill, what Marrow Cleansing Pill?”

Wasn’t the Marrow Cleansing Pill something that only existed in fantasy novels?

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Ye Jiushang still did not explain. After throwing the Marrow Cleansing Pill into Guan Xiaoyan’s mouth, he circulated his cultivation technique to help him absorb the pill and help him successfully awaken his spirit. He even secretly taught him some incantations and cultivation techniques.

“Ah…” Guan Xiaoyan felt unbearable pain all over his body. It was heart-wrenching pain, and it was so painful that he really wanted to die to escape. But just as he was about to die from the pain, some messy things appeared in his mind, like some incantation or cultivation technique. There was a force in his body that urged him to cultivate according to the incantation and cultivation technique in his mind.

Slowly, the pain in his body gradually weakened until there was nothing left. At this moment, his body became incomparably light, as if he could fly into the sky at any moment. What was even more miraculous was that he could sense a gentle power circling his body. That power seemed to like him very much and gathered towards him.

“What’s this?”

“This is spirit energy nurtured by everything in the world. It can be used for cultivation and transformed into spirit energy to be used. Now that you have successfully awakened your spirit, you can sense the existence of spirit energy. Now, cultivate according to the incantation and cultivation technique I taught you just now. As for how far you can cultivate, it will depend on your own luck.” After Ye Jiushang finished speaking, he left. With a turn of his body, he disappeared. No matter how puzzled and shocked Guan Xiaoyan was, he ignored him.

“Master… Master, I don’t understand what’s going on yet.” Guan Xiaoyan wanted to chase after him and ask him clearly, but he was stopped by Xue Fanxin. “I advise you not to disturb your master. He doesn’t like to be disturbed. Being his disciple is already a blessing that you won’t be able to accumulate in ten lifetimes.”

Guan Xiaoyan did not chase after Ye Jiushang anymore. Instead, he looked at Xue Fanxin and asked excitedly, “Then tell me, what’s going on? Who… are you?”

If he still could not tell that these two people were not ordinary people, then he was an idiot.

Although he did not know what was going on, he was abnormally excited.

“We’re your master and madam, so work hard at cultivation. When you have enough ability, you’ll naturally know more. Also, don’t casually use your spirit energy normally, or you might be captured and used as a lab rat.” Xue Fanxin did not say much to Guan Xiaoyan. With a swoosh, she used a teleportation technique and instantly disappeared.

Guan Xiaoyan had personally seen Xue Fanxin disappear into thin air. Thinking of what had happened in the kitchen, he was now certain that this was not as simple as running fast.

“Master and Madam? What’s going on?”

“Heavens! Why am I so dirty and smelly?”

No wonder his master and madam had run so quickly. It turned out that he was dirty and smelly. It was as if he had soaked in a sewer.


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